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  1. Never "holy" enough

    Courageous post Less Than. Welcome to GreaseSpot. Breathe!
  2. My wife and I both read Charlene’s book in one day. Too compelling to put down. Excellent read.
  3. I saw you were visiting my profile recently. If you're looking for "my book", you can find it (for download) under Activity/Status Replies. (Just trying to be helpful.)

    1. JayDee
    2. spectrum49


      Welcome. It's just under (what I believe to be) the "latest reply", which I directed to T-Bone some time ago.

  4. "God has no hands but our hands"

    What a bunch of egotistical nonsense that teaching is. Total. Unequivocal. Nonsense.
  5. new poster

    Welcome annio!
  6. Revival and Restoration

    Welcome, Stillconfused.
  7. Exit Stage Left

    He knows EXACTLY why he was fired. He played the “victim” with his response.
  8. Why so Low?

    Just curious rrobs. Why is that a concern? Keeping score?
  9. Billy Graham

    I see his ministry in this regard too Twinky. Thanks again for your insight regarding BG.
  10. Billy Graham

    Very well said Twinky. Your last paragraph in particular, is taken to heart. Thanks!
  11. Billy Graham

    And none of this has anything to do with salvation. They’re “non-issues”. Whenever we come “face to face” with Jesus Christ, he’s not going to ask “ Did you believe in the Trinity, 4 crucified, are the dead alive now, dispensations, the bema, etc.” He’s gonna ask if we love him. Just as he did with Peter. Every knee will bow, whether a Trinitarian or not. In my experience most people don’t have even a little bit of understanding about the Trinity. Why it even came into existence. And it had nothing to do with “debil spurts” or “doctrines of debils”. More twi nonsense. Scholars, real scholars have taught for centuries Trinitarian doctrine. The vast majority of Christianity believe in Trinity. Are they ALL wrong? Only the narrow minded view of twi and other similar organizations have a problem with it and that’s the main reason in my view that vp pushed it so hard and why so many of his followers accepted his poorly researched and written JCING. Arrogant, egotistical, division of the body of Christ. I for one refuse to debate the subject. I can’t say it more emphatically...IT DOESN’T MATTER. As to Billy Graham’s ministry, like anyone else’s, I ask “where’s the fruit”? Countless thousands came to Jesus Christ. Jesus saves. Not Billy Graham or vp or any other minister. Call BG names, disparage him in any way. He’ll say “Yes” when Jesus asks “Do you love me”? By the way...I’m not a Trinitarian. And again, I’m not debating.
  12. Billy Graham

    At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow.
  13. Cat Woman

  14. Cat Woman

    Doesn’t matter to me. What’s the title if you don’t mind?
  15. Cat Woman

    Sorry. My misinterpretation. I thought GoldStar had written a book. I have Penworks book.