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  1. This was one of the many travesties of many of the very talented and educated followers of the day. I got involved with TWI while in college. I saw many way followers never realize the fruits of their hard work getting an education never really use their degree, at least not until leaving. I could never really understand why the "brass" would not want these people to aspire to professional success. This would have put much more "ABS" into the way coffers as well as given the ministry more legitimacy within the community.
  2. Thank God I did not have children until my departure from the way in 1985. My impression was that many of the children of "waybots" were embarrassed by their parents schizophrenic communal lifestyle. There was no sanctuary for these children to be raised in an environment where parents could raise their own children without interference from some overzealous self appointed higher authority on child rearing. I recall seeing the higher ups kids getting away with bloody murder, while the lower rung kids suffering the wrath of the same way despots who thought their kids did no wrong. It is not surprising that many of these kids "ran for the door" as soon as they were old enough to do so. Justice for those serving up this type of abuse would be to get the wooden spoon for all eternity.
  3. To me the whole point is consideration of neighbors (remember: Love your neighbor (doesn't say anything about the neighbor being a believer or unbeliever) as yourself) not religious persecution. Most likely someone in the neighborhood complained to local authorities. Their reasons...who knows? Could be legitimate or just a dislike for this particular neighbor. I know that when someone in my neighborhood has a Tupperware party or whatever, it can be an inconvenience to folks coming over to my house by making it harder to park close to my house. Even Christians can be inconsiderate and in some cases have an "it's my world" attitude or even worse "I am a chosen one" attitude and I could care less about rank unbelievers (TWI self rightiousness). I recall one incident when we were having a twig leaders meeting (in the 70's) in a house on a lake in Northern Indiana. The head honcho (forget the title now) had us up at 6 AM for a meeting and we were singing way songs waking up the folks next door. So the neighbor comes over and asks us to pipe it down since we waking up the whole neighborhood. The head honcho proceeded to get into a screaming match with the neighbor (since we were the chosen ones and have every right to do this). Anyway the guy calls the police and complains...the police come over and issue the head honcho with a disturbing the peace citation. You would have thought that we were the first century church being persecuted by the Roman authorities. I know I like to sleep in a little bit on a Sunday morning and actually even at the time (dispite being brainwashed) thought the head honcho was out of order. As a matter of fact he was such a jerk (total loss of self control), I was surprised the neighbor who displayed much greater amounts of self control didn't punch his lights out. Imagine that a rank unbeliever demonstrating greater self control (one of the fruits of the spirit) than the Mog of Northern Indiana...go figure!
  4. I personally was never subjected to this other than an incident my wife reported to me about a leader taking the practice of "greeting fellow believers with a holy kiss" being taken to the extreme. However, I was always a wierded out by the kissing of believers and back rub thing...I thought perhaps it came out of the hippy influence on the way. Way too much familiarity and violation of my personal space for my liking. VP really crafted a doctrine for this time, the height of the sexual revolution. At my level in the way (well down the pecking order), I clearly thought it was taboo. If this theology would have been brought down to the level I was at, some of these clowns may have got the crap beat out of them or worse. I would most defintely would agree that CF&S was bizarre to say the least. Even subjecting people to pornography who may have been seeking deliverance in their lives of this obsession, could well have sent the wrong message that it is somehow OK. I suppose I was amongst the naive who really had no idea, however after hearing the first hand accounts from those who were abused, I definitely believe them to be true.
  5. Johnny was just another dweeb who was empowered by the way IMO.
  6. I cannot figure out why Mike continues to debate the accolades of PFAL with posters on this thread. This is a pretty tough crowd for him to proclaim the greatness of PFAL and VPW to. We have all had first hand experience and most have made the choice to no longer follow or seek the guidance of PFAL and the way in our lives. Mike is free to believe what he will, however if he wants to win converts to his 100% pure and accurate knowledge of the truth, it seems to me he would have more success with people who have not been tainted by their way experience. Perhaps God spoke audibly to him and told him to deliver this message to all former wayfers and give them one more chance to return to the undefiled truth of PFAL. Did it snow in San Diego? I live two hours away and haven’t heard about it.
  7. Even in it's hey day the way had about the same significance in the "big picture" as a moblile taco stand has on the entire food industry in LA. Just like that mobile taco stand's inability to offer every person in Los Angeles the opportunity to eat one of their tacos an insignificant number of the earth's population has ever even heard of this organization...and thanks to the idiots in charge, never will.
  8. Calflor

