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  1. Thanks, Tom. It really didn't take much time though. :) I think the only really interesting (though not surprising) thing in this suit is that apparently the insurance company refused to renew their policy because of the lawsuits.
  2. Okay, I found the cases on Pacer. Most of them have to do with copyright infringement and trademark infringement. TWI v The Way Ministsries is a trademark issue TWI v Rose (as in Stokely Rose former Coordinator of Trinidad and Tobago) was for illegal reproduction, distribution, and use of PFAL TWI v Amy Gilmore, Living Tree Academy was for illegal reproduction, distribution and use of TWI materials. TWI v Executive Risk is an insurance issue. Executive was TWI's provider of liability Insurance during the Allen, Parker and Peeler suits. Executive paid for the defense in both the Parker and Allen suits but denied coverage in the Peeler suit, because the policy (like most liability policies) does not cover "intentional affliction of emotional distress." TWI is now suing them to try and recover their expenses for defending that suit. I have copies of the Complaints in all but the Living Tree suit (for some reason pacer wouldn't allow me to access that document). If anyone wants to see them, send me your e-mail address via Private message and I will scan them and send them to you.
  3. Kugel is pudding - there are many varieties of it and I have yet to taste one I didn't like.
  4. Mark, that picture was taken about an hour from where I live. The only state that has both heaven and hell in it.
  5. Well, I'm not going to go toss my medications down the drain just yet. I have seen first hand via both my mother and my sister what untreated cholesterol problems can do. There are many componants to all of this and it would be in the best interest of the individual to educate themself about THEIR specific situation. This would include understanding what aspects of their cholesterol are "abnormal". There are more factors than just good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. For instance, there are tryglicerides, which can effect you liver, pancreas, and kidneys if left out of control for too long. Diet and exercise or very important and many people could stay off medications if they would just take care of those two aspects of their lives. There are other componants as well, like thyroid levels. If your thyroid isn't functioning properly, it can throw much of your body chemistry out of whack including cholesterol. An insufficiency in certain nutrients can also do this. Diet doesn't mean drastic and outrage self denial - it means choosing your food wisely and having a lot of variety. I eat a lot of fish, I also eat chicken and red meat - variety. I eat a lot of veggies. I eat a very small amount of grains because in my specific situation it is the processed carbs that are the worst for me (that is MY situation, not everyone's). Excercise is extremely important in this day and time when we spend hour upon hour sitting in an office chair, sitting in front of a computer, sitting in front of a t.v. It doesn't have to be intense, it doesn't have to consume your day. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk or ride a bike instead of driving a car when time and weather permit. Get a small $30 "step walker" and use it for 20 - 30 minutes WHILE you are watching t.v. Goey, I have a lot of respect for you and I know a little, but enough to know you have been through the gamut on this topic and have put in your research. Your research may very well have led you to what is best for YOU, that does not mean it is what is best for everyone. I chose to educate myself, continue to work with my doctor, eat a healthy diet, exercise, AND take my medications as prescribed. I have no desire to spend weeks in the hospital because out of control cholesterol led to secondary problems.
  6. I make a noodle kugel dish that is sweet, not savory. 1 bag of egg noodles, cooked 1 large container of cottage cheese 6 raw eggs 3 tbspoons brown sugar 1 tspoon cinamon raisins (I like lots of them, but you can add according to taste) You can also add grated apple or replace the raisins with grated apple. Actually, I imagine you could substitute all kinds of different fruits. Mix it all together and bake on 325 for about an hour
  7. ExC, Greasespot hasn't changed, you have, I have, many of us "old timers" who've been around this place forever has. The same topics do come up over and over. That's not bad for newcomers who weren't here the first 10 - 20 times they were discussed. There is a lot of gossiping, PMing, backstabing. That's not new either. I remember what kinda crapola went on when I first arrived here and it still goes on today. Different people, same ..... Human nature, cult nature, waybrain nature. . . maybe all of it. Greasespot serves a very good and useful purpose. Perhaps we just no longer "need it" so much. Yet, it is hard to leave too, because we have formed some very wonderful friendships, no? For me, I pop in and read at least for a few minutes most days. But I find I just have less and less to say. I feel less and less like arguing or getting crap for my pov. I don't need to defend, justify, or explain my opinion to anyone anymore. And, I am moving more and more out into the real world. That's what I need to do. So, do what YOU need to do, be it stay, go, or have one foot in and one foot out of the door. But really, this place isn't changing - you are just becoming a better and better you. Who knew perfection could be improved upon! :)
  8. Abigail

