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Where has God took you since you left the Way

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?Where has God took you since you left the Way?

What are doing with your life??

Lots of places; overseas and back stateside again. Sometimes we have done fellowships in our home; sometimes we have not. Pretty much the same as when we were still ?in? the Way Ministry. Only now we don?t get Sunday Night Service Tapes and we make no thought toward attending Limb meetings / corpse recruitment nights. Before we would actually think about attending and if I was not otherwise employed by the US Navy, I would even go to the annual corpse recruitment events (limb Meetings).

What am I doing with my life? Wow, my parents want an answer to that question as well. When will I grow up? When will I begin a reputable career? And stop living off of the government? These are questions I hear anytime I speak with either of my parents.

Right now I goof around fixing things in the apartments of my renters. Sometimes we host BBQs and invite our renter?s families.

I attend training sessions to maintain our foster-care license. Bonnie and I attend 2 different monthly support groups for fostering (one for ?normal? fostering and one for the ADHD, ODD, RAD, FAS, abused and abusive children). I attend school functions and PTA junk for my 3 foster children (P/T meetings, IEPs). I respond to the schools each time the foster children get in ?act up?. I take them to: their semi-annual dental appointments and medical check-ups, their weekly shrink-therapist sessions, and monthly visitations with social workers. They are raising rabbits as a 4-H project, so I end up over-seeing that.

I Homeschool our 13 year old (he wants to start college next year, but we are trying to convince him to wait 1 more year).

I try to be understanding and helpful to our 18 year old, as he is finishing his A.S. and faces life?s options before him.

Last summer we all spent at least one day every week sailing on a river nearby. I take the kids on trips and we see the local museums and sites of interest. We just got a motor-home to start taking the tribe out on weekend trips; and hopefully next spring take them on week long site-seeing trips.

I make occasional road trips on my ?82 Gold-Wing, I do like the way it feels (I went up to Mass for a CES advance a couple weeks ago, and I had a ball). I made a few week-long trips this past fall, up to Maine, shopping for a new home, perhaps a site to build a vacation home on.

?Where has God taken me? And What is He doing with my life??

Many places. We are working at me giving back to this next generation to help some of them become adults. While I come to terms with the things that I have done in the Navy.

It has been a couple years now since we last ran a PFAL class. We did run ?Harmonizing-the-Gospels? about a year ago (I even posted a review following each session here on Greasespot Café), we enjoyed that.

We usually do ?Tending-a-garden-with-God? every spring.

We listen to tapes from a dear friend?s ministry in San Diego every week, and sometimes the tapes from CES.

Galen Young

University of Life Alumni

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i am recently out and getting out got ugly

but it is SO GOOD to have nothing to do with TWI

they messed up 20 plus years of my life

way corps II? F 'em! the worthless bastards

that includes a lot of you that have gotten out. i haven't forgotten you

are you in?

get out! get out! get out! NOW

God will be there for you big time.

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I honestly thought God got me into The Way.

I do not think I want to think or thank God has taken me anywhere else after I left The Way.

I stand responsible for my own decisions unless God did it.

AND THAT'S ONE ULTIMATE DISCLAIMER (fine print: the devil made me do it, other than that, I did it.)

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Rags my friend,

Glad you are out. Now you can breath and think the thoughts you care to think when you care to think them!

It's inspiring to think of the possibilities. No more doubts, fears and worries. No more... oh no what will happen if I leave? Will God abandon me? Will I become unhealthy? Will my children be safe? Will my life end up in the toilet???

Life has become marvelous since leaving. My future is mine... no more to be bogged down with 'meetings' and hard-hearted a$$holes!

And best of all you don't have to listen to phrases such as...'Is it available?' and 'Where was your believing?'

Life is beautiful!

'til the next time...

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Rags, congratulations on your escape! How recently was this? You said things "got ugly". If you would be so kind, please explain what you meant by "ugly". Whatever happened to the "kinder, gentler Way?" Probably extinct, along with the dinosaurs and "the Prevailing Word"...LOL...

Where has God taken me since I left The Way (some 6 odd years ago)? That's a hard question to answer. Sometimes, I think nowhere at all. Sometimes when I think of my escape, I feel like a German Jew who has just made it across the border into Switzerland. I'm still leaning against a rock, trying to catch my breath, waiting for my heart to stop palpatating. Meanwhile, all I can think is that I'll NEVER put myself in the position to be treated like that by ANYONE again. Before I got involved with The Way, I had learned by experience to be wary of "Christians in groups". After my stint of being abused and manipulated by The Way, I've wholeheartedly renewed that operating procedure. I don't trust ANYBODY who claims they speak for God anymore. NOBODY!

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Well CC, things got ugly in a kinder gentler way but believe me it was just as hardhearted and thickheaded on twi's part. I was hoping to maintain some friendships......

TWI is afraid to say and do what is really "on their heart". Instead they (waycorps)"guided" people into marking and avoiding us after telling us that they respected our decision and blah blah blah blah. They are very very careful to protect their aspiring leadership.

You see, I made the mistake of being honest with TWI even to the point of telling them my concerns about allegations made on the internet.

They are very ugly people. They don't care about people who are not "in". But the Corps doesn't have the guts to handle it themselves. I found out that they were telling people that wanted to know why I left that it was "none of their business".

I say it IS their business.

Enough, i can't talk about it anymore for some reason.

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Rags - You being honest, even with twi, was NOT wrong. It's your style. That's a good thing. In fact, that's the best thing. See, you never stooped to their level. You maintained your integrity.

I don't know a lot, but I do know that living well IS THE BEST REVENGE.

I for one am proud of you.

I've been out for about 10 years now and I can tell you that it just keeps getting better, the further away my twi experience was...

Like you, I am

B - Better

O - Off

W - Without

t - the

w - way

i - international

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Congrats to you Rags for gettin out!

As far as where God has taken me, hmmm.

Well I can't say eveywhere I've been since leaving TWI was from God, but here goes.......

From 88 to 97, got involved with CES, as in I got their tapes and literature. Attended an independant fellowship with others who subscribed to CES material. Got turned off when they were pushing Momentious. Then when they decided to have fellwoships associated with them, felt it was time sever the ties.

in 94 I started to attend a CG related fellowship since we were friends with some of the people in it. I did not agree with all their doctrines either. I went occassionally for a year before stopping altogether.

Subsctribed to LMCI (Dale Sides) tapes and literature from 96 to 2000. I hung with and fellowshipped with some friends who were really into his ministry. I like some of what he teaches, but I Don't buy into all his stuff.

Attended a CFF fellowship and listened so some of their tapes from it's inception in 96 to late 97. It was a turnoff of how they thought Wierwille was such a great MOG and they taught some erroneous doctrines of his.

in 2000 I hosted an independent fellowship for about a year before I moved.

2001 to the present, started attending a non denominational church which the wife and I really like. I don't agree with every jot an tittle they teach but we are happy with it.

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I might be the odd one out here. I'm actually in the process of leaving. So where has God taken me? Mentally, I left a while ago so that's what I can discuss.

The short version is that I spend more time with my wife and kids. Work no longer gets neglected to run off to another meeting. And I even get to see my family (brothers, sisters, etc.) more. In general, life feels more "normal." Or maybe I should just say "normal."

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