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  1. My friend has used them successfully. they are heavy but it gets him through the rough spots. I read some about it online and some comments were one company at least kept sending replacements that weren't ordered by the person and billing it to their credit card they used for the initial order so be careful.
  2. My father grew up in Cohoes NY with his parents, a brother and sister. His father was a carpenter and spoke little English. He always said he was proud that their family managed first to not loose their home and secondly that they always had shoes. He went to a CCC camp when he was I think 15 years old. When I was a kid he took us cross country and we went to Washington State to the trails in the National Park where he was sent to work. I think it was quite a trip back for him.
  3. If I recall correctly when I looked at that word the best understanding I had was like an image on a coin. As Roy said, it is a representation. Yes it is an interesting word.
  4. I was too young but my sister who was 16 went. My father gave her permission because a buddy at his local bar told him they had a county fiddlers festival up there every year. That is what he thought he was giving her permission to go to. I remember vividly watching the news and my dad realizing where she was. I guess the lesson there is don't take parenting advice from your buddy at the local pub. I did though take my son and his friends to Woodstock 99.
  5. coupcake

    teenage acne

    One more thing I thought of.. both my son and nephew were told to lay off the hair jell if they use it.
  6. coupcake

    teenage acne

    Proactive worked well for my son. When the copies came out in the stores we tried them and they worked just as well.
  7. coupcake

    Zeitgeist: Addendum

    Owned? I am not sure what you mean by that. Guess I'll have a beer with Jim.
  8. coupcake

    Zeitgeist: Addendum

    I can't help but think it looks like "bad religion" to me. While there were many true statements in the documentary there is always some truth in all religions. The law of unintended consequences also comes to mind. Be careful what you ask for. As for me I will continue to hold to my Lord Jesus Christ and our father, God.
  9. Sudo, Thanks for starting the post and sharing your success. My husband and I started the South Beach diet last week. It's really not difficult and we both feel much better already. The big thing we both noticed is there is no real desire for evening snacking and we just don't eat as much even though we don't count calories or portion control. I will say I am looking forward to adding fruit back, especially berries. We are right in peak season here in NY and that was the only thing that was tempting when I was at the market.
  10. coupcake

    Wasp's Nest

    Last fall we had a nest in our roof. My husband (after donning protective gear made out of his motorcycle helmet, duct tape and screening material) climbed up, plugged any holes but one. He stuck a long plastic tube in the hole that let down into a bucket he filled with insecticide. The wasps for days marched down the tube to their death. Every day we emptied the bucket with hundreds of wasps in it. When the roofer this past spring ripped the old roof off he found the nest, it had to have been the size of 2 basket balls! They are cool looking. Wish I had a video of the whole thing!
  11. I saw a check the other day from The Way Credit Union. When did they establish a credit union?
  12. coupcake

    Sleep Apnea

    BTW... I recently read they developed a new proceedure effective in some patients. They insert several stents in the area that the muscles collapse during sleep. It keeps the airway open during sleep. I am sure it is not effective in all cases but might be worth asking about.
  13. coupcake

    Sleep Apnea

    Notta, My husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 20 years ago. His case was so severe he was not a candidate for the CPAP machine and had the surgery. He felt immediately better( well within a few weeks, the surgery was painful). But it saved his life in more ways that one. First in that it literally saved him, he was headed for heart failure. But secondly he was himself again. No more headaches, no more falling asleep where ever he was because of complete exhaustion. No more cloudy head when he was awake. And he lost weight because he was able to become more active. I hope you have equally good results with your treatment! I am so glad you went in to be tested! By the way... for all you that are being nagged someone to see a doctor for this... GO IN NOW! My husband did not believe me when I told him how he was when he was sleeping. I nagged him for years. I finally forced him in and when the doctor got his results he called him in for emergency surgery he was at such risk. I don't mean to be an alarmist, his was a severe situaltion, most aren't like that but don't put it off. Good luck Notta!
  14. That sent chills down my spine! How amazing, thanks for sharing that Kit!
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