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  1. Not really. I got it at the moment I began reading his comment. Carry on.
  2. Your go here George!
  3. Yeah, that's the one.
  4. Why don't we resurrect this thread. I've always like this one Steve! started. A man's life collides in other people's lives and he becomes entwined in some the most spectacular events of the Twentieth Century.
  5. Those were very turbulent times between Geer and Martindale. You had thousands of wayferdoodles (something funny so we see some humor instead of the negative) exiting the minister for whatever reason and thousands more kicking sand in the face of anyone who dared to have an opinion about what way to turn. Which way was right? Which way was wrong? We know now that both ways were wrong. I knew way corps grads that had guns. It's a man thing.
  6. Isn't he sick like really sick? I seem to recall something to that effect.
  7. Oh Gee's Deniro? How shall I choose? Let's do this: Men of Honor Charlese Theron Prometheus
  8. After the fact I'll post "Silence of the Lambs"? Actually I'm not sure? Filmed in the July? Silence was filmed in the winter. Colder than Hannibal's respiration when he ate "a Censes taker's liver and topped it off with some fava beans and a nice Chianti"!
  9. I doubt that anyone from the cast of Young Frankenstein got any sleep after debuting. The 1970's. Do you remember anything? I don't! Haven't seen Teri Garr in anything since 2007? Gene Hackman is retired! I sure miss him! You're up Wolf. Madeline Kahn's career ended tragically! Peter Boyl is no longer with us. He was so funny on "Everybody Loves Raymond", I think he was the mold that held that group together. How's your Friday going? Ray Ramono is kind'a working. HBO. But Patricia Heaton is still active. I like her show "The Middle"! Of all things to go away why does it have to be the smiley emojie? Anyway, why am I posting? WW is up. Well, that's interesting! My entire post just disappeared! Two days ago my password was strong but today it was only fair. What gives? Anything else? Strange times were living in!
  10. The only Inga I've known was a transfer student from my high school daze. But I still remember her. Yes TERI GARR is right. I found no less than 18 other times (not including tv) where she played a character using only the first name on IMDB. Teri Garr  IMDB It's your turn WordWolf.
  11. Really. Not to this but that you didn't get the actress from my latest clue. I was 100% sure that it would give it away.
  12. Double Ditto. I don't know how to delete this?
  13. If anyone wants to know, I haven't been out of town I've been locked out (unclear why) from getting to the site. Almost two weeks ago, I was redirected to some kind of page that goes down the side line by line, with links to different topics, forums etc. But nothing I did would allow me to link back here until now. Raf is aware of it. What are those types of pages called? Anyone here familiar with what I'm describing? I've seen them before but I have no clue why they exist. Anyway, I'm able to get on the boards again.
  14. Helen Swanson Sandy Ronnie Neary Bobbie Landers Judge Esther Newberg Sorry for the wait.
  15. I was just curious which one of the Rambo movies it was from? And his characters name was John Rambo if you want to be picky. Which I don't. Anyway, weren't there 3 or 4 Rambo's? There was 4. I know. I just looked it up. You're clue? No clue?