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easy gift

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I'm making a throw for my daughter in law for Christmas -- And I got to thinking what a ridiculously easy pattern this is so I thought I'd share. By picking four different weights and textures of yarn it makes the throw look very high end

You'll need

one circular size 11 knitting needle

470 yds color A a standard 4 ply or light weight home spun

470 yds color B a bulky yarn

240 yds color C a thin yarn, or ribbon, or cord

240 yds color D mohair , fake mohair or fun fur

Cast on four stitches- knit each row as follows ( no purl)

At the beginning of each of the following rows increase one stitch breaking off and attaching new color as indicated

12 rows color A 16 stitches

12 rows color B 28 stitches

12 rows color C 40 stitches

12 rows color A 52 stitches

12 rows color B 64 stitches

12 rows color D 76 stitches

9 rows color A 85 stitches

9 rows color B 94 stitches

9 rows color C 103 stitches

9 rows color A 112 stitches

9 rows color B 121 stitches

9 rows color D 130 stitches

6 rows color A 136 stitches

6 rows color B 142 stitches

6 rows color C 148 stitches

6 rows color A 154 stitches

6 rows color B 160 stitches

6 rows color D 166 stitches

Now knit 4 rows color A with no increases

then decrease one stitch each row in reverse order and number ( D,B,A, C, B, A) and (6,9,12)

cast off on the last four stitches

With remaning yarn make four tassels and attach one to each end and at the edge of the 4 rows of color A in the middle.

Weave in loose ends at the end of each color change.

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Hey there Mo --- sounds tedious!!!!!! :unsure:

How long does that take to do, and how big is the throw once your done??

My ex used to knit, weave, spin, all that stuff. Like I said --- tedious! ;)

But at least you had a finished product once you were done. :)

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Thanks for the pattern and the idea.

It must be so beautiful!!!

Everyone soooo treasures these homemade with LOVE Gifts!!!

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I made my kids a rock,painted a solid color with JESUS. (on it)we are not church going people but now

they are all grown up and they all still have those rocks on there desk,shelf and I think it is cool!

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I so admire people like you who have such talent, patience and perseverance. My mom and aunt were both into knitting and I have several hand knit sweaters that will probably last forever that they made, my favorite a false turtleneck with a cable stitch in front made of the nicest purple mohair.


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post-1257-1222717763_thumb.jpgTemplelady, I had to sign on and comment!!!!!!!! I love to knit. I have made MANY scarfs for people. Here are 4 scarves I made 2 years ago being proudly worn by sisters, mom & me.

Hats for preemies and newborn babies for the Hospital, etc. Currently, I am knitting with Caron yarn (glimmer, I think it is called). Caron had a free pattern with the yarn, called Bias Scarf. At first it required concentration, but know I am breezing right along. I will try to post a pic when I am done.

I think your pattern is great also. I have TONS of different types of yarn, so I could make one.

Last Christmas (I love to say CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!) I felted a purse for my sister-n-law. She loved it so much she taught herself to knit!!!!

Each Tuesday, Baby and I go to a knitting circle. He is now 16 months old and he puts on a show for those ladies. Then some of us go out to eat.

Today a customer of ours (thanks to one of my knitting ladies) was at the shop. Hubby introduced Baby and me to him. Baby Isaiah smiled and made funny faces and blew him a kiss. Now he understands why the ladies love him so.

Anyway, thanks for brightening my day!!!!!!

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