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Pinnacle's "Dazzle" DVR recorder

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A couple of years a go, we bought a "Dazzle" DVR recorder by Pinnacle, in order to convert old VHS tapes to DVRs. We didn't use it then, but now I need to transfer some clips to a DVD for a science presentation at our mall in early November. I hoked up the Dazzle to my VHS and to my computer and ran the installation disc. It won't operate*, and it doesn't come with an instruction manual (paper or on the CD). It says it's for Windows XP or Vista. I would think that it would run on Windows 7, but it won't operate even in "compatability mode." There does not seem to be a driver for this item.

Any ideas? Has anyone here used a Dazzle?


* the wizard runs, but I can't record anything.

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I've never used it, but Pinnacle has their own website, with some downloads,

FAQs and Forums that might be of use to you.


The instruction manual and patches for some products are here.

If the machine is really old, it might be here:


FAQs are here:


And the other users are on their forums here:


I'd figure the answer's probably there somewhere. If not, there's customer

support info to contact the company.

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