    Ode to Michigan

    My wife's brother lives in Ishpeming. He is a former Californian and loves it up there...he teaches at UNM. His little town really gets pounded in the winter with the white stuff, but I have never seen a place with so many bars...$20 out can get you in and out of most of the bars...the people are super friendly, especially at the end of the night after all the beer...and the best part is you go home with money in your pocket...it's great!
  9. Yeah, this one always got my goat...I guess it was good for them that a few of us actually had personal possessions for them to use. I work hard for what I have and am not selfish with things I own, however the choice is up to me if I choose to share it with someone. The higher ups would walk in and act as if all we owned was theirs...frankly it pi$$ed me off and I felt disrespected by these leeches. This was high on the list of reasons I disassociated myself from the morally bankrupt organization. It was more like what is yours is mine, however what was theirs was not ours. Ordinary Joe believer was abused by leadership in this way for the most part. It must be tough on many of these former parasites that now have to climb on the treadmill of life like the rest of us. BTW, I was never impressed by Mr. Allen...when he was up in front of us spewing his so called "homespun wisdom", what came to mind was "What am I doing listening to this idiot?"...and that leads me to this hypocritical quote from the cornfield preacher... The greatest leader is the greatest servent...in practice we were expected us to serve them.
  10. Agree that some are pompous, arrogant, egomaniacal, self righteous know it alls while others are humble, non-judgemental, self deferential and are not afraid to admit that they don't have all the answers...my preference is for the second kind...nowadays I run from the first kind the second my radar detector picks up on them...and God knows most on here have had plenty of experience with that.
  11. With just three members (BOD), perhaps they should just go ahead and run off the few remaining lunatic fringe adherents they have left, then really live large...what do you think Rosie? Trips to the spa, plastic surgery, or imagine this...flagellating on silk sheets instead of those 300 count Egyptian cotton ones you have now?
  12. We used to call them (customers unruly kids) House Apes.
  13. Having spent most of my life in Indiana (lived in Carmel from 86-02) the church that is being referred to is 2nd Pres as it is known by in Indy. It is cetainly not known for being a place where it's members are caught up in outwardly emotional worship. However, that does not discredit them as committed Christians. It's former head minister is the former mayor of Indianapolis Bill Hudnut (given much of the credit for making Indy a bright spot of economic prosperity in the midwest today). The church is the place to go to for the WASP elite of business and politics on the north side of Indianapolis. I too know people who are members and have much respect for their quiet and respectful Christian style. They are honest, hardworking and godly people IMHO. JAL's family were highly respected in the community and members in good standing in 2nd Pres. They may have lost some friends and respect from local community friends and neighbors after they became actively involved in TWI...but from my perspective were still great upstanding members of the community that they were such an integral part of. I certainly have nothing but the highest respect for the Lynn's. They were a strong family that supported their children equally whether they were in or out of TWI. I knew their other son Charlie (who sadly passed away recently) stayed active in 2nd Pres and they loved and supported him just as much as JAL. I haven't spoke to JAL in a few years, but I always found him engaging and never felt suppressed by him when I disagreed with him (which I never hesitated to do). I always looked at him as no different than other friend or acquantance whom I may have liked but certainly do not agree on everything that comes out of their mouth. We have all sinned and are in need of God's grace and mercy...he is no different in my mind. Although there may be a few points he raises in his most recent letter I agree with (can't think of what they are and I am not going to take the time to reread it), overall it is of little importance in the overall picture. I think most people who come to the cafe don't give it a great deal of credence.
  14. he even won in Florida...that should be good for tourism with all the dems feeling it is now safe to go back in the water down there...even though Jeb may be lurking somewhere undercover until maybe 2012.
  15. Calflor

    Famous Friends

    I have a customer in West Long Branch NJ and was recently there for the first time...they were all bragging about knowing Springsteen back in the High School days...other than that Tavis Smiley from BET...his brother worked for me for awhile...Tavis actually went to high school in a very small Indiana town.
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