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  1. Yeah, and there was a time when an unmarried woman could not get birthcontrol pills (though an unmarried man could still buy condoms). It took the passage of the 26th Amendment followed by CASE law, to make it legal for an unmarried woman to have access to birth control pills. There is a law based upon rights regarding sexual behavior. Or should we go back to the old days when only single men could have access to birth control?
  2. You think the gender of the parents is the distinction to be focused on? I don't. I think it is the quality of the parent - do they love the child? Do they care about his/her education, sense of self, etc.? Do they spend time with the child? Do they protect the child? THOSE are some of the things that matter. Gender, not so much. My 11 year old son's best friend comes from a unique family. He lives with his mother and step-father, and spends weekends with his biological father who is transgendered. He is comfortable with his transgendered father, whom he calls by HER name (I"ll use N). His mother and step-father do not appear to spend much qualilty time with him. They do not appear to care overly much about his education - at least, not enough to ever participate in school functions or show up for the various holiday concerts and other events that occur there. They are nice enough people, don't misunderstand there, they just don't appear to be all that involved in their son's life. His transgendered biological father, on the otherhand, takes him hunting, fishing, gets involved. Personally, I'm more comfortable having my son hang with N. because she takes an active interest in the kids. As for her son, he seems quite well adjusted and does not have any problems explaining who N is to him. I've not seen him get any grief from other kids about it either. Sometimes I think the kids are much wiser than the adults when it comes to these things.
  3. I dunno, we have a lab/rot/chow mix and a Beagle/jack mix. According to the list labs are smart and beagles are dumb. I think our Beagle/Jack mix is quite smart. He's a trouble maker, to be sure, but definitely intelligent. The Lab mix on the otherhand . . . . A few days ago he managed to get up on to the kitchen table (while no one was home) and into the cupboard where I keep medications. He then proceeded to select the Ritalin, and eat at last a few. Once the Ritalin kicked in, he ate a phone, a video tape, a bottle of fish food, he turned the desk chair upside down and pulled all of the stuffing out . . . . I'll say this though, he slept straight through the night once he came down. Usually he gets me up at least once at night, but on that night he slept like a baby. I haven't decided if we need to check him into rehab or get him his own prescription.
  4. Not only does our black lab mix, Marly, love paper, but he ate $174.00 worth of library books!!! OUCH he has also pulled all of the stuffing out of two desk chairs now. He pretty much has to have something in his mouth all of the time. I think he is about 8 or 9 months old now and I am hoping sometime over the next six months or so some of this chewing will slow down. His weirdest chewing habit is plastic bottles. HE LOVES plastic bottles, but I worry about the chemicals. Also, at 65 lbs he thinks he is a teeny tiny lap dog and our small 30 lb Buster thinks he is a a giant guard dog and will attach any strange dog, no matter how big. Funny and true story. We have a 6 foot privacy fence around our yard. One evening Aaron was in the yard with the dogs. Another dog (golden lab maybe??) actually jumped the 6' fence. Aaron freaked out and started screaming for us. In the meantime our 30 lb Buster attacked the dog, which then jumped back over the fence and out of the yard again, before Sushi or I could get there. I would have questioned Aaron's story a bit, because it seems so unlikely to me that a dog could jump that fence, except I did find clumps of its fur in the back yard.
  5. The salt water represents tears and the parsley bitter herbs. The bitter herbs were all the slaves were given for food. The salt water represents not only the tears of the slaves, but those of the Egyptians who lost their first born children. The matzo for the unleavened bread they took with them when they fled egypt. The Haroset for the sweetness of freedom. When we celebrate Passover we are to view it as if WE (not just our ancestors) are the ones who were freed from slavery, freed from Egypt. So it is a time of sorrow and joy. Bitterness and thankfullness. It is a time to reflect not only upon our own freedom, but to look forward to a day when all people are free.
  6. I have to agree with you George. I understand wanting to look good. I do what I can to look my best, via exercise, make-up, clothing, etc. But I think it says something sad about our society when women feel compelled to go to such lengths as botox injections and surgery to look younger. On one hand, I hate my wrinkles around my eyes, I am as human and female as the next girl. On the other hand, I figure I earned them! Besides, most of them are from smiling.
  7. Abigail

    Song of the moment

    One of my current favorites, by System of A Down off their "Steal this Album" album.
  8. Abigail


