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  1. Did I really start this topic: Who's the characer who said that movie line? That's embarrassing! How did that get past spellcheck?
  2. The Big Lebowski Julianne Moore Children Of Men
  3. The character was "Donkey" from the movie Shriek. Go if you got one.
  4. In the old school era I always liked Joe Montana. Always in control and always delivered.
  5. That's OK. It's a Classic case of the #1 defense (New England Patriots) going up against the best offense (Atlanta Falcons, one of the best). Whenever this happens, the best defense statistically has the edge. Patriots are favored by 3 pts. Most recently, that what happened when the Seattle Seahawks did it in Super Bowl XLVIII. It promises to be an exciting game!
  6. E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial(extra-testicle) That's a joke OK? I couldn't help myself C. Thomas Howell Red Dawn
  7. Kirsten Dunst Interview w/ A Vampire Tom Cruise
  8. Gladiator
  9. Clever,,,, That won't do! Well, was I talking about home video after all? I guess I was. Scratch that from the records. What Oscar winning best picture was released on home video before it won it's Academy Award? That's right Raf. The Silence of The Lambs
  10. So then, let's turn over all the cards here, and see " What television or cable tv shows paid a cast member or members $1million dollars or more per episode"? Anger Management $2.1 million (Charlie Sheen) Two & A Half Men $1.9 million (Charlie Sheen) Everybody Loves Raymond final two seasons $1.7 million (Ray Romano) Frazier $1.6 million final two seasons (Kelsey Grammer) The Big Bang Theory $1 million+plus (Sheldon, Penny, Leonard) Home Improvement $1.25 million (Tim Allen) Sopranos $1 million final season (James Gandolfini) Friends $1 million final two seasons (all cast members) Mad About You $1 million final two seasons (Helen Hunt, Paul Riser) Dexter $1 million final two seasons (Michael C Hall) Honorable mention The Nix $825,000 (Meryl Streep) The first initiator of the coveted $1 million dollar club was either Seinfeld (89-1998) or Mad About You (92-1999) I not sure which. Jerry Seinfeld made a million his final season, and stars Helen Hunt and Paul Riser each were paid a million for each episode in their final two seasons. Thanks to his contract Paul Riser had a clause that states he made equal pay to what Ms. Hunt was making. The cast of Friends (94-2004) thanks to Lisa Kudrow for helping negotiate the final two seasons at a million a pop. The stars of The Big Bang Theory are probably on their way near to the top of this list. The Network will no doubt renegotiate another deal with Katie Cuoco who has said that she is tired of the show and if she stays she would have to see a big bang bump in pay. Already each star has signed a three year deal estimating $100 million. Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons won't want to say goodbye to all that big bang buck either. A handful of these were fairly obvious shows. George, you gathered a handful of most of these. So George, it's you're go!
  11. When Charlie Sheen melted down and was fired from 2,5 men Hollywood wouldn't touch him. After a while, he cooled and Lionsgate made what's known as the 10/90 deal agreement to give Charlie another shot. Still banking on Sheen's star power he agreed to take a 95% cut in pay to $100k per episode for 10 TV shows and if the show scored high enough ratings they would shoot 90 more in exchange for 40% of the bank end that Lionsgate would make on syndication which is achieved after airing 100 episodes. After the 100th airing of Anger Management , the show was cancelled and Charlie Sheen took home a sweet paycheck for $200,000,000. That would make him the highest paid television actor to be paid. $2,100,000 per episode. George that's right. You got six. You still need one more. http://www.celebritynetworth.com/articles/celebrity/charlie-sheens-200-million-anger-management-gamble/
  12. How's that?
  13. "This is going to be fun! We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning I'm making waffles"!
  14. Not sure of any of those characters George. Sorry I can't believe I found that emogie.