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I'm not clear what your point is then. I don't think I'm much older than anyone here. I thought the whole point of this game was to stir memories ,and realize-'oh yeah-I do remember that show !' I'm

it was Combat-on Tuesdays before McHales Navy on ABC.I don't have a fresh show handy at the moment, and off for the day. anyone may jump in.

I'm glad someone else had heard of it. He could have dropped the name and I still wouldn't have gotten close.

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1 hour ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

I'll take Obscure Game Shows for 1000, Alex. :rolleyes:


Some of these are not that obscure.  If we had a UK player right now, I'm confident they would have jumped on "A", since it's a current show that's been around for more than a decade.  Another show aired in the US across a few DECADES.    Another was popular enough to have international versionS. 

BTW, in case it wasn't clear, I meant that the video game one's correct answer is EITHER the original show OR ANY of its spinoffs. 

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4 hours ago, Raf said:

Well, E. Is the $1.98 Beauty Pageant.

The rest escape me

"You win the prize!  You take the cake!

You get the crown, and a dollar ninety-eight!

You ring the bell!  You hit the spot!  In other words, we like what you got!

We like your style!   You have such grace!   We love your smile, and just look at that face! Your dream came true, and may your shining star!  Stay with you, whatever you do! Wherever you are!"

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On 10/14/2019 at 3:44 PM, WordWolf said:

Here's the answers.


A) This British game show is not about people giving technically correct answers.  It is far more concerned that the answers not be cliched (while being wrong)  and that the answers given be INTERESTING.  So, interesting trivia is worth points even if it did nothing to answer the question.   Cliches are punished with a foghorn/ klaxon-like sound while the monitors behind the players displays the cliche.   Returning players who are predictable while being wrong can lose points quite easily.  (My favorite example....One comedienne was fond of making jokes at her own expense.  "What was The Great Disappointment?"  Comedienne: "Have you been talking to my husband?"   *KLAXON*  *the sentence "Have you been talking to my husband?"  appeared on the monitors* ) Players are comedians, actors, and minor celebrities, occasionally including a PhD whose known in the UK. 

QI is short for "Quite Interesting."  Trivia fans should watch it.  In the UK, it's probably quite well known.

B) This British game show pits families against each other in attempts to answer more questions, and outscore all other families, to win a prize like a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. 

"Britain's Brightest Families."

C) This US game show pit children against each other, answering incredibly difficult questions.  An eidetic memory was quite useful.  Neil Patrick Harris hosted this one.  Each episode had 2 teams of 3 kids pitted against each other, with the kids getting to name their team. 

"Genius Junior."

D)  This US game show from decades ago was the only game show that was set in Oahu, and was the only game show filmed entirely on location in Hawaii.  It was hosted by Bob Eubanks and the theme song was composed by Alan Thicke.  The location is obvious when watching it- because it was Hawaii- themed.

"DIAMOND HEAD."  (The Diamond Head Game Show.)  I really think I'm the only one who remembers it who wasn't crew or something.

E) This "game show" was hosted by Rip Taylor.  It used a lot of the crew from "the Gong Show" and was a takeoff on beauty pageants.  The winner received a very small prize. She walked the runway as a winner, while Rip Taylor serenaded her in a takeoff of Bert Parks, then used a change-holder on his belt to dispense her winnings.  If you remember the show, you remember how much she won.

As Raf said, "the 1.98 Beauty Show."

F) This short-lived TV show was based on a party game.  The singer, Adam Wade, was the host- making him the first African-American game show host in the US.   A number of singers and singing groups appeared in this show's run.   When the singer stopped singing their song, a contestant had to ring in and identify the next line from the options offered.    The theme song was sung by the host. 

"Musical Chairs."  I can still hear the theme song in my head, decades later.  (Some of it, with "musical chairs" in the lyrics.)


G) Celebrities were put on the spot with someone who was close to them, usually a Significant Other.   The audience was divided by color-  red, blue, or banana,  and rooted for one celebrity "couple" to win-  because that section would split the winnings.   The logo for the show contained an enormous letter "T". 

"Tattle Tales."

H)  This show had 2 hosts- Bill Anderson and Sarah Purcell.  It pitted 6 male contestants against 6 female contestants.    The US version aired from 1977 to 1978 originally. 

"The Better Sex."  I can definitely hear the entire theme song in my head, with all the scatted lyrics."

I) This show aired from 1969 to 1973 in its original run.  It had a number of international versions.   First Jack Kelly, then Joe Garagiola hosted this show.   It was a general knowledge show.  Players answered questions for points.  Periodically, an item was offered.  Players had the option of "buying" them (to keep no matter what)  in exchange for a certain amount removed from their score to  "pay for it."  About a decade ago, an attempt at a revival was made- but this show was called "Temptation."

"SALE OF THE CENTURY."   That should ring a bell for everyone.


J) The opening animation of this game show was accompanied by the following, with music in the background:  "Close Calls! Na-a-a-a-rrow Escapes!   Split-second Decisions!   And $25,000 in cash!    A combination guaranteed to make you say... "     The final season of this show included celebrities, which added the word "celebrity" to the title.  The show's infamous 'gauntlet of villains' was composed of-  Alphonse the Gangster,  Bruno the Headsman,  Mr. Van Louse the Landlord,  Nero the Fiddler,  Count Nibbleneck the Vampire,  Frank and his little friend Stein ,Kid Rotten the Gunslinger,  Jeremy Swash the Pirate, Dr. Deranged the Mad Scientist,  Lucretia the Witch. 

