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  1. Triple Movie Links Game

    John Travolta The General's Daughter Madeleine Stowe
  2. Name that Tune

    I know this song very well. I really liked it when it came out. Mid 70's or late ? I like the orchestra playing and it's a very moody song. Good arrangement too. The band is not important now. I just can't come up with the name even though I can play most of it in my head.
  3. Movie Mash-Up

    For follow up then, Sandy Bullock's in her most popular movie imo, (at least in recent memory) and that is movie # 2 The Proposal and since hollywood paired heartthrob Ryan Reynolds with the aging Bullock and throw in Betty White and you have a hit movie. Then, she had her most recent film which was movie # 3 Blind Side and she received an Academy Award for her performance. So there you go. No one took this round.
  4. Movie Mash-Up

    Yeah I know WordWolf I often wait for a couple of days or more for anything resembling a response . At that point I will then allocate the time needed for continuing on with the post. That's what I did. I gave another clue, two in fact. I gave George his props (what is props short for anyway? proper something? Maybe), because he at least kept going forward. That's what I like to see. After a while, I usually just stop with more continuation of clues because no one is playing. Hell, I spoon feed lots of time's just to get a response. It's gets really old then. I've said that before, rather than sit there and cross the days off the calendar, instead of that, play along or put I don't know or something so that it lets me know someone is playing and then I would play. So, to your point WordWolf I left more clues, so why are barking up this tree?
  5. Name that Tune

    Not John Ford Coley but someone like him. Working on the name of the song.
  6. Name that Tune

    So you had to go and pull this one out of the back shed did ya WordWolf and thank Mrs. Wordwolf. Maybe Nitty Gritty Dirt Band? Maybe not. It's not Starlight Vocal Band but someone like it. From that era definitely. Give me a week and I may get it.
  7. Movie Mash-Up

    At least someone's playing. I've got to give to props to George. Yes it is Sandy Bullock. Section, sequence, or whatever you want to call them 1 is Miss Congeniality. And number 4 was Demolition Man. The other two I picked because they were imo her most popular and the other was her most recent film.
  8. TV Show Mash-Up

    Oops, I was lookin' for Movie Mash-up. Carry on.
  9. Name that Movie

    And they are who?
  10. Name that Tune

    That's it.
  11. Name that Movie

    Where did you move to Grace? Which side of the moon?
  12. Name that Movie

    I've seen this one but I just can't place it.
  13. Movie Mash-Up

    Why don't you and George confide in eachother and figure this out?
  14. Triple Movie Links Game

    George I think you have Star Trek on your brain! It's not a bad thing. And Super Heroes! Sorry I don't know these shows.
  15. Name that Tune

    Sorry. I've been preoccupied. New tune. Well the times are gettin' hard for you little girl I'm a hummin' and a strummin' all over God's world You can't remember when you had your last meal And you don't know just how a woman feels You didn't know what rock and roll was Until you met my drummer on the Grey tour bus