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  1. My neighbor down the street just informed me of a new class starting called THE RENEWED MIND . using papa docs whereholes crap again ! he is telling me that there is aprox 18 belivers in the south florida area. thats still too many fools to be around might be time to move !!!!!
  2. since there is still stupid people out there then the way international will be there !! at least it will keep them out of my church !!
  3. the best place for weirhole to be in the ground and going down !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. at a local twig leader meeting in south florida we were told to go see our people to see who was in debt by looking thru kitchen drawers our any bills laying around that had a balance on credit cards and confront them about it ! never could do it and quit the cult 5 years ago !!
  5. I know for a fact that in florida there is less then 45 (so called standing belivers holding the country together ) as they call it. my family has been gone for almost 5 years and i still get holiday cards from the board of mistrustees !!
  6. for over 15 years me and my wife forced our kids to go to fellowship for the most part there was nothing for them to do but sit on the floor and keep quiet a great way to know god ? one of many reasons for leaving the way was nothing for the children to be involved in . we are long gone now a found a great church where there is teen fellowship and also for the childred too . most if not all the kid that were in the way at the time haved moved on without the way international in their lives (form last count there is less then 25 belivers standing in south florida ) praise the lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. a blood drive at the way international how kind of them. they have been sucking blood from their followers for years! have they ever given any $$$$ for any relief efford anywhere in the world at any time ?? maybe green cards to haiti that will help ? the way international makes me sick !!!! just this weekend at my church in south florida all the weekend tithe was all sent to haiti relief all ot it!!!!! the way is a joke !
  8. Its not old news for all of us that gave our time & money for a rot hole place called THE WAY INTERNATIONAL that claimed to be a place of god. It wont be old news until no one is standing for or preaching their crap and that land in ohio is washed away . and only then will it be old news !!
  9. threw mine kjv out 6 month ago . it became a WAY bible remember its not faith its (beliving) PFAL ready reference & usage of the words PNEUMA & PNEUMA HAGION , only 3 acts of creation , 4 crucified , and all the DTA notes and lets not forget HOLY SPIRT. all good info but the WAY bible for me became a tool to hurt others after looking thru mine i never found anything i highlighted about love thy neighbor . bought a new NIV and love it !!!!!
  10. what i did with what i knew was throw out the trash. including my marked up king james bible . bought a new bible and think nothing of the WAY CRAP INTERNATIONAL anymore when reading it . what i learned in the 15 years plus was how to use the word as a weapon to hurt others that were not in the HOUSEHOLD OF THE WAY INTERNATIONAL lost many friends & neighbors by the lack of love thy neighbor unless you belong to the way!!!!
  11. I was with the Way for 16 years . looking back at it all it was nothing but a BS selfhelp outfit. take a class and then you fully instructed on the word . the leadership had no training on helping people with problems . no real ministers , no real leaders, just a class and you will know everything you need to know . they had no idea on marrage problems if your spouse does not want the word you should leave them ? this was a place where the word was used as a wepon to hurt each other . so why did we stay because leadership would pump you up with BS (you are the best,your rewards in heven, we ar
  12. My family and I left with 18 others in AUGUST OF 2008 in the south florida area. the funny thing was from my so called fellowship cordinator was if I was goinging to keep sending in my ABS to headquarters. As of last week 6 more left the the area also. PRAISE THE LORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. me & my family leff in august 2008 and in the south florida area at that time the head count was 48 including brainwashed children .
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