    Snooty Pans

    Sushi finally got real snooty pans. My sister got him an "everyday pan" that you can use for frying, or it can go in the oven and she got him a sauce pan.
  9. The grinch had some trouble with his sleigh and I had to bring it in to the shop to have it fixed. The acid man is always welcome! As for the Italian shark from Texas, she can come her as long as she isn't offended by lox. A Kosher menu? In these parts that's damned near impossible! Okay, well if we're going to go kosher we have to have bagels and lox - but hmmm then we can't have roast beast because you can't have cream cheese and meat (other than fish) in the same meal. :( WhoHash is still in though, as vegetables are parve. :) Well if we stick with seafood and wine (lots and lots of wine spiked by the acid man), Manishevitz naturally, then we will be safe - no shellfish though. :( Oh hell, skip the food and just serve the wine, man!
  10. you can and should, though I recommend saving some for the relatives. It will make for a much more mellow family gathering.
  11. Abigail

    Song of the moment

    And this is my cousin's band. My cousin is playing guitar. They call themselves Jotto.
  12. The Roast Beast is the main course in any Christmas Dinner and naturally it should be servied with a large portion of Who Hash.
  13. Abigail

    Song of the moment

    Harvey Danger Presidents of the United StatesAnd one that moves me to tears:
  14. WhiteDove you can keep skirting it all you like, you can deny these teachings ever came out of HQ, and continue to claim that because the didn't they were not "official way doctrine." But can you deny that HQ placed people in positions of leadership who did, in fact, teach such things? Do you believe that those in charge at HQ are NOT in any way responsible for who they put in charge on the field? I was never told it was okay for my husband to beat me. I was told, however, by three different women in TWI - all in leadership positions, that in essence I should use sex to get my way. Should prostitute myself by buying favors from my husband with sex. Should manipulate him. Did they use those words? Nope. They said things like "if you have sex with him before you ask, he will be in a better mood and more likely to say yes." "If you have sex with him, he won't be angry about such and such." etc. etc. Because, afterall, the way to a man's heart isn't through his stomach but an organ somewhat lower.
  15. Welcome to the cafe, Nathan. Have a shot. Seriously, have a shot, cause that's precisely how you should take Bumpy. A lick of salt, a shot of tequilla, then suck on a lime. Eventually everything he says will make perfect sense to you - then you will know you have truly crossed over. As for Larry, well he and his sister Mary can be quite contrary, but they are best when hanging out with Mo and Curly.
  16. Psalmy, I tried your truffle recipe over the weekend. I made chocolate ones and added crushed nuts to them, then rolled them in crushed pecan sandies and some in coconut. They were fantastic and pretty easy to make!!!! Thanks for posting that.
  17. ROFLOL - Bumpy, it said the video is no longer available. Are you trying to let the women of the cafe know? ;)
  18. Abigail

    Ho Ho Ho

    I'm thinking if you emailed me your address, you might just find a box of them on your doorstep one day before Christmas. :)
  19. Abigail

    Ho Ho Ho

    Thanks Larry, and back at you! I think I may actually hve 4 whole days away from work this weekend!!!!!
  20. Abigail

    Ho Ho Ho

    I'm already done with my shopping. Just have to wait for one or two more boxes to come in the mail. Tomorrow I'll start making cookies and candies. :)
  21. I have followed this thread off and on as I have had time. Maybe someone already posted this, but if not, I thought it was fitting: READ HERE "The ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee is investigating the financial dealings of six TV evangelists, saying donors deserve to have their "money spent as intended and in adherence with the tax code." and They include Joyce Meyer, one of America's wealthiest and most powerful TV preachers who has built a $124-million-a-year empire headquartered in the St. Louis suburb of Fenton. A 2003 series in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch detailed her lavish lifestyle and blunt fundraising pitches. "I'm following up on complaints from the public and news coverage regarding certain practices at six ministries," Grassley said in a statement. "The allegations involve governing boards that aren't independent and allow generous salaries and housing allowances and amenities such as private jets and Rolls-Royces." and I must add:
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