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  1. I went to many churches in many cities. My son is healed an continues to be strengthened because of the word that I learned. Just because certain individuals are full of it doesn't mean the word that they taught is all wrong. Are we not all responsible to believe and work the word ourselves. This is where I got my start after years of searching. Seems to me there are "people" blocking the way anywhere you go. There are people opening the door too. I don't know, I'm just blessed with what I know and I am wiser for what I have gone through.
  2. Schuks

    11th Corps

    Hi all, I have been gone a long time. Busy, busy. I was going to make you something special but you already are!!!!!!!
  3. Sorry, just a guess
  4. I speak in tongues. Just because TWI ticked me off doesn't mean SIT is wrong. It is the Word. At least htat is what I see.
  5. Sorry about that last bit of typing. Joel? Not sure but the one I think I knew. Tall, glasses, thinning blond hair, very wonderful, kind.
  6. 10th Corps Very jovial. Put cayenne pepper on everything (almost). "Tastebuds? We don't need no stinking tastebuds!"
  7. My sentiments exaclty (almost) Shaz LOL
  8. Not casually elegeant. That's probably why it ended up in the dining room (if you know what I mean) It was during 10th Corps Graduation week. Rodeo stuff going on.
  9. Clothes Not sure. I think it was a shirt..It seems to me there were several items. Not sure. The blow to my jaw when the calf jerked its head probably wrecked my memeory.
  10. I think I was in residence with him. Yes? 1981?
  11. Knew them in WYO. Tremendous folks.
  12. Thanks Raf. Is that really you in the picture? I listen to mostly ESPN "The Sports Animal" now.
  13. I froze my tushy off in Gunnison. Never got to do a thing but shovel snow, sit in inordinate number of classes, get yelled at and how I looked forward to the hillside sing with Mrs. Owens. Oh ya, I did have fun once. I got to dress a calf once with a cute guy who prpheied really loud. (From Venezuela) The dadgum calf almost knocked me out.
  14. I loved to Work the Word. still do. It helps a lot to shed light on stuff. I'm not a scholar, but I do know how to use a concordance and I have been able to teach many other Christians. I have no problem with the Word that I learned.I have only a problem with people who think that their $% don't stink and that JC came only to save my pathetic soul. I just wanna have fun, son! My gravestone will read, "She had fun"
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