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OMG!!!!!! Check this out, its hilarious!!!

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I'm wondering if that is a real person because I commanded it to do something and it did until I told it something naughty and it let me know by shaking his finger at me.

I told him to stand on his head and it tried about four times and couldn't do it....lol

So is he real?

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The "contacting chicken" thing makes it look like you're on live webcam

with him or something.

No, that's clever programming.

They filmed him doing about a hundred or so things. If you pick one off

their list, he does it. If you pick one off the "unapproved" list

including "take off mask", the movie clip is of him shaking his finger.

I think the concept is hysterical, but the clips are funny for about 3


I think it's funnier that this is Burger King's way of saying

"have it your way"......

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Wordwolf, that may be true but at different times I've commanded the same thing just to check out what you said and he did it but did it differently each time. So whats up with that?

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Taking it as a given that you did exactly that, and he responded

exactly that way, it's easy.

They programmed more than one response to some menu items.

The program selects randomly among the options for which response is


I put in different commands that resulted in EXACTLY the same footage.

(100% identical). "Watch tv" and "take a break".

Ever play "OutSmart"? Same basic principle.

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Yeah I see the chicken caught on in the gs community and to the person who originaly shared this with us: Thanks for the wharped humor you ! You know who you are the one that makes me laugh so hard I get a gut ache and my face even hurts from the smile lines and oh those endorphins you unleash in my head. ! What came first ? The subservient chicken or the dominating hen ? Too dam funny you and anymore whacked people on sites in costumes ? icon_biggrin.gif:D--> Thanks for sharing this a few weeks ago you and gee maybe I can use the chicken outfit next Halloween ? Was the chicken in a cult ? icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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