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Woke my computer up this morning to find it had more than its usual grumps.

It's decided to offer me Windows 11.  Quicker for games!  More, new, games! (yeah, but I don't play games on mine).

I don't see any advantage to me for Win11 but wondered what others thought (if they've tried it).  All I could do with is a quicker, less jerky, use of Facebook, which causes lots of slow and jerky scrolling.  And the New Tab thing can be slow to kick into action.

Thoughts, anyone?

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I don't have experience with this specific O/S.  However, my general policy is to keep the computer's original O/S updated, and save the change of O/S for when I change PC's, and get the next version of Windows installed on a machine where it's supposed to work with everything that's installed, and with the hardware of that PC.

And if we find out we can't use the old PC with its older Windows, that's a good time to install Ubuntu on it.  We need one PC running Windows here, but the rest can manage with Linux.  Most of their use would be a handful of programs, all of which Linux has a version.

So, I'd keep my Windows 10 updated as long as possible if I were you.

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