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songs remembered from just one line


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The thing I like about William Shatner is that he's a parody of himself and, not only does he know it, he capitalizes on it, commercially.

Back to the game...I'll repeat my earlier clue:

"Some people cry and some people die by the wicked ways of love"

Next line:

"But I'll just keep on rollin' along with the grace of the Lord above"

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Note to whoever listens to this song: Turn the volume up as loud as you possibly can!

The solo in the middle of the song used to be the sonic equivalent of Eddie Van Halen's

for a younger generation of guitarists.

(And, no, I'm not saying that Van Halen is anywhere near the guitarist that Jimmy Page was.)


If the sun refused to shine,

I don't mind, I don't mind.

Zep - Thank You

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