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  1. Sushi thanks you Bulwinkle, he was looking for that song.One final song for the moment - it is the one that started me down this road today because it was stuck in my head as I was making pancakes this morning. It is a classic . . . .
  2. And here is one of my current favorite silly songs And the boy's favorite Halloween song
  3. It was a weird and quiet Halloween here too. Usually I run out of candy the last 15 minutes or so and end up giving out some of the stuff the boys brought home (which is fine by me because they always come home with way more than I want them to eat!). This year, we had two whole bags of candy left over. Equally odd, when I took the boys out, there weren't many in our neighborhood who were giving out candy either. Also strange for these parts. Maybe two or three houses per block. The upside is no one else was getting a lot of kids either, so the people who were giving it out were giving it out by the handful and the boys still came home with too much.
  4. Abigail


    Notta I have a hereditary problem with triglycerides. Prior to going on medication, mine went up to 4,000!!! See what the omega 3 does for you but if it doesn't bring it down enough I would recommend Crestor, (which brought mine down to 600 without the omega 3). It has been working very well for me. My sister takes both the Crestor and the Zetia, along with a third one that I can't remember the name of. Triglicerides can negatively effect your pancreas, liver, kidneys, gallbladder - a whole host of problems. Stay away from trans fats - eat NONE, ZERO, ZIP in trans fats. Then yes, sugar, white flour, most processed foods really, etc. Also, Alcohol will rise your triglycerides significantly and should also be reduced if not eliminated. Alcohol is VERY high in sugar. When I shop for carb foods, I look at fiber content. If there isn't at least 3 or 4 grams of fiber per serving I won't eat it very often. That too will go a long way not only in reducing the bad foods, but in increasing the health of your heart as well as other body parts. My mom had pancreatitis many many years ago as a result of her high triglycerides. Back then, we didn't know what we do now about the herditary issue and about the trans fats. We had one hell of a time convincing the docs my mom didn't drink. They were convinced she must be an alcholic to have triglycerides as high as hers were. Also, if your blood sugar is an issue, add a cinnamon supplement to your vitamin list. I take it 3 times a day because I was just starting to reach a boarderline place with my blood sugar.
  5. Abigail


    Yeah I take them. I used to use the fish oil, but recently switched over to flax seed oil. I will know hin a few weeks what it has done for my triglycerides. I've also heard the flax seed oil can help reduce the mood swings and irregularities of pre-menopause.
  6. Abigail


    As some of you know, I haven't been around much of late. I have been working on a HUGE project/document for work. In the midsts of working on this project, we had 9 new cases come in, which meant countless boxes of medical records to be organized, bound, and summarized. Experts to find, papers to file, etc. etc. Well, after weeks and weeks of sweat and tears, this afternoon I boxed up all 4 1/2 reams of the document and took it to the printers! It is finished. Or at least the worst of it is. All that is left is to go back down to the printers on Thursday, box it up, and ship it out. Whew!!!!!
  7. I want Larry back too. :)
  8. Nope, no bad hair day here. Delusion - A delusion is commonly defined as a fixed false belief and is used in everyday language to describe a belief that is either false, fanciful or derived from deception. Are you really that certain that absolutely everything you believe is absolutely true? That there is no way even one thing you believe in isn't false, fanciful, or perhaps derived from deception?
  9. First, it must be said, Carlin is definitely one of the greats!!! And yes, I was only speaking from my own POV and experience. I am quite certain there are happy atheists and agnostics. :) However, I would add that most, if not all, have their own forms of delusions. I think it is part of how our brains cope with life. Some may convince themselves they are tall and handsome, or slim and sexy. Some may convince themselves they are super intelligent or really funny. Whatever. As Sushi says, whatever it takes to get you through the night - as long as your fist isn't in my space, it isn't worth worrying about. :) Oh and Sky - Good to see you!!!!! Perhaps I am both peeking and peaking. ;)
  10. Hi!!! Just peaking in for a minute. What if he is? My guess is we all have some of it right and some of it wrong, so in a sense, I could easily say sure, my god is a delusion, at least in part. One could also say any belief in God is delusional. I did my time in the agnostic chair. In the end, I concluded I am happier and more peaceful with my belief in God than I was without it. So, if my God is a delusion, who cares? I'd rather be deluded and peaceful, purposeful, happy than be "sane and rational" and depressed and miserable. :)
  11. I appreciate those of you who have taken the time to debate this issue with WTH. It is quite obvious by reading his posts that he has a serious issue with Jewish people. I'm half expecting him to tell us next that slavery was all a big lie promoted by African Americans as well. You will never change his mind - he is a racist and damned proud of it. But it is good of all of you to take the time to show those who are simply uncertain what the truth is, that WTH is promoting hate, not truth.
  12. Abigail

