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  1. Name that Tune

    You seem to remember quite well George. It's Jean by ~Oliver~.
  2. Name that Tune

    George let's see if this helps.
  3. TV Show Mash-Up

    I'm using a link from wikipedia and I see at least 5 spinoffs for all the top series who spinned off. (Ha Ha) Happy Days had 6 spinoffs. All in The Family had 5.
  4. Name that Tune

  5. TV Show Mash-Up

    You've got a couple there George. I should have added no sequels to the list. This premise is simple. Some great shows on television affected more of the same and the results were great spin-offs. I'm not looking for Law and Order Miami, New York, etc. just some of the originals shows that held up and arguably now are still as good as anything on the tube today since the 90's.
  6. Name that Tune

    roses are redAll the leaves have gone greenAnd the clouds are so lowYou can touch them, and soCome out to the meadow
  7. Who's the character who said that movie line?

    That's him. Erroneously quoted in Apollo 13 by Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks). But in actuality it was astronaut Jim Swigart who said "OK Houston, we've had a problem here".
  8. TV Show Mash-Up

    Not including animated or reality tv or talk shows name four of the top five television series to produce the most spin offs? So like, the show "Pawn Stars" has produced three spin offs. Cajun Pawn Stars, American Restoration, and Counting Cars. OK. I think it's going to be kind of easy for you guys to come up with this. So that's why I am asking for four of the top five.
  9. Name that Tune

    I knew the song was from Grease but the name escaped me. Is it Summer Nights by Olivia Newton John or both ONJ and John Travolta?
  10. TV Show Mash-Up

    I am? Let me get this straight. My answer on 10/28/17 was correct. Now on 12/6/17 I'm just finding out about it. Is that right?
  11. Name that Actor/Actress (or Role)

    Matthew Broderick's character's name was Philippe Gaston. I should know. I'm from a town in Oregon called Gaston.
  12. Name that Actor/Actress (or Role)

    "Steven Seagal"
  13. What are some of your all-time-favorite movies?

    Not to get to far away from our point but, I think Marisa Tomei is a wonderful actress and her performance is what brought her the Academy Award. Anna Paquin also received an Oscar for The Piano when she was only 11 yr.old. Hollywood and audiences both alike love a fresh new face on the big screen. Anyway, I'm getting away from the topic.
  14. Who's the character who said that movie line?

    Yes I do. Yes I do. Yes I do.