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  1. We didn't see eye to eye. I wish his family well. I did like his sense of humor. And he led the charge against the way. Opened the eyes of many.
  2. pawtucket

    Forum rules ??

    There was an upgrade to the software. No rules have changed. Probably some glitches in the upgrade.
  3. STOP! A number of you are sniping each other. NO personal attacks, NONE, ZERO, ZILCH. There is no Amendment protection to say whatever you want. We have stated rules that you accept when you join this forum. You can not attack other posters and need to respect their privacy. I'm tempted to list examples by poster, but won't. The moderators do the best that they can, they are not perfect, but who is. I am not going to tolerate this. I think that the weeks the site was down, were some of the highlights this year of the forum. I have no problem just closing down the site. If you don't like the rules, leave. If you don't follow the rules, penalties will be applied.
  4. pawtucket

    A few thoughts

    As many of you know, I stepped back from active management of GSC a few years back. I left the management in capable hands. I had a nervous meltdown. Disagreement turned into verbal battles. I always wanted this place to be a safe haven for those that left or was in the process of leaving or was thinking of leaving. This would be a place of solace. Lately, for some, attacking seems to be the color of the day. Why the need to attack? Why the need to call people names. My attitude has been if you are getting in vicious place, step away from the keyboard! The internet is rampant with vicious bravery behind a wall of anonymity I only have one word to those guilty of this, Stop! At least on this site. And as an aside, the hosting company has been double billing me, we are trying to work this out. If the site is not accessible in the next few days, don't worry.
  5. Welcome, Leah. About time!! You will get a lot of support here.
  6. If you have no idea, then why don't you say that first, before suggesting I spend too much money. I have explained why I go with reliability above inexpensive. I don't know why I even started this thread. The donations made this week will cover the costs for the next two months, then I will likely close down the site. I have too much else going on to deal with this bickering.
  7. I had the forums hosted by others for a number of years. We were shut down when Twi made complaints. This happened, I believe, twice. So the solution was to have my own server. And then we wouldn't be shut down. I covered the costs out of my own pocket up until a few years back. I moved from a physical server to a virtual server a number of years ago to reduce costs. Donations are completely voluntary, you are under no obligation to donate. I chose the most reliable companies, not the cheapest so there would be the least downtime. Companies like SiteGround are great, but they can shut you down. I have to ensure that the site can't get shut down. I've used PHPBB and I've found that Invision is more robust and have better support when you need it.
  8. Hi there, I used to be able to absorb the costs of this site. Things have changed unfortunately. It costs me about $1200.00 annually. This year, I have received just under $200.00 lf you can afford a donation, it would be much appreciated. It is not required in any way to use this site. I appreciate all the support in past years, I really do. The donate button is on every page, upper left. Thanks.
  9. Rocky, it is up to date for July 17
  10. I could still use some more funding.
  11. Yes Grace you did it correctly, thank you. I usually send an email, but I was sick for a while and got behind on my duties. I appreciate the generosity, The site has been paid through July, including the renewal for the forum licence.
  12. As you can tell, the forums are updated thanks to the tireless work by greasytech. We ran into more than a few problems, but he got it all solved! For the time being, the document section is unavailable. The software doesn't work as it is outdated. That will be the next project. I don't have an ETA. But will keep you updated.
  13. The upgrade has been slow to implement. I finally have moved the site to the new server. Today I am upgrading the forum software. So please save any posts that you have made since midnight. And if you post today, copy that also. I took a copy of the site around midnight eastern time. The document part of the site is problematic. I will work on that after the forums. I apologize for the delay, transferring a web server is not something that I have done before. Since I haven't upgraded the software in a number of year, it is more difficult. I will keep you posted on the progress. Thanks again for all the generous support!
  14. She knows that she is welcome. I am going to add her as a member, so that she can speak for herself. Penworks, thanks for your help!!! Spanish Inquisition!!! I love it.
  15. "Just the Facts" is on the Front Page of GS click here
  16. pawtucket

