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  1. ExC, if you email it to me I will post it for you. Abigail0900@yahoo.com BTW - I think this story of your Rascal is one of the coolest stories I've heard in a very very long time!
  2. I wasn't, no. But my family all landed in Yonkers when they came to the U.S.
  3. Abigail


    Stick around, Larry. roflmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Abigail


    Bumpy reminds me of this skit - one could simply substitute his name for Paul(**THERE IS SOME SWEARING IN THIS***)
  5. Sushi's sausage gravy is a "Greasespot Gathering" favorite, to be sure. It is definitely a Jacob favorite as well. But sausage gravy was not a food I grew up with, in fact I think I only ever ate it once before I met Sushi. As much as I enjoy it, I part-take of it very seldom as it is not so good for the arteries. :) I remember going smelting a time or two as a kid! I remember catching a snapping turtle once while doing it, too!! My mom and step-dad used to hunt pheasant dear, but hunting is something I never developed a "taste" for.
  6. Exactly. Some filters might interpret "twit brained" as insulting or even name calling. Just sayin' :) And while I don't like the name calling and intense anger that I sometimes perceive on threads, that too is part of the process. Even the fighting and arguing can have its "healing" properties. I "found my voice" again here at the cafe and a large part of that process involved being angry and yelling at people here for a time.
  7. Dooj, your analogy works here because we are not a website full of Trekkies. If it were posted at a website full of Trekkies it is entirely possible one or two would take offense. I am not saying Tonto can't or shouldn't express herself any way she wants to, I happen to enjoy both Tonto and T-bone. I'm just wondering why anyone would be surprised if someone takes offense at the choice in some of the words. We all filter things through our own perspectives. It can be very difficult to word things in a way that "give no offense" and some really don't care who they offend (not saying that Tonto doesn't care, just making a general statement). That is part of what makes this place what it is, and it is a mixed bag. I think most of us find something good here or we wouldn't stay. I'm sure there are things about this place that bother most of us to some degree or another as well.
  8. Shellon!!!!! I forgot about the cucumber and onion dish. That is a MUST at every family gathering for us!!! I thought we were the only ones who made that!! How funny - now I know what to make the next time we get together. :) Smelt! Oh man, I haven't had smelt but once or twice since we left the U.P.! The Morels you can keep though - YUCK!! My mom and step-dad used to go morel picking. Watching all the bugs drop off as they cleaned them left me so ill that I could never even bring myself to taste one.
  9. Cman, you know I count you friend, so I hope you don't take offense at what I am going to say. "waybrain" is simply another form of doctrinal belief. It is a religion. Not much different from any other religion. Some of it is good, some of it is bad. Ultimately, it is what an individual does with it that determins how much is good and how much is bad. So, it occurs to me, when someone comes along and posts something favorable about TWI doctrine and it makes us angry, perhaps the anger is being misdirected. Perhaps when we call them "waybrained" it is truly our own "waybrain" speaking out. The idea that we can accept people of all faiths, except those who adhere to PFAL, says a lot to me about our own state of mind. It tells me we too are still processing, we too are still hurting and suffering and out of that hurt we lash out in anger. That is OUR form of waybrain. Peace, C!
  10. Family favorites: Matzoh Ball Soup!!! (definitely number one on the list - cures what ails you!!!) Stuffed Cabbage Potato Latkes Noodle Kugel chopped liver REAL corned beef sandwhiches :) (no sauerkraut and salad dressing - use cole slaw instead!!!!!!!) Grandma's homemade fudge chicken and rice stew chili rice pudding Noodle Kugel - if you have kids (or grandkids ;) ), they will LOVE this 0 Cook up a bag of egg noodles Mix in a large container of cottage cheese 3 - 4 eggs (I like mine on the eggier side) throw in brown sugar and cinnamon (I guess on these, like most ingredients - mabye 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/8 - 1/4 cup sugar raisins - you can NEVER Have too many raisins!!! buy a big box and use at least half of it Bake in the oven on 300 for about 1 1/2 hours Let it cool and set for 15 - 20 minutes EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Wanted to add/point out . . . Some people were in and out of TWI with few injuries to recover from. Others lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and/or daughters due to their involvement with TWI. Some lost years of their lives. Some lost their faith in God. Some lost their faith in their fellow-man. Some hurts you don't just "get over." Some hurts take a lot of time to heal from. Some hurts never completely go away, they just sort of fade into the background a bit.
  12. sure CMan, none of us communicates perfectly. So sometimes some find something offensive. They respond out of that and then the other person responds offensively or defensively and threads like this will follow. :)
  13. Abigail

    Snooty Pans

    I am all for the cast iron. If I'm gonna spend lotsa money on pots and pans, that is what I want!!!
  14. Sorry, Larry, I wasn't here earlier. I was up north with Sushi getting the lid to his snooty pan
  15. When I left TWI, my thinking was I was leaving the organization, but I wasn't leaving God. In my mind that meant I was sticking with what I had learned in PFAL, etc. etc. It took me some time to get to the place where I would even consider other POV regarding various verses in the Bible, etc. There was one person who used to tell me over and over again I was "Way Brained" I found it insulting and offensive and in no way did it encourage me to be more open to hearing what others were saying. I think being called a "twit-head" would have the same effect. I also think, if someone wants to hold on to what they learned in PFAL, why would anyone really feel the need to "correct" them? So many people here now have different "religious views." We have numerous denominations of Christianity, Athiests, Agnositics, Jews, pagans, etc. etc. And most of us are respectful of those of different faiths. Why can we not be respectful towards those who still adhere to PFAL? Adhering to the teachings of PFAL isn't akin to committing the things VPW and LCM did. Many of us at one time believed those teachings and never did what VPW and LCM did. If there is "error" in PFAL, one might have more success in persuading someone of it, if they communicated respectfully. Just my thoughts for what they are worth.
  16. EXC!!!! You are going to burn in hell for that!!!! ROFLOL - that was funny, ExC!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Abigail

    Snooty Pans

    Well, we'll have the van fixed by the end of the day tomorrow, God willing, and we'll see you Sunday to get the final piece to the set of snooty pans. ;)
  18. That's funny Dot. I'm so used to reading around the typo's here (my own included) that I never even noticed it! lol
  19. If it does, I haven't found it yet. I could come up with a theory, but that is all it would be. :)
  20. Abigail

    Snooty Pans

    Pick a date, Ron! :)
  21. Okay the verse from the Bible is Gen 6:4. Below is a quote from something Sunesis wrote on this topic in the thread "Strange Gods" in which we discussed Nephilim also. The thread is on page 2 down here in doctrinal.
  22. (((Dot))) You are relentless I wish I had an easy answer for you. I wish I had the answer you want! I don't. So instead I will simply pray that God watches over you and provides you with the answers you need. :)
  23. Abigail

    Snooty Pans

    We'll be there and we are very much looking forward to it!! :D
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