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  1. Idiom of Permission

    I totally agree that such an important topic ought to be more widely known, and yet it seems to be somewhat obscure. I emailed 3 Jewish websites and asked them about the Idiom. I've received one reply and he hadn't heard of the "official" idiom, but he did understand the basic idea. This is what he said: "I think it is closer to having been given the gift of “choice.” Yahweh does not give permission for wickedness, or for acts outside of the scientific or natural inclination for His created beings, but may not prevent bad things from occurring it if it results or accomplishes His will or plan. Yahweh from the beginning has given his “intellectual” created creatures the gift to choose (however, sometimes this choice may be very limited). He has placed into all His creatures either programmed intelligence that provides the basics for the necessities of life and reproduction (like found in most mammals) or the gift of choice, or intelligence and intellect that is not limited as can be found in the Adam-kind (man-kind) mammals." It makes sense, but I have to mull on that before coming to a conclusion. There is a Kindle book (for free) written by the same author of that document to which you refereed: "https://www.amazon.com/Said-that-which-Only-Permits-ebook/dp/B019FX575K/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1467675426&sr=1-3&keywords=troy+edwards - nav-subnav#nav-subnav." I downloaded it some ago and started to go through it. I forgot I had it, so it may be time to pick it up again. It seemed pretty good. He quotes Bullinger a half dozen times or so. I don't buy everything Bullinger says, but neither do I discount it. I liked some of those older references on the topic although none of them specifically mentioned "the Jewish idiom of permission." This could be one of those things I'll have to wait for his return before knowing for sure. There are many others, to be sure. I hope he comes soon! If I hear from any of those other Jewish sites, I'll let you know.
  2. Idiom of Permission

    I was looking for the same thing when I came across your post. I know it's 5 years old, but if you are still interested I found a web site that cites people all the way back to the 1st century. There are about 2 dozen other references. I have to look at it more, but right off hand it just might sway me towards the validity of the idiom.
  3. Who do you love?

    So as not to exacerbate my Asperger's I can no longer post here. Sorry to ruin your fun, but eventually somebody else will come along for GSC to beat up on. Bye all....
  4. Who do you love?

    I can't answer your question because I don't know where I complained about being wronged in the original post. You are asking a completely irrelevant question. Gee, what could be the call to action in a post about love and forgiveness? Oh, maybe I should love and forgive? Notice I said "I", and not you or anybody else. I don't want to start another s..t storm because I demand obedience from all.
  5. Who do you love?

    Would I rather you judged me? What a foolish question. I don't care. Do what you want. God has judged me and I'm good with that. Have you not read even one of the many time I said I don't care if you believe me or not? If not, I'll tell you right now: I don't care if you believe me, God or the man in the moon. There, now we can put that to rest (except somebody will undoubtedly bring it up again). Put what out there? I haven't put enough out there already? You guys should have plenty of ammo by now.
  6. Who do you love?

    Thanks for your well wishes, having Asperger's as opposed to waybotness. I guess having Asperger's is a lot better than being a waybot. I just hope you are right. But there is the fact you mentioned that I haven't noticed the responses have stopped (the have?) so, God forbid, maybe it is waybotness. Oh no! And to think I haven't even noticed that I keep using scripture, ever increasing scripture at that. Could that be because I don't? Check up on that and get back to me. Or not. OK, I'm done with the sarcasm. Now onto something serious: You guys are soooo way conditioned that it is impossible to carry on a decent conversation. If you can look with a clear mind, you will undoubtedly ascertain that probably 90% of the references to the way are from GSC. I seldom mention it in my posts or answers. GSC seems to think that if someone doesn't fall in line with GSC that it has to be because of the way. There are other reasons. Bitter coloured glasses comes to mind. I left the way (I was on staff) a long time before anybody here after the scandal and I've not been to one fellowship since. You guys say stuff about which you know nothing. That doesn't reflect well, but I guess you were hurt pretty bad after having put your faith in a man instead of God. I understand the damage is done, but it's not too late for you to change though.
  7. Who do you love?

    Mandated? Really? What part did I make mandatory? To be clear, you don't have to believe one single word I say. Never asked you to believe anything. I think you are reading things into it that aren't really there. That's OK though. It's clearly the MO here at GSC when they feel threatened by the scriptures. What do you mean by the forceful side of forgiveness? I've not seen it in the scriptures but I guess you see it somewhere in there. Is it something you mandate I should do? Sounds like it to me, but I want to make sure you're not doing something you condemn in me. That would be hypocritical, wouldn't it?
  8. Who do you love?

    Why do you ask me to say something that you will not believe anyway? You want me to take (waste) the time to "expound" no less. You've not once agreed with anything I've said (maybe a tacit agreement or two, but not much). I say I didn't mean to hurt anybody and you don't believe that either. You're mind is made up about who I am and I doubt anything I say will change that. That's fine. I'm not complaining, offended, or hurt, but it certainly doesn't motivate me to try to carry on anything resembling a discussion. You guys are bullies, plain and simple. Bullies never bothered me. In fact, in school I was the anti-bully and helped the kids who were bullied.
  9. Who do you love?

    Honestly, I have no idea what post you are talking about. Didn't mean to offend you in any case.
  10. Who do you love?

  11. Who do you love?

    That's good...you "presented me with an opportunity." LMAO! Too bad I'm so defensive I can't take advantage of it. You have it all figured out. Good for you. This is getting real boring. Too predictable. In the future, if I post again your are free to not read it so as not to offend your sensibilities. That's the best advice I can give.
  12. Who do you love?

    Sounds all along like you've been telling me what to do. You might ask yourself those same questions regarding self-awareness. I'm good with my answers.
  13. Who do you love?

    It's not really of question of telling others what to do or how I live my life. I just meant to point out what God says in the Bible. I and everybody else makes up their own mind as to whether or not God is right about what he says.
  14. Who do you love?

    First of all, I really have no idea who at GSC believes the word and who doesn't. I don't care other than if you don't believe the scriptures then there is no point in discussing them, is there? On the other hand, if you do believe them then I repeat my statement: "Maybe you could give me your take on all of the verses from the original post. Maybe we are not supposed to love and forgive one another. Tell me why we shouldn't. If it makes sense, I'll change my believing accordingly." If you can't or don't want to do that, then you and I are done with this one. Maybe we'll do another one down the road.