    Nationwide Strike

    Tom, I would agree that in many instances unions have failed to do what they were supposed to do. I would even agree that many Federal and State laws have reduced and in some instances eliminated the need for a union. However, I would not agree that all unions are now unnecessary. I think, hope, and pray that this strike has sent a very strong message not only to GM, but to the entire manufacturing industry. Even more importantly, I hope and pray it has sent a very strong message to our government regarding free trade and the very negative impact it has had on our country. Finally, I hope and pray it has sent a very strong message to our government regarding the very real need for some kind of healthcare reform to reign in the nearly impossible to pay cost of insurance.
  13. Abigail

    Nationwide Strike

    Wahoooo!!!!!!!!!!!! It's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Abigail

    Nationwide Strike

    IMO this issue is a direct result of our brilliant "free-trade" system. Go back to fair trade and these issues wouldn't exist. The issue here isn't how much money the employees are earning, the issue is whether or not the jobs remain in the U.S. or continue to be shipped overseas.
  15. Abigail

    Nationwide Strike

    My understanding is that the main issue of contention has to do with shipping jobs overseas. The union has agreed to oversee the healthcare for retirees, but only if in exchange they have some sort of guarantee that the jobs will stay in the U.S. and new plants will open in the U.S. as opposed to over seas. However this all comes out, it will have a very very large impact on the U.S. auto industry because once they are done with the GM Negotiations, Ford and Chrysler are next. This contract will lay out the frame work for the other two major U.S. car companies. In the meantime, with GM down there are going to be a lot of people filing for unemployment and trying to figure out how to feed their family. The suppliers, shippers, etc. etc.
  16. ((((Goey))))) How wonderful to see you!!!!!!!!
  17. Abigail

