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A Good Lesson for Humans

Linda Z

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What a cool story. I'm glad that Bella lives where stray dogs can find a new life, not as shark bait. There is another lesson, rescued animals are among the most loyal there are the have been given a second chance at life and I believe that they know it. They never forget any kindness toward them if you are a human or an elephant ,and will be a friend for life.

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I'm glad you all enjoyed it. Elephants are intelligent and loyal creatures, as are dogs, so I can see how Bella and Tarra bonded. [My apologies to Tarra...I've been spelling her name wrong.] :rolleyes:

If you ever get a chance to see the PBS documentary on the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee, watch it. You'll be glad you did. It's very, very moving. There are some other excellent YouTube clips on that place, but none are as good as that documentary.

One thing that happens in the documentary is a reunion between two elephants, Jenny and Shirley (you gotta love these names) that had been in the same circus 22 years earlier. It was obvious how happy they were to see each other. And there's another scene where the caretaker of an elephant (can't remember where the elephant was previously, but I think it was a circus) cries tears of joy to see his elephant finally released from her shackles to freedom. Great stuff.

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