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EB stowe painting for sale

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In 2009, GSC member Onion Eater started this thread in the Open forum. When I searched (DuckDuckGo) for EB Stowe, one of the results on the first page was a link to that thread in Open. That's probably where susieV learned about this website.

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My internal (GSC) search for him gave me only that thread as well.  (I was wondering if he was some ex-member who had done art and was known to some people but not to me, as had happened before with Dave Arnes0n.  I still find no connection to twi or ex-twi with this artist.  Something like 1/2 the posts on that thread were by people who didn't post here before or after that, on any other thread.   That made it look like this was completely unrelated (especially since he put it in "Open", the most off-topic forum), but I wanted to allow for the possibility I missed something.    Then this thread came along in the "hello, my name is.." forum and was remarkably curt.  It looked to me like an advertisement.  So, I gave the benefit of the doubt and posed the question.  If the original poster ever replies, perhaps I will learn something.  (Or not.)


(Oddly enough, StartPage searches don't pop that thread up in the first few pages of results, so it's likely the OP used DDG to find us.)

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58 minutes ago, OnionEater said:

Hi Rocky - Nothing I know about. I have one of his paintings and was just looking for info on it's value.


Which suggests that WW was reasonable to surmise that susieV's post was simply an advertisement.

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If this was not any form of advertisement, then there's some connection with twi or ex-twi groups with the subject, or at the very least with the original poster.

So, since you say this was not, either there's a connection to twi or ex-twi groups with the artist or yourself. 

Therefore, I ask.

Who is E.B. Stowe, and what is his connection with twi or ex-twi groups?   Or was the connection with twi or ex-twi groups with yourself?

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On 10/21/2018 at 8:32 PM, susieV said:

No, this is not advertisement. A few years back a couple people on here were interested in buying E.B. Stowe’s painting. I put this out here hoping to find them as he was a well know central Florida artist. 

Actually no, one of our fellow GSC members had one of Stowe's paintings that he wanted to figure out what the possible sale value might be so he could sell the one he had. That's the only reference on this site to any interest in Mr. Stowe.

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On 10/22/2018 at 12:39 AM, WordWolf said:

If this was not any form of advertisement

It sure looks like an advertisement to me.  Observe this line:

On 10/20/2018 at 12:27 PM, susieV said:

Serious buyers only.

That's obviously NOT a search for the one person that had a question about Stowe.

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