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I'm a little late in joining this thread. I saw Joyce Meyer in 2003 when she was in San Diego. One night was enough for me. It reminded me so much of TWI that I wanted to gag. I was still getting over waybrain at the time, so I thought maybe I was jaded.

But then she shared that a lady wrote in about how Joyce's minisry wasn't affecting her positively as it was previously. Joyce accredited it to the fact that the lady didn't share financially with her ministry. I heard from Joyce's mouth: "If you don't share financially in this ministry, you won't get the benefit of it."

I left knowing I wasn't so jaded anymore. I heard that song a dance way too many times in TWI.

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IMHO wealth can be a real killer of Godly spirituality unless the footprint size of your spiritual shoes is greater than the size of your bigheadedness.

I haven't had this challenge, but I can understant that is easy to think that the wealth you possess is due to your own greatness, rather than God's greatness, and then selfishness begins to reign. I go with the logic that selfishess=>greed because the leech effect sets in -- I deserve your [stuff].

The way of the Lord's heart is rather, "What can I do to help?"

I like studying the Catholic saints as well as the Book of Martyrs. Those guys often endured great poverty and the ones like (Catholic) Padre Pio and Mothere Theresa who received a great wealth of donations maintained their personal poverty level, which was part of their personal vow before the Lord.

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