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  1. local librarys keep newspapers on file. i was able to find the paper from the day of my birth- there was a large octapus washed up on the shore of japan as the front page story. i imagine wherever that article was it could be found the same way.
  2. Someone I had went to fellowship with years ago was working the camera one day. I greeted her and she wouldn't even look at me. I tried again and an usher came over and escorted me to my seat. I was a little hurt untill I learned later that it was policy not to talk at all when working hte camera. It wasn't even on yet as it was way before the service. So an "at ease" stance dosent seem that unlikely.
  3. i find myself very angry that i didnt get a chance to make an actul connection with another person untill adulthood. everytime i see someone with a "best friend since kindergardern" i get a little jellous. being raised to feel better than everyone else... calling unbelivers animals, being told that they were pawns of evil spirits obviously leaves one distant and judgemental. the idea that god would bless you all the time, so if you were unhappy you were obviously sinning dosent mesh well with the early teen years.
  4. im hesitant to post in this quickly escalating thread, but i do have a question for you white dove. why is it that leaving the state is the line for you? looking back, i'm amazed that i let myself be told to dontate money. i'm amazed that i belived evil spirits cause cancer. i'm amazed that i went along with mark and avoiding some close friends. i'm amazed that i was so far in that i didn't question scheduling an hour to write a schedule to submit to leadership. i'm amazed that i sat in the car for 8 hours every other sunday service. i'm amazed that i lined up chairs with a string. there is (obviously) more, but i'll stop this list here. so, assuming you have a similar list from your time inside, what is so over the top about leaving the state? beliving these people got us to do so many other things without going to the scripture (i dare you to find a bible verse about chairs in a row.) if where you live is the solid line for you, excelent. but please understand that line is going to be in a diffrent place for many.
  5. So i had this great idea when i was about 14. I was going to record every tounges with interpratation at every fellowship, and analize it. We had been taught that some people had more than one tounge, and that many people spoke in the tounges of angels. I was going to study each one, and compare them to as many languages as I could find. For the tounges of men, identifying who spoke which would be the ultimate witnessing tool. As far as the tounges of angels went, well learning to speak a little of those just sounds cool. Wouldn't you know it, pulling out the tape recorder at fellowship is the same thing as jumping off a cliff as expecting god to save you, according to but my parents and the local way corps. Foiled again? Oh, and for what its worth, I belived I was speaking in tounges at the time, but I know better now. Just like I know now that I couldn't "disern the evil crawling on that f*g in my band class" or that I didn't "already heal your cold, the symptons will take care of themselves by tomorrow if you believe." It was nice to have super powers, though...
  6. the mass MandAs I saw always came about a month after new corps showed up. I'm thinking that subconsiuosly, thats we we alywas cried when one set left. Well that and peer pressure to show how much love you had. really? i wonder if thats what hapened when they told us that everyone in lexington copped out at the same time?
  7. nick


    So does anyone else remember LCM's DTA class? He talked about not having sex outside of marrige, and said something like "so what happens if your not married and 25?" then he laughed. I don't remember the quote exactly, but it seemed like he was suggesting that celibacy was more of a guidline, or a "gathering corn or the sabbath" sort of thing. Anyone know what I'm half remembering here?
  8. thanks for the comforting responce... to some extent. dear lord, you just spoke to me about my mother's enemas and orgamns... i'm going to go have a drink. goodnight.
  9. has anyone else herd about twi members fasting? i spoke to my mom (who lives at HQ) on the phone today and she said that she and sevral others are fasting one day a week, and plaing for longer stretches. its no secrect that nutrition depravation goes hand and hand with any number of other controll methods. just currious if its new or if you guys had similar experiences?
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sorry you relationship with J___ was affected so badly, as a former "way kid" I know just how difficult getting fundementalist parents and anyone they havent picked themselves to get along. Many members of twi are just as manuplitive and two faced as you've described, but there are those with good intentions. Was J___ raised inside? If so, she might have been under hevy pressure to act so cruely. I'm not telling you to forgive her or anything, but to consider talking to her if you cross paths again. It is possible that she didn't want to snub you, but that she was being "spiritually threatened." If you had stayed in longer (though you seem to have dodged that bullet =P), the advanced class and other "meat of the word" starts telling you that you're only a "though away from possession." That a single sin could remove you from gods favor and leave you an insane pawn of the devil. Its terrifying if you belive them, and can be hard to stop beliveing them if youve heard it all your life. Do you know how this site got its name? Most of us were threatened that if we left twi we'd "be a grease spot by midnight." Its very reasonable to decide that too much damage has been done for you to do anything with J___ but move on. That's certinly the case with my own "lost young love" story, also ravaged by twi. That said, an email with nothing but "are you still in?" and a link to your post here might provide both of you a lot of closure.
  11. nick

    What would Jesus say?

    i think jesus would be all "the whloe of the law involves love, im sure youve read when i said that, so all of this clean up stuff is really only advice... but if i step on another sewing pin, im leaving"
  12. there is nothing i could type to follw that story, but still i am compelled to be a part of this topic. at show and tell, i got everyone saved one time. I tried every year, but in second grade, every single kid promised to believe romans 10:9-10. at the time, i couldnt believe that. now, i cant believe they let me do that.
  13. no one should be ashamed of any legal job. we couldn't have civilazation without these menial "no-skill" jobs. if you serve food to jerks who mow lawns for bigger jerks who fix heaters for bigger jerks who make cars for bigger jerks youre still a part of the system that keeps us from running around in loin cloths trying to kill one another with pointy sticks.
  14. i think the mother was too focused on circumstance instead of the heart and intent of her kittens letting the state of a mitten determine her mood is clearly opening the door to a spirit that would make her bipolor
  15. What people do for fun on the ark, after the flood or during Adam's days? they tried to play cards, but noah kept sitting on the deck The first to find gold, did know it was valuable? no, he just thought it looked cool. after he carried it around and was offered a sheep for the odd sparkeling thing though, he got the idea.
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