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    yeah! It would be fun to finally meet you! :) Maybe we should plan a small gathering for Halloween or something and then do a bigger one next summer? How far are you from the Traverse City area? That area is beautiful, but it might not be doable for Rascal, I don't know.
  2. JohnIam, someone else pointed me to this thread. I have to say what you wrote above really really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing that!!!
  3. I don't think VPW necessarily hated Jews, nor do I think he taught hatred of Jews. I think this was just one more "conspiracy theory" taught to the masses by TWI.
  4. ROFLMAO - Larry you do have a priceless sense of humor!!!! You might also have asked her how there could be "former members" if TWI does not have membership? LOL LOL
  5. I'm confused. Was the person accusing you also once affiliated with TWI? If not, how did she know TWI taught that? If she was, did she leave TWI over that issue or did she stay in spite of those teachings? I remember some teachings on that stuff when I was with TWI too. Having relatives who were holocaust survivors, I just let it go in one ear and out the other.
  6. Very well said, Shellon! I was sharing with someone yesterday a bit about the death of my mom. My mom was not a happy person. She was angry and miserable and often directed that anger and misery at those closest to her, her children. She and I were not close. However, at some point after she became sick and before the cancer had destroyed her brain, she dictated letters to a friend, for all three of us kids. Mine was the last one she wrote and she never did finish it. In it, she told me for probably the first time in my l life that she was proud of me. Now you may think "awww, how wonderful she said that" and to some extent that is true. On the other hand, it really really angered me that she literally had to die before she could 'utter those words.' Don't wait until it is too late!!!! that is huge!!!!!
  7. I'm reading. Hope you will share more.
  8. Abigail


    Wow OutThere, I wish I had seen this a couple of months ago!!! I am sure it is too late to plan a camping type roast but if people wanted to come we could still do a fall get together. Rascal and I have been talking about trying to put something together in the UP next summer.
  9. I hear you Oldies. I can't say VPW helped me directly, but my early days with TWI did. I can look back and say I paid a high price for that help. I can also look back and see I may have paid a higher price without that help. In the end I will never know because it was a road not taken. So, I get your perspective on this and I am glad to see you are not above recognizing that VPW may have had some error and done some wrong, while at the same time you cannot forget how he helped you. I have no beef with you Oldies. :) Peace
  10. OMG!!! CoolChef mentioned cucumber sandwhiches in another thread and it reminded me of an old childhood favorite that I have not had in probably 20 years!!! I'm buying the fixings this weekend Slice Tomatoes, onions and cucumbers spread cream cheese on bread add the veggies, salt and pepper to taste. Oh man - better than a BLT anyday!!!!!!
  11. Well, I for one was helped by JohnJ's website. His was one of the first I found on TWI when I began to search for understanding regarding what was going on in my life at that time. His was where I first began to get a glimmering of an understanding that I wasn't the only one experiencing what I was experiencing. I am not a JohnJ defender or follower. I haven't been to his website in many years now, for reasons that may be obvious to those who know me a bit - lol. But, I will always be thankful for what his work did to help me personally and I have no doubt he has helped others as well.
  12. Man oh man, what a tough crowd this is. You know, if you all cuold give each other a little breathing room. If you could all stop being quite so literal and hard on each other, you might find you have more in common than you realize.
  13. A good thing to keep in mind when we have the urge to write a hurtful reply to a post or say hurtful things about another person!! :)
  14. Oldies, I cannot entirely argue with your assessment there. I only know my own experience and I know what was taught in PFAL and what was actually practiced were often not one in the same, at least in my mind. Eventually what was practiced became what was taught as well. When I took PFAL, I did not understand/comprehend the "law of believing" in the extreme way it eventually came to be practiced. What I don't know and never will know is where that practical error began - whether it began with VPW or someone else. etc. etc. I am glad you hear you are gaining wisdom with age, that is how it is supposed to work. :) Peace.
  15. Sky, do you know how to send private messages here? I would recommend you send one to Polar Bear and ask him. If you don't know how, I can give you instructions. :)
  16. Abigail


    Dan, that was beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing it, I hope you will share more.
  17. Sky, The words at the bottom are called "tag lines". To put one in: 1. look at the top of the screen for "my controls". 2. on the left look for "Personal Profile" 3. Under that you will see "Edit Signature" click that 4. Type in your "tag line" much like you would a post. You can even put in several tag lines, like I have. 5. then at the botton of the white box click "update my signature" For the statement under your avatar also go to "my controls" 1. under personal profile "edit profile information" 2. the first box is the "custom member title" put in what you want 3. at bottom of page click "amend my profile"
  18. I have to go with Rascal on this one. I am sorry VPW died of cancer in a distant sort of sense, in that I never knew him and always think it is sad when someone died. BUT, my mother died of cancer when I was 23 years old. I was involved with TWI at that time. My sister, my grandmother and I took care of my mom at home for as long as we could. We had a hospital bed set up for her. We cleaned her, made sure she had her medications, fed her, and even took care of her "bathroom needs". During that time not one member of my fellowship offered to come by and help. Other people did. The mother of my sister's boyfriend, a few other family friends. But no one from fellowship. They didn't even help with an occassional meal as I saw so often occur afterward. My now ex-husband helped some (he would be the one member, I guess) but he also complained about it a lot. Devil spirits and all. After she died, no one from fellowship attended the funeral with us, it was a Jewish funeral because that is what the rest of my family wanted and I certainly wasn't going to argue with them about that! She had two cats when she died. My sister took them both. My ex didn't want them around the house because he was afraid the "cancer" devil spirit might have left her body and gone into one of them and might then come after one of us. My allotted period of morning was also very short. I was basically quoted scriptures from when David lost his son, I can't remember the verse now, but the basic idea was that I should just get over it.
  19. I would say you are where you are today, by and large because of your choices. Is "believing" even a real word outside of TWI?
  20. Dan, your daughter has a beautiful voice and that is a lovely song. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
  21. Oh yeah!!! Sushi does! Chicken, pork roasts, fish, great stuff! He smokes ribs and I have NEVER had such tender and tasty ribs, they don't even need BBQ sauce!!!!! I'm betting he will be posting in here when he gets home from work. :)
  22. All I did was make it smaller with Adobe Photoshop so it was under the 2 meg limit. Then just select it in the "browse" thingy below where you add the attachment.
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