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  1. want some candy little boy? ps what a sicko!
  2. ditto to wafernot everyone should have an ex wife it keeps you humble :D
  3. once i had too many tomatos and i would pick a bushel and bring them to the local fruit stand and swap them for a pound or more of whaterever they had extra it worked
  4. coolwaters i usually agree on what you post here but.......... being paid when in prison! i think not they owe me money and when they get out they should pay it back to the socity that have been supporting them for years do the crime do the time and not easy time i wish we had chain gangs in maine surley our taxes would go down
  5. try the vadalia dressing the next time you make pasta salad! wow!
  6. i am a retired telephone man, you know i am rolling on the floor!!!
  7. yum yum yum!!!!!!i do the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. why don't you all come to maine for the event? there are some great places on the coast!!
  9. roy my reason to be here is to meet beautiful people like you and old friends it is is healing peace bro
  10. chas you are right bacon grease is a must for fried green tomatos and fried zukes too
  11. is there going to be another weenie roast?
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