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  1. papajohn

    pets and katrina

    that location is under water still
  2. I cleaned furnaces and dryer vents for the gas company in minneapolis for some time. we did a bad job, but only because back then, maybe 5 years ago, they didn't have the equpiment your using now. those who did have it didn't use cameras and saw it was a easy way to make a buck. 4 hours on one job is about right I would think, here it would cost about 500 to 1000.00. as far as any commecial job, 8000.00 would be my commision, not the price of the job. duct cleaning is a good thing, as long as it's done right. I have a friend here who went into business for himself about 3 years ago and has got hooked into the .gov work in Mn. he does a very good job. another thing you may want to offer customers is mold inhibitors in attics, dryer vent cleaning (2nd largest cause of house fires in the US, dryer fires), and you can offer your services to the gas company to clean sutted furnaces. gas companies DO NOT have the equipment to do this the right way. they use a brush and small vac lol. one tool you do want is a dental mirror. one of those small round ones on a extention rod works best. another good place to find business is through Dr's who have patients with alergies. thats one of the best places you can find customers for sanatizing duct work and attics, and it helps alot. ok, I could go on, but I won't. lol hope you do good with your new venture. peace and love
  3. papajohn

    pets and katrina

    does anyone have any ideas on what we or I can do to help the abandonded pets in new orleans? I'm open to any and all suggestions. I would like to go down there and my biggest need would be places to put animals till they can be claimed. I'm sure I could get pet stores to help by donating food. the biggest problem will be pets that are never claimed. let me know if you have any thoughts about it. peace and love
  4. I am also from the gulf coast, most of what I called home is now gone. I haven't heard about any of my family, good or bad, so I hope for the best and try to understand theres nothing I can do other than go there and try to help out in any way I can. for some reason I have always had the ability to not get as emotional as most people do over anything. this isn't the first time I've had to deal with hurricanes and their aftermath, or the death of a loved one that was very close to me. I think it's the spirit working inside me to calm me and help me understand. worry doesn't help, but a small dose of it is healthy. now it's the time to pull ourselves up and show the world we're a nation of giving and careing people. ask yourself, what can I do to help, then do it. my prayers are with us all at this time and I do hope that in the end we will be a better place by pulling together as a family and see this through. love and peace to you all.
  5. I'm not sure how others here got my email, but please stop emailing me. you both know who you are. thank you
  6. the magot thing won't work, she's to used to living with them. :D-->
  7. he's probably under a contract with TWI. something that would stop him from starting another one, and pays well. I would say shame, but he doesn't have any lol
  8. papajohn

    Is Santa Real?

    my son believes in santa, and I know he's real for a face. I'm him, to scotty.
  9. just a note. faghags aren't women who hang around gay men, their women who try to 'change' gay me into straight men.
  10. why is it everyone WANTS to see bad things happen? sure, they were a bunch of abusing a$$'s, but it seems to me that you are all falling over that stumbling block. a great woman once said, if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all. merry christmas :)-->
  11. the word has brought me life. twi taught me not to take it for granted what people say. win-win
  12. to say fry would mean I enjoy the torment of others. it really doesn't matter what someone else did, I would enjoy their suffereing. I'm not sure God would want Me to be that way. I don't want to judge anyone based on their works. we all fall short.
  13. lol, my first TWI xmas my wife and I told my mom we were telling the kids there was no santa and no one was getting presents. I think what she heard was, "I'm killing santa and burying his sack of goodies". not something you wanna tell a sacilian mother from new orleans. she set us straight, thanks mom. and a merry christmas to you all
  14. my 2 cents I'm sure to pat the fight was more than the use of a name. to TWI thats about all it was. in the end, pat gave them what they wanted. as far as the 50,000.00, I wouldn't be to sure that it cost them that. it's the same lawyers they've used for about all of their legal battles. by now they've made so much cash off TWI, for all we know, they did it pro bono. and pat, 'talking' to several trademark attorneys doesn't really amount to anything other than another persons opinion. what did you gain in the end?
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