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  1. I'm not sure there is anyone I dislike enough to wish that upon :D Sorry, Eagle, I know you are asking a serious question, but the entire structure would have to be torn down. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the structure of TWI is one of absolute power.
  2. And yet, this must be a figure of speech because nothing is impossible for God, no? I know that isn't exaclty the point in what you posted, in that you are trying to "refute" Sky's claims, but it caught my attention. :) I will try to come back to this when it is not so late. :)
  3. You ask some very deep questions. Unfortunately, those just aren't areas I've every really studied. Sorry I can't offer anything.
  4. Sudo, are you going to put up more pictures for us to guess about??? Please!!! Okay, I have to pick on Larry next. It's hard to do because I see him as his avatar, so let me think . . . . I think Larry must have light brown hair and nearly yellow eyes. Medium height. And ExC looks just like her Avatar too. Fully of sweetness and fun with that curly hair of hers.
  5. Changed the avatar again, just for you Belle. Another picture that my dad took :)
  6. You concede too quickly Dan! I was looking forward to the discussion on this topic because I happen to agree with what you said. Jesus did come to establish the law, the way it was originally intended to be. Not in a legalistic manner made by men, but in the manner God intended it. Did David not eat the shew bread when he was hungry? Did Moses not marry a "stranger"? Did Abraham not argue with God?
  7. Oh heck, over my head too. I just pick out those things I can grasp and go with em. :) So what are you tackling? Interested in starting a thread to discuss them? Cause I'm thinking once this one dies down, I'm going to have to go back to the weekly Torah sessions to find a new one. That or finally start the thread comparing the OT to NT. :)
  8. Ah yes, I know that face though it has been a long time since I have seen Taoisach, if I even spelled that right. Mods - thanks for fixing my typo!
  9. Sky are you familiar with the song "High School Never Ends"? If not, I'll ask Sushi if he can find a link to it. Popularity comes with a high price, the selling out of yourself. I'd rather have a funeral with a very small grup of people who knew me well and loved me well than a large gathering of aquaintences who didn't reallhy know me and are only there because they figure there is something in it for them. You are doing just fine, Sky and I enjoy your words here.
  10. Hiya SirG! As always, good to see you
  11. For you Kathy - I changed my avatar to me giving my baby sis a kiss, much to her horror!!! :D I have been - off and on (more off than on lately) scanning old photos so I can give them to the kids some day. Hmmm, another victim, another victim How about Cman - Cman strikes me as wise and sort of hippieshness, but not quite as full blown hippie as Bluz. Cman has to have dark hair with gray at the temples, a beard and a mustache. Very serious eyes, but not too serious. Bluz is Hippie through and through with long straight hair that was once dark but now is more gray. He wears it pulled back in a pony tail.
  12. I'll give you a couple clues I was a sophmore in high school when M-TV aired its first music video. U2 was (IMO anyway) at its best shortly after I graduated. I cannot attend a reunion function without having to endure the torture of Rock Lobster. :) Okay, more guessing . . . I can't guess at Mr. Hammeroni because his relatives live in the Walnut tree in my back yard. Pond I picture as something of a mix between my mom and my aunt. Somewhat short dark hair with grey in it and dark eyes. Not particularly short, but not quite medium height. And Hap - - my chatroom friend Tall and lanky with grey hair and grey stubble on your face. Dark eyes that smile with you.
  13. I am NOT old ;) I've barely left my teen years behind :)
  14. ROFLOL - did we know each other as teens?? But alas, I am no longer a teenager and I no longer engage in such activities. And BTW, PMosh - You didn't give us a chance go guess!!!!! :) Okay, Sushi, I picture Sushi as . . . Oh wait, that just wouldn't be fair now, would it! ;)
  15. HA! Thanks Wrds. I wasn't really striving for anything in particular when I chose my avatar. I wanted something that represented me, to be sure. But I couldn't find a "object" type photo that I thought did that. I didn't really want to post a current picutre either - the few that exist are already in the gallery somewhere, so Ithought one from my childhood instead. My dad took that picture. At some point I may change it out for another one. Okay - ChattyKathy. I'm torn on our CK because when I think of her personality I picture someone blond and sort of Marylyn Monroeish, but when I look at her avatar I think of my sister, because that is so close to what my sister looked like when she was little.
  16. I was thinking about how after we have interacted for a time, we sometimes start to develop a mental image of what we think a poster looks like. I was thinking it could be fun. I'll start and I'm going to pick on Roy because he is so sweet. :) I picture Roy as being very tall and very thin, kind of lanky. I picture him with very dark, short, and straight hair and blue eyes. So Roy - care to enlighten me with the facts? LOL LOL
  17. ROFLMAO Well, if you've seen one cucumber you've seen them all, I guess! ;)
  18. Awe Sky, you always have us basement dwellers. :) I think most people at times wonder about the purpose and meaning of their lives. But, in reading the above paragraph, it also occurs to me, is it the NUMBER of people who remember you that counts or the impact you had on their lives that is the most important? In a sense, we are all connected. You could do something today, it may even be a small thing, that will change someone else's life. Again, maybe just in a small way. Maybe they will leave five minutes later than they planned, who knows what it could be. As a result, that person will do something different and it will impact someone else's life, etc. etc. Before you know it some guy on the other side of the planet is doing something, maybe even something big, because you indirectly influenced their life by a small decision you made today. I know, in a sense it sounds far fetched I suppose. Yet, I do believe we are all connected in one way or another, I do believe we impact things far more than we are often aware. That is one of the reasons why what we do does matter.
  19. Oh come on John, you've been around these forums long enough to have at least an inkling of the kind of response that story would get. Larry, I didn't miss your point, really. I know we have all done thoughtless and inappropriate things in our lives. But I have to say, at the very least the erection one takes the cake! I wouldn't think at 70, it would require much thought, the inappropriateness of THAT particularly manuever is pretty deeply ingrained in most met, no?
  20. Well that explains it Socks. Maybe he thought the woman was the only one who could "handle it" with wisdom!
  21. OMG, Socks, now THAT was beautiful!!! I had thoughts along those lines but just could not come up with a delicate way of saying them. You have such a talent for bringing humor and reality together. :)
  22. No, Larry was just trying to be nice and give JohnIAm the benefit of the doubt when it came to "interpreting" what he wrote.
  23. Gee, Danny, why don't you tell us what you really think! Good to see you again.
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