    Jim Martin

    Jim RIP I haven't talked to him in many years. When Greasespot was first started, he was doing a mailing list. He fought the good fight for people trying to escape from TWI. We were involved in a project to put up a billboard in New Knoxville. Someone Graffittied within hours after it was put up.
  17. pawtucket

    Fred Calfior

    I am helping with putting together some research about a suicide in Traverse City, MI in December, 1984. We would love anyone that lived in that area at that time that knows anything about it, to send me an email at pawtucket@greasespotcafe.com. The man that committed suicide was David Fear, married and Father of two. I appreciate any info you are able to provide and will be kept in the strictest confidence.
  18. 15 Years!!!! Hi Everybody, I went out to get a paper and some cigarettes..... I have been active behind the scenes trying to help some people that needed some answers.
  19. I know that I haven't been around much in the past year. I want to thank folks for keeping things going in my absence. Hap, Wordwolf, and Kit among others have been amazing in keeping me updated on the happenings of the forum. I had a number of personal things to attend to, including my brother Joe and his health. This week he finally received his double lung transplant. I wrote about it in the prayer forum if you would like details. Google cancelled our advertising revenue, they won't give me any details. I have been looking for alternative means of funding. I totally missed this year's anniversary, sorry about that. Two members (That I know of) of Greasespot have books completed, once I have more details, I will pass them on. There is a TV series coming out about Cults. I will post more when I have the info. I have a radio show, which I enjoy tremendously -- a life's dream. Working on an internet radio station project.
  20. comfortablydumb and damurf, you are good to go

  21. <iframe width="420" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/wzShq84xb0E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  22. pawtucket

    The Wandas

    Oh and this was the song that I kept hearing the tail end.<iframe width="420" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/wzShq84xb0E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
  23. pawtucket

    The Wandas

    About a year ago or so, I kept hearing the tail end of a song on the local FM station. It had a great hook but the dang DJ never said who it was at the end. I was driving each time and never remembered to call the station. A few months later, one of my High School Classmates called and asked me if I could get a band some airplay on the station where I do a show. Well it was the band that his son's best friend played in. I said sure, get me in contact with them. I emailed the lead singer and he mailed me a copy of their CD. I waited until I was driving to work to play it the next day. This was a great CD, very "Beatlesque" And then that song that I kept hearing the tail end of started playing!! I think I listened to it 50 times that week. I got in contact with one of the DJ's that does a very popular show in the evenings, she fell in love with the CD, hooked them up and they were on in a few weeks. I got to know all the guys in the band through facebook and emails. They sent me some songs that they were planning for their new album that they recorded last december. The CD was finally released this week. I went to see them in July at a club that is owned by one of the guys relatives. Although we had never met face to face, we knew each other right away. They did originals and covers, it was a very fun night. At the end of the show, I was talking to Keith Lead Singer and Ross the Bass player. I asked them what they thought of being guest DJ's on my show. They loved the idea. So they each put together 10 songs and recorded intros for them. I played the show a few weeks ago, it was a blast. Then last saturday, I went to see them and took my niece with me, she was feeling down, her dad isn't too well. Of course each of the guys come up and say Hi and I introduce them to her. She was amazed, "you know these guys?" "They are so dreamy" " I've never met anyone in a band before" It was a great gig, a little late for me, didn't get home until 3:30 in the morning. But Keith gave her the new CD and she was in heaven. Anyway, if you get a chance, check them out here They are going on tour next week, so if you want to hear some great new music, check out their tour schedule and see them if they are nearby. Okay that's my plug for the year. Thanks and now back to regularly scheduled programming.
  24. Very cool. I wish you both the very best and many years together. Groucho, I hope you are taking on Matrix as your middle name!!!
  25. I have started a Greasespot Cafe Facebook Page, accept no imitations. A few of you have started pages which is fine and dandy. I thought this would be a good time to officially tie into Facebook. (I was holding out for a Google+ page, but they are too fricking slow) Here is the link. http://www.facebook.com/pages/GreaseSpot-Cafe/186685141397036
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