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  1. Wow...I didn't get that from that quote at all. Are you really forgiving someone if you are just thinking of yourself? That is more of being on an ego trip than forgiveness, isn't it? If you are truly forgiving someone, aren't you supposed to be doing it for them, in spite of what they did? That is my understanding, anyway. You do prevent their behavior from destroying your heart if you truly forgive.
  2. I wasn't thinking from a doctrinal perspective when I made my post. I do like your point, though. Their behavior is certainly destroying their heart. I am of the opinion that you can also let their behavior destroy your heart if you allow it, hence bitterness, anger, and mistrust of people in general as a result of mistreatment in the past. From your statement you seem to imply that you do not let the results ot their actions get into your head and sour your outlook on life. That is a good way to live, and I attempt to live that way, also. However, if I ever find that I need to have to have a
  3. Something that I read that is pertinent....."Forgiveness doesn't excuse their behavior. Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart.":
  4. I have been to the Crystal Cathedral, although not when services were being held. The doors to the cathedral itself were locked at that time, but the out buildings containing the giftshop, bathrooms, etc were open. I didn't see any overt security personnel.
  5. True story. My brother was in Scotland and decided to attend a church service. He enterd a church and sat down to listen to the service. One of the ushers asked him to leave because he didn't belong to that church.
  6. (Christianity is such a funny strange religion as practiced by so many throughout history - here a guy says He's come to draw all near, challenges exclusivity both culturally and socially, champions for the weak and sick who pretty much get screwed coming and going, respects children, women, talks to tax collectors for God's sake and even gives the wealthy a break - basically runs a shop that caters to anyone anytime.....and then ends up with followers who spend most of their time figuring out ways to exclude anyone they can lest I dunno, someone get a seat at the Heavenly Banquet that isn't d
  7. With apologies to Johnny Cash.......... TWI, you've been livin' hell to me You've hosted me since nineteen seventy-five I've seen 'em come and go and I've seen them die And long ago I stopped askin' why TWI, I hate every inch of you. You've cut me and have scarred me thru an' thru. But I walked out a wiser stronger man; Mister Martindale why can't you understand. TWI, what good do you think you do? Do you think I'll be different when you're through? You bent peoples' hearts and minds and you warped their soul, And your BRC walls turn my blood a little cold. TWI, may you rot and bu
  8. Don't know how similar my situation was to yours, but after my Way wife and I divorced, and I started dating again, I adhered to a policy of openess about my former Way association. I didn't have any problems from it. I am married again, ironically to a relative of a famous evangelist. Even she understands that the old can be cast away.
  9. I am going to wish everyone.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A whole lot better than what they tried to get us to say (happy household holidays).
  10. By opening this site I think Paw did more good for more people than the Way ever did. Although I had learned about the abuse from one of the victims, I was able to get a better grasp of how pervasive the evil really was after joining Greasespot. My attitude grew from being glad I left and got on with my life to being glad for the others who left and hoping they are able to get on with their lives. I wish everyone well and hope your lives are filled with love, joy and happiness.
  11. I was on the way back from a showing of that movie where Martindale danced. I realized that the Way had become a big waste of time. I did not attend ministry functions above local level after that. I still continued with the local fellowship until I heard about the womanizing among the leadership. I had only stayed with the Way because I thought that was where I could learn about God. When I realized it was a sham, I was gone. I didn't have second thoughts.
  12. I can recall only one bad experience with anyone higher on the tree than "Twig Leader". Other than that, it was all "Joe Blow Believer" acting like they were more spiritual than others. I believe that thinking we were learning the Bible as it had not been taught since the first century made the average Wayfer arrogant. Anyone still think they are "tuned into God"? Realizing you were played for a fool is humbling isn't it?
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