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  1. Still those blue and white tents at outdoor music festivals remind me of ROA. 

  2. I no longer feel at home in the catholic church(other than being raised that way)I like the cermoney of mass(but when it comes to saints and mary worship I just stand there and don't agree!) I like empty catholic churches because I guess that brings me back to some childhood meaning . But I found a church I like now,and I keep it simple and still love the Lord. It takes awhile to get where you want to be and when you get there,it is Freedom.
  3. Yes. That is Me. aka Cheranne facebook.com/1cheranne
  4. I have not had any association with The Way Biblical Research and Teaching Ministry since 1978; this was an organization whose members supported my campaign and several others during that election cycle. Nuff said.
  5. Cult Memoirist – Cyndee Mills Speaks « M. E. Anders: Fit Mystique http://wp.me/p1gAw0-iC
  6. I did miss alot of people,but glad to be free.
  7. I agree,what is gonna happen to all the years of peoples writings?
  8. Days Inn is where I stay,
  9. thank ya'll for helping others to heal. See you on Facebook or the other side. Peace!
  10. Me too. I will forever be an Advocate for the Awareness of Cults.
  11. I never looked at Weirwilles death like that but it indeed was Toxic faith!
  12. Just another Cult Leader to me. 1 size fits all LIARS.
  13. Well..Good bye Yellow Brick Road! There is No Place Like Home!
  14. Bumping this up for Christmas Time!
  15. I don't think so. The Way International claims to be a Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry dedicated to MORE? :nono5: :nono5: :nono5: Answered - 30 days ago at 11:31pm on Nov 01 2010 from www.theway.org :confused:
  16. www.chacha.com/.../what-is-one-way-cults-promote-conformi... Did you notice that theway.org answered that question!
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