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"Too many teardrops
For one heart to be cryin'
Too many teardrops
For one heart to carry on

You're way on top now
Since you left me
You're always laughin'
Way down at me

But watch out now
I'm gonna get there
We'll be together
For just a little while

And then I'm gonna put you
Way down here
And you'll start cryin'"

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I googled "99 Tears."  That's not quite the title.  (Off by a few tears.)  It's also not surprising that you have a question about the performer.  The group has always been a bit of a mystery.


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10 hours ago, Human without the bean said:

99 Tears but the group escapes me?

*studies this answer*

Ok, Human's close enough on the title.  "96 Tears" is the correct title, this was close enough.

Human didn't include the ENTIRE name of the artist, but he included the lead singer, so that counts.

The group was "? and the Mysterians."      Human DID post " ?  "  which is correct, so I'm counting it.

(My turn, so, my discretion.) 

So, it's HUMAN'S TURN!

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