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  1. You are a remarkable group of people.

    1. JeffSjo


      You know it Katie. hehehehe

      Please, please do tell!

    2. Ham


      Ha! They set upon us with fountain pens and genuine shapies to mark us.. and.. we are destined to be marked once again.. :biglaugh:

  2. There's No "I" In Team, But There Are 3 "U"s in Shut The Fu*k Up

    1. Broken Arrow

      Broken Arrow

      What you say is true!

    2. Bramble


      That was a great Buffy Episode.

    3. Jbarrax
  3. If I only had a Brain.........

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    2. Broken Arrow

      Broken Arrow

      Glad you're back! Hope things are well!

    3. JavaJane


      As long as you have enough left to type on GSC, I think you'e good. So glad you're back!

    4. DrWearWord
  4. Welcome, Hi, hello - and all,.. Dia duit!

  5. Welcome ((bows and courtseys))

  6. Hey those potatoes caused my ancestors a lot of problems! i mean,... we killed all the wolves and all the snakes and we're currently killing off all the Badgers But those potatoes nearly killed us all!

    Potatoes are dangerous!

  7. The infinite improbability drive has been superseded by the Bistromathic drive, based on the alternative mathematics used by waiters in restaurants, which has the advantage of not having improbable side effects or improbable things going wrong. The Starship Bistromath is more maneuverable than the Heart of Gold, but it seems that the Heart of Gold is still the faster of the two.

  8. Fáilte romhat isteach!

    Ham! year 2027! RainbowsGirl!

  9. Born in Adare Ireland, I have dual Citizenship in both Ireland and the USA, always have. But that place with the broken Castle and the Thatched roofs - well that's "home".

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