"WHEW!"  and "Celebrity WHEW!"    I really liked this show when it aired.


K) This show featured a panel of SIX celebrities, and contestants had to "capture" one based on whether or not they agreed or disagreed with the celebrity's answer.   Whenever I heard the title, I thought of a defunct SF TV show, and later, a minor Marvel superhero made me think of this then-defunct show.

"BATTLE STARS."   No relation to "Battlestar Galactica", no relation to Lemar Hoskins,  known briefly as "Bucky" then publickly as "Battlestar,", partner to John Walker, then the Captain America,  before working for the government in Freedom Force.

L) This TV show featured contestants competing to outscore each other in an arcade game (different games each episode).  It was the first TV show to do so, but I'll accept as correct any of the copycat show names, instead (they're all pretty obscure.)

"STARCADE." And its copycats, 'Video Power," "Nick Arcade" and "Arena."

M)  This US show included 30 different packages.  A  contestant got to pick one.  The box was brought down, and the contents of the attached envelope (money)  were given to the contestant.  If they wished, they could trade that for whatever prize was 'in" the box.  Possibilities included a "klunk" (something worthless), a trip somewhere, a car, an appliance, and so on.    Upon their decision, the show went into a little skit, where the host took us on a little trip to revealing what was in the box (often leading to something worthless that in turn led to an actual good prize.)   If the Grand Prize was not selected,  then the end of the show included someone from security being brought in, confirming it was placed before the show began, then revealing which box held the $25,000 check.

"Treasure Hunt."  This should also ring a bell.


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The main character's original outfit was brown, grey and white.

In early episodes, the lead actor wore glasses with no lenses in them. As the series progressed, he really needed the glasses, so he wore his own on the set. Sometimes a reflection of the stage lights could be seen in his glasses.

The female lead was recast after the first season. She and her replacement were equally well known for the role for decades afterward.

"I Love Lucy" apparently takes place in the same fictional universe as this series.

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"The Adventures of Superman"

In black-and-white, there was no need to have Superman's actual red, blue, and yellow costume.  When they started filming in color, obviously they re-did the costume.

Phyllis Coates and Noel Neill are well-known Lois Lanes.

And Superman did appear on an episode of "I Love Lucy."


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In a semi-spinoff, the main character of this show first appeared on an episode of Charlie's Angels, as a friend of Charlie and Bosley.

Although the main character's girlfriends are all supposedly older than he, the actor portraying him was actually older than the women.  In fact, his boyish good looks almost lost him the part, as the producers thought he wouldn't be taken for 25 (he was 31).

In the pilot episode, Greg Morris' Lieutenant Nelson was named "George". When he returned for the series, he was named "David or Dave".


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The mob put a hit on the producer of this show, well known for a comedic acting role, but his life was spared when he never showed up where he was expected. The order was later rescinded when they realized it would have caused more trouble than it was worth.

Except for actual historical figures, none of the bad guys are Italian.

The main character is portrayed as an FBI agent, though he is based on a real person who worked for a different agency. A fellow agent on the show was Italian, because the producers really wanted people to know the show was not anti-Italian, so they made one of the good guys Italian. The actor who played him was of Greek heritage. 

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At least 2 characters that have appeared in this series have had some name shuffles.  Jeff Hodgkins became Jeff Difford.  Roy Farrow became Wayne Farrow.  We were also previously told someone lived in a trailer, but they rather obviously live in a house.  Elon Musk appeared as himself.

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At least 2 characters that have appeared in this series have had some name shuffles.  Jeff Hodgkins became Jeff Difford.  Roy Farrow became Wayne Farrow.  We were also previously told someone lived in a trailer, but they rather obviously live in a house.  Elon Musk appeared as himself.

One season's finale included a VERY noticeable nod to a then-ended series. I appreciated that the props department included a Super Nintendo controller, Mrs Wolf appreciated that they duplicated a piece of the set.

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2 hours ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

The Big Bang Theory?



Well, technically, you didn't give the right answer, but I'll give it to you anyway.  The show was "YOUNG SHELDON." The ended series was BBT.     Season 2 ended with Sheldon feeling like he'd be forever alone, without people.   Then we saw a brief montage of the BBT gang at that moment in their lives- Leonard awake and following the Nobel broadcast also ("Leonard, dear, you should be in bed.")  Penny asleep with the softball gear in her room and "Penny" on the wall for the slow people, Raj awake with a telescope, reading,  Howard in his old room, with a magic set in one corner, playing a SNES ("Howard, turn off that **** game and go to sleep!")  Bernadette asleep with her pageant trophies and microscope,   Amy reading "Little House on the Prairie" by flashlight.    It was a nice way to end the season. 

This series does reshuffle some minor characters' names.  Also, in BBT, Sheldon claimed once that he was sick in Germany (or Austria?)  when his Mom returned home because the house had fallen off the wheels and she had to help Dad fix it-  but in "Young Sheldon", they definitely lived in a house. 

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I forgot the Elon Musk appeared in a "flash-forward" on YS, stealing one of Sheldon's early ideas.

And, yes, the "you-are-not-alone" ending at the end of last season was cute.  (Howard's mom screaming at him from off-stage was a nice touch.)

Let me cogitate for a while.


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