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  1. newk@gwi.net my bud Chris, I love him too! suzie
  2. I have his number, to bad I can't private message it to you. He lives in Maine. suz
  3. suz

    11th Corps

    Patty, call Geo and ask if you can use the van that is sitting in the front yard in vain..... I think the place I recommend is called $8 day car rental in Everett-on Evergreen way- is good, seems to be the cheapest. Leave the airport to rent tho, that I know is cheaper. you will be getting there on my birthday so celebrate for me cause I can't, I will probably be working, but won't celebrate anyway, been there, done that, lol anyway have fun in Seattle, I am not sure if/when I will get there...... I am glad you got a cheap flight!! independance air is a lowfair airlines, good deal, glad you got it, amazing price, write me @ aegirl@gmail.com my only email these days, if you would, that would be great. anyway have fun, hopefully you will get good weather, June is always so iffy, btw NO I haven't been back to GRR for your info Out There... drat too, its a great overnight, May has been dismal, not a whole lot of good flying, my June check will be quite dismal. life is vedddddy interessssssssssssting for me these days. suzie
  4. OK then, another update, I think the last. I fly into and out of so many cities, they really don't stick in my mind UNLESS I am spending the night and I get to actually SEE the city, I believe when I was in NC last it was an overnighter but a short one is all. BUT anyway I believe I will summerize what I do by saying.... all airports seem the same, usually the food sucks, RDU does have Maui Taco which is ok...lol anyway I haven't been able to hook-up lately w/gs'ers, I believe I am just a passin thru anyway, SO. My writing of my flyin days are over, thanks to those of you who were interested in what I was doing, BUT, my time in here is far and few inbetween, so long, farwell, we hate to say good-bye..... I believe I will quit posting here about my travels. my new living situation only has dial-up, and I just don't feel like posting much anymore. so off I go here, there or in the air. I promise not to call any of you anymore UNLESS I actually could visit w/you. the cell is getting way to expensive anyway, so off I go into the air, see y'all if/when I can chat or maybe write. I will miss you all, you have filled a void in my life but now I move on. mucho blessings upon you all-thanks for being my few friends in life, I am thankful and grateful for our lives connecting. onward and upward, suz xxxooo
  5. ok so wasssss hapnin here with the flygirl?? I did get to fly into Huntsville, AL, my my how lovely it is!! also Greenville/Spartenburg SC, once again, so lovely, them NC mtns are looking mighty pretty these days too, flying into RDU is nice (Raleigh Durham) anyway still loving the job, of course the actual corporate crap is same'O'l, same'O'l, always sucky. anyway doing fine, the weather is actually getting bearable here in the Windy city, I still am NOT in love with the Chi town, but maybe someday... suz
  6. yeah Linda I did get a new email since leaving Seattle area, aegirl@gmail.com a=american e=eagle girl=....well pushing the girl thingy, lol gmail is google's new free email suzie
  7. sometimes the days elude me so bear with me so I find today.... April 25th I think.... last week I worked just turns, once they had me do a turn (sounds like I am pulling tricks doesn't it...??? lol) went to Colombus, worked it there, SAT IN THE FREEKING airport for a couple hours then came home-deadheaded, not even worked it home!! geeze, don't waste my time I say... anyway the next day I had an all day gig, flew from here into Pittsburg, from Pit to Miami. OMG, what a beatutiful flight in!! never have I seen that city, on that beautiful stretch of land, the ocean and all its colors, it was so beautiful--to bad it was just a slam dunk, there for a few minutes or so, maybe an hour, then back in the air to places asunder. They all start seeming the same unless I am going to spend the night and do something, which doesn't always happen. BUT BUT BUT!!!! LindaZ I am heading your way for an overnight!! I am doing yet another East Coast gig, so I will be in CLeveland on the 27th, we get there at 2pm or so and I imagine I will be to the hotel early, so girl wanna come to see me?? we will be staying at the Holiday Inn Lakeside City Center I believe since its a long overnight. number 216 241 5100 so whatcha think?? I also will be in Baltimore the night before but don't get there till 8pmish,,,, wonder if its to late for my chatbud CKnapp?? well I will call him, anyway I am still amazed that I get the east coast gigs, I have friends in Boston who aren't even working much, a day here or there, but they let ME go east!! it works for me! anyway folks I will be off and maybe try to chat later for those of you who do such things. lol like you sit and study each and every thread to find who is going to be on chat tonight...lol well I know some of you do, so just maybe! it is well, suzie
  8. Hope my friend you don't know how close John and I plotted to get me there too, I only found out the night before I had to work until 7pm and the flight there, etc....would have been a true surprise for me to show up at midnight huh?? so I will have to mail your gift. I had the whole darn surprise ready to go too...drat and double drat. but SOMEDAY I will have a life and actually KNOW what I am going to do...someday, glad you got to see Greenday!! awesome for you! love, suzie
  9. always nice to go to the Wall household, they make you feel comfortable and loved!! my stand up date, Daryl and I are regulars! I am sorrw Bow didn't come while I was there, she was close but chose NOT to come over in the PM....(probably heard I was there..hehehe :D-->) anyway off to another week of working to God knows where. suz
  10. Good news my sackbutt buddie!!! glad you are loving Hotlanta, write again about July (thats JUUUUUULY in Hotlanta) and let us know how much you LOVE the humidity and the warmth..... I do wonder about the Geo speaking in tounges thingy tho, thats what I get for not reading his posts, guess I will ask next month when I go for my congical visit. wonder when I'll be your way???,,,hmmmm, will let you know girl!! xxxooo Suzie
  11. So far I work Cindy, but will call if I can make it. I forgot to tell you folks about 2life. She is a plethera of information about life skill courses. (she's also a clown) I hope to tap into her peace and serinity someday. Even to come close to what she emits would be nice. thanks again for having me!! Suzie
  12. UPDATE APRIL 20: I had a wonderful time playing in NC. Janet and Michael Donovan were the perfect hosts and allowd me to rest, relax and laugh with my friend Erik. I got to see Mike Fertitta and his lovely house and since I have known him since 74' we had some cathcing up to do, it was sweet (like him) The weather was perfect. Janet's husband Michael is a big teddy bear with a pure heart. We walked the dogs in the park next to their house, around a lake, woods... = heaven. Nice to be around trees, woods, country since I now live in a big noisy city. Many thanks to my newfound friends Janet and Michael. I hope to go again to see more of the city of Charlotte. Nice city. Erik took me north (?) to the town of ??? cause he is a drummer in a jazz band, it was a beautiful drive, the mountains etc were peaceful and wonderful. Hopefully someday I will get to see Ashville. all is well, Suz
  13. suz


    hey RR, I was on earlier and about 12 people were there. guessin you didn't get my vm inviting you to visit while I was here in NC, oh well, next time, suz
  14. I am a gypsy woman, hey wackster, become a flight attendant and get that taken care of!! I am sure its a spirit of travel, and I got it!! (writing from the shores of Charlotte on my way back to the windy city) lol suz
  15. suz

    Invite to Charolette, NC

    georgiesan wa, sloooowwww dooown, please speak english wa. are you home or not?? I leave Charlotte tomorrow to head back to the windy city, and you are?? btw, your cell phone messages is full. tt you soon love, wifey
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