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Ravi Zacharias' destructive abuses/cover up exposed (remarkable similarities to vpw et al in some ways)

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WOW!!! This fellow is a Truth Teller! The first 8 minutes are worth listening to IMHO- 1 Timothy 5:20 "...rebuke in the presence of all"=all who honored, were associated with him. "So what if he is dead (as of 5/20/20)? What in the world is the Holocaust Museum about? Hitler died (but his victims still suffered and some still suffer)."

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Thanks for posting that, Annio.

I read about this stuff in a CNN article February of 2021.

I’ve watched about 6 minutes of it just now but will get back to this later since I have a lot of errands to run today.

It’s a shame the Internet wasn’t around in wierwille’s heyday…

Thank God for Grease Spot Café and the Me Too Movement that pulls back the curtain to expose $hit like this!

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I read about him in the Church Times (an Anglican newspaper) some weeks ago.  sad.  Same sh1t, different faces.  

I'll check out the video later.

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"We want to help the victims of Ravi's abuse, and we want to thoroughly understand what has taken place in our organization so that we can do everything we can to make sure nothing like this happens again," the board statement said.

Seems like they need to shut that whole thing down.

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13 hours ago, Rocky said:

so that we can do everything we can to make sure nothing like this happens again

Would be good if they can keep their own organisation clean.  The UK branch of Zacharias's organisation has already distanced itself and has adopted a new name.

However, I think there will always be predators - this abusive culture isn't new, and has been going on centuries (millennia?) and will continue for more centuries.

I follow with suspicion a cult in a remote South Island of New Zealand area, and rejoice every time there is a family that escapes.  It's in many ways like the communal culture of TWI, mixed with forced "kibbutz" type living.  The people choose to live there - but it's a choice with no alternatives.  They've little idea of life outside their cult.  And yes, there is sexual abuse as well as spiritual abuse.

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