    Thanks everyone!! Shellon, where did you find that picture!!!! What a riot!!!!
  9. I have no doubt that evil flourishes in the world and in many other religious and non-religious groups. I cannot speak for Rascal and say definitively what her point was. My take, however, was that somewhere someone implied, or she understood someone to have implied, that TWI was no worse than any other religious group. I'd say, it is worse than some religious groups, and perhaps not as bad as others. I know you were asking Rascal, but I'll answer anyway. Yes, I most certainly do blame TWI for employing extreme manipulation and that played a HUGE roll in why I stayed as long as I did. Does that alleviate me of my own responsibility for the decisions I made? Hell no! But likewise, my responsibility for the things I did, for the choices I made, does not alleviate those in TWI who used extreme manipulation against me to pressure me into staying. I am not afraid or unable to admit responsibility for my role in the charade that was TWI. It would be nice if those in TWI who manipulated people for their own gain were not afraid or unable to admit their responsibility as well.
  10. Say you're right, Oldies, say the RC Church is 10 times more evil than TWI, what is your point?? Should we shut up about TWI because some other religious group might be worse? Hell, I am betting there are many religious groups that are worse. I'd certainly say the extremist fundamentalist muslem groups are worse. So what? Does that mean I cannot tell the story of what I experienced in TWI? Does that mean I cannot say to someone who asks - "this was my experience and if you participate with them I would recommend proceeding with caution?" The entire argument that some other group is worse is a fallacy, Oldies - its merely smoke and mirrors to distract people from the real point. In this instance, the real point generally having something to do with a negative experience that occured while in TWI. BTW - the evils committed by RC and other groups - did you witness them? If you are merely relying on second hand accounts how do you know you have accurate information? How do you know it isn't all lies and exaggerations?
  11. Oldies, did the Pope condone the pedophile priests? Because in TWI those at the top not only seemed to condone sexual misconduct, but they participated in it and encouraged it. Also, while I am sure many many mainstream religions have their skeletons in the closet, those are bones to be picked over by those who are so compelled to pick them. I never participated with any of the other religious groups, so my focus is on the one I did participate with - TWI. Similarly, I don't imagine you spend much time at anti-Catholic websites, or disgruntled Method websites trying to correct information you think is negatively exaggerated, untrue, etc. or pointing out to the posters at such sites that there are other religious groups that are equally bad or worse.
  12. So if the Roman Catholic Church did it, it must be okay? Does the Pope condone such behavior in our day and time? You can't really compare the acceptable "norms" of today to what was acceptable a hundred plus years ago. I know the Catholic church is guilty of its own share of cover-ups. But does that mean ALL mainstreams chuches are guilty of such? Is pulling out one "mainstream" church and holding it up as an example of them all really accurate? BTW, the Catholic church has paid a price for their cover-ups, both financially and in the press. So far, TWI seems to have paid a very small price. Again, is that apples to apples?
  13. Yeah, well, the mafia isn't legal or moral either. But ya know, if it was pay for their protection or get my brains blown out all over my desk - I think I'd probably pay up. It's only money afterall. Easy come and even easier go. I cannot think of any governmental agency that is scarier than the IRS.
  14. I think this topic comes up this time of year, every year. Here's the thing Bow, no matter how logically someone can present the argument that income tax is illegal - odds are real good that person isn't going to pay for YOUR attorney to keep YOU out of prison for tax evasion, nor are they going to pay for YOUR attorney to fight penalties and interest for failing to pay or failing to file. Now, when someone is willing to put their money where their mouth is and put down about $30,000 in a retainer to pay my legal fees, then I MIGHT consider taking put the issue - - then again, probably not.
  15. Bow, just an FYI - cat food is very very very bad for dogs - it is harmful to their kidneys. I love the tip, though. Do you have one for large dogs that somehow manage to spread the dried food all over the floor??
  16. Ron, It was always my understanding that once a dog got a taste for fresh kill, it was darned near impossible to train him not to do it. Add to that the particular mixed breeds you have and that's a double wammy. Wolves can actually be quite shy and timid, but Malamutes are very independant and strog willed dogs. Your best bet is to build a very solid and large fenced in area for him to run and play. And I mean secure. My uncle's malamute could eat through a 6' wooden privacy fence in no time flat!!! Also, if you are only feeding him once a day, that is not enough. Feed him at 2 - 3 times a day with treats in between. Make him WORK for the treats - sit, lay, stay, roll over, etc. etc. This will help with training and boredome. Malamutes are work dogs - they need to work or they will get bored and stir crazy!!!
  17. Abigail

    Leroy's Letter

    ROFLOL - Yeah Emo!! He's a riot!!!
  18. My Eastern European Great Grandparents used to make a stew with the heart, lungs and spleen.
  19. Abigail

    Leroy's Letter

    Too funny, Dooj!!! Over Christmas I took the boys for a drive to see all of the decorated houses. One of the houses had a nativity scene in front of it. Jacob got all excited and said "Look mom, there's God with his parents!" Now I know there are some who won't get why that amuses me and there are others who would be offended by it, but I say "out of the mouths of babes . . . " This is a child who has not attended a Christian church of any sort since he was about a year old.
  20. :wub: awe, thanks. I'd tell you what we did, but then I'd have to shoot you.
  21. Yup, TWI was definitely THE CULT OF PERSONALITY (click the link above)
  22. I didn't realize I could add the complaints as attachments to a post. I'm going to try it here and see if it works, that way anyone who wants a copy can get it right here. :) TWI_v_The_Way_Ministries.pdf TWI_v_Rose.pdf TWI_v_Executive_Risk.pdf
  23. Oh, I am guessing TWI found a new company to cover their liability. Laws differ from state to state, but I'm betting they are required to carry liability coverage - it just may be costing them more now. It will be interesting to see what the otucome of this suit is. I'm guessing the attorneys wouldn't have taken it on if they didn't think they had some chance of winning. I will go back and look at this case again as it progresses, but it appeared they were trying to get it moved out of the federal courts and into a state court. If that occurs, a) depositions may not become part of the on-line records and b) it will be somewhat more difficult to access the documents.
  24. Actually, Living Tree acknowledge its use of the TWI materials and stipulated to a judgment agreeing they would stop using them. There was a similar outcome with respect to the use of the name "The Way Ministries". It would appear the only two cases still active are the one against the insurance company and the one against Stokely Rose. It is my guess that in the end Stokely Rose will lose as well.
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