    Nationwide Strike

    this morning around 11 a.m. Please pray for a quick resolution!!! This is huge and will have a very negative effect on the economy, especially here in Michigan. On a more personal front, it will likely mean Sushi will be out of work until the strike ends. :(
  18. Dan, do you think Wrigth is referring to paganism and we tend to think about it? Or do you think Wright equates the trinity with paganism?
  19. Hi Dan. Thought I would take a couple bites at this. It is a lengthy article and I am not certain how far I will get with it. The author wrote: I disagree with Wright's assessment here. While it is true Israel worshipped (in theory anyway) only one God, there is documentation in the O.T. that they also believed during variuos time periods, that some of the other Gods were equally real. They simply didn't worship those other God's - or more accurately, were not supposed to worship those other Gods - there were many times when they did in fact worship them. From the time of the O.T. to this very day, Judaism has taken much wisdom from other cultures, including but not limited to, the advice Moses' father-in-law (who was not of Israel) gave to Moses. I think Judaism would not have evolved throughout the ages into the thing of beauty it still is today, without assimilating in those things from other cultures that were not contrary to its basic tenants. OR, if Paul was well versed in Kabbalah, which I believe he was (though your average Jewish person of that time period would NOT have been) he was teaching them Kabbalah. In other words, all the Gods are but one God. We all see different aspects/characteristics of God, we call God by various names, we may even call God by many names, but in the end they are all but one God. This allows a form of assmilation and acceptence without requiring complete assimilation. I think he makes some sweeping statements here. First, even Judaism had boundaries regarding nation, family, tribe, geography and gender. There were times when we see little evidence of charity within Judaim and there are times when we see the opposite. Likewise, we see (again going back to Moses) Zipporah and her family, who were not of Israel, taking Moses in as one of their own. I know there are other examples as well, where charity was bestowed on various members of Israel by people of other nations. If I understand correctly what Wright is saying here and in the paragraphs preceeding this - the eucharist (wine and bread) of Christianity is to supplant and replace a pagan ritual? I guess I am confused by this, because I saw the eucharist as a "take off" on the Jewish rituals involving the bread and wine at the sabbath meal. Again, I am not convinced. Judaism does not contain the notion of elect in the same sense Christianity does. Nor am I pursuaded that monotheism was the creator's answer to paganism. In fact, I find that entire statement sort of nonsensical. I think in his explanation, Wright is doing exactly that which he claims to be speaking out against. The tradition of the bread and wine in origin was simply about thanksgiving to God. Yet Wright seems to be making more of it, spiritualizing it, for lack of a better term.
  20. And if you really read what WTH is saying, the 9-11 terrorist attack isn't the fault of the terrorists, but the fault of those liars, who deceived the U.S. into supporting Israel. Nevermind that the U.S. also gives vast amounts of money to the Palestinians. Nevermind that the U.S. gives vast amounts of money to other Muslim nations as well. I find it very telling that WTH has such a beef against the United States support of Israel but offers not a single word of complaint about all the money we give to other countries. Nope, not racist at all.
  21. Interesting that this subject comes back up over the Jewish holy days, no? Interesting that WTH has spent such an incredible amount of time reading this propaganda, eh? It might even be believable to those who do not have Jewish relatives who were eye witnesses to what took place.
  22. Roy, I am sorry for your loss, but I am very glad you and your Uncle Jack had each other.
  23. You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. . . .(Matthew 5:38-48). According to many translations, Jesus instructs his disciples, "do not resist him who is evil" (Matthew 5:39, NASB). This is mistaken. What Jesus says is "do not resist by evil means." Jesus resisted evil, but he resisted evil by doing good. He calls us to the same kind of resistance. Jesus quotes from the Old Testament lex talionis, the "law of retribution" (v. 38; cf. Exodus 21:24; Leviticus 24:20). He doesn't dismiss it so much as suggest a paradoxical fulfillment of this law. A slap on the right cheek is a backhanded slap, an insulting slap rather than a danger to life and limb. Instead of carrying out retribution by returning a slap for a slap, Jesus calls his disciples to bear the burden of retribution and offer to receive a second slap. The "double restitution" comes back on the disciple, who bears the punishment on behalf of the one who assaults him. Just like Jesus. Many have taken these instructions to be about "non-resistance," but that's inaccurate. Jesus is not telling us to "take it," glowering resentfully as we get beaten to a pulp. Jesus is teaching a form of resistance, but a form of resistance in which good triumphs over evil. Instead of perpetuating insults and blows, Jesus teaches his disciples to act in a surprising way that brings an end to the cycle. Following these instructions also, subtly, restores the dignity of the person under assault. Instead of being a victim of an unwanted blow, the disciple takes initiative into his own hands – he offers his cheek, he removes his undershirt, he goes a second mile, he gives to whoever demands (vv. 40-42). In doing so, he exposes the bully for the brute that he is, turning the tables in a way that brings shame on the oppressor. Slapping might make the slapper look virile. Slapping someone who's willing to be slapped makes the slapper look cruel (think of the attack dogs of the Civil Rights Movement). Jesus challenges the perversion of loving only those who love you (vv. 46-47). We are to love those near to us (cf. Galatians 6:10), but if our love is restricted by blood, race, kinship, church membership, or whatever, it is no better than the love of Gentiles and tax-collectors. It is not the righteous love that surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees. --Peter Leithart
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