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What does one do with a practically unlimited.. amount of Tomatos..


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The current count is over twenty-five gallons of pure, tomato bliss.

and they all were free.. well. except for the cost for natural gas, boiling the said miscreants..

Now I have about twenty pounds or rapidly maturing miniature tomatoes. I plan on converting them to juice. but there is only about a gallon and a half that I can accommodate in jars.

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that is the Last Resort.


I like the idea of expending a little energy, if necessary. Cook the little varmints.. put them in jars.. and the deed is done. No further energy or technology necessary to keep them frozen, or whateve..

drying is a good idea, but the Michigan sun is not entirely cooperating at the moment.

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Pasturized....Isn't that what you call a cow that's escaped the barn?

How amoozing.


Seriously, Costco and Walmart both have drying apparatuses inexpensive. As long as you have electricity. I like them because I don't need to add all the chemicals and sugar in commercially dried products.

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