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  1. Yes, Euphegenia Doubtfire that was her, him.
  2. I'm playing in hopes that the boards will move again. "Its only my first day as a woman, and I'm already having hot flashes"!
  3. People say I'm crazy doing what I'm doing Well they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin When I say that I'm Ok they look at me kind of strange Surely you're not happy now you no longer play the game
  4. Harold March is familiar to me. None of the other characters are..
  5. A lot of scenarios pop into my mind but nothing fits.
  6. Well that's why we play the game isn't it? You're really on track George. Just let me add too what I said about two of the three lead actors, really all three off them were established movie actors at the time. That was part of the draw too bring movie actors to television wasn't it?
  7. No this is earlier than that.
  8. Immigration Song That worked out didn't it.
  9. This groundbreaking TV series had three rotating actors [two of them well known movie actors] who were featured in separate episodes that were loosely tied with a common theme. All three characters worked for the same Publishing company. Each character had the same editorial assistant (and a real hottie). The series provided Steven Spielberg with his first long-form directing assignment with the episode titled, oddly enough, "L.A. 2017". A "wheel series", a concept introduced at the time where two or three series are played alternately in the same time slot got it's start here. At the time it had the largest budget of any television series.
  10. I've always been a fan of the The Viking's cheerleaders because I think they're the best and bravest. You got to be brave to wear short skirts in those temperatures.. I was going to say it sounds like it could be a Led Zeppelin song.
  11. OK. Let's get on with the thing. I would have accepted either character from the movie "Cool Hand Luke". One would have been from the Warden of the prison who first made the quote, "What we have here is....... failure to communicate"! The second character to use the line was Luke (Paul Newman) himself who used it mockingly upon getting caught after escaping and just after he spoke [*spoiler alert*] he was shot down by a prison's guard gun. I'll go again. "He's not human.....He is like piece or iron!"
  12. The Notebook Rachel McAdams Mean Girls
  13. I'm not sure about the video taping clue but the others do point to Home Improvement.
  14. Sure thing Wolfie. "What we have here is....... failure to communicate"!