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Too much to drink?

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I'm drinking too much (caffeine free diet coke), according to my missus. Maybe I should switch to straight Scotch? Or should she look more closely at the label? Personally, I've never misread anything; I declare that I always get it right first time. I never question anything that I've been taught, or believe, as I'm so good at getting everything right first time. Some of you out there know exactly what I mean. I'm so pleased with myself to be part of the more superior intellectually minded of you. I pity the poor plebs who have to undergo critical appraisal before they feel free to present their views or work. After all, who needs others when they are simply and utterly infallible. If I listened to every reasonable and common thought that I was presented with, I could never hope to achive ultimate and dominant personal hero worship cum stardom. It's been suggested that, alternatively, I could listen to the voice of unadulterated reason and give myself a "check up from the neck up", to quote one of my illustrious forebears. Said, perhaps, but not necessarily applied (although, nevertheless, valued). And so it goes on, ad infinitum, unto the edge of reason. Does anyone get this? Signing out: Pete.

Amendment No 1. P.S. Idiots need not respond.

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Long time since we've seen you here, Pete.

Happy New Year, or Hogmanay if that's what you celebrate (or happy Christmas, getting in early for next year).

You are such a great thinker...have another drink. :smilie_kool_aid: Think some for me. :smilie_kool_aid: Oh...that would be drink some for me. :smilie_kool_aid:

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Hi Twinky

Thank you for your kind thoughts, which are gladly received. And I trust that you are making the best of the moment also, Happy Christmas-time and I hope the new year brings good things for you.

Hi Waysider

A happy time to you also. Unfortunately, I've never previously heard of the Electric Prunes. For some reason, they must have gone right by me (or should that be right through me?).

Nice recording on the link. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

I have more thoughts on the way. Maybe I've had "too much to think"? I can feel a sudden release of thoughts coming on. Let's hope they'll prove to be of benefit to the hearers hereafter.

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So, what was all this about "left field" at HQ. Were you ever out in "left field"? Was it one of those "blind spots" that were OK with the "higher powers"? Did you have to get permission to go, or could anyone sneak out there on a night? Could you go solo or did you need a partner?

Another thing, did any of you think that the exegesis on the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme was a bit wierd when you first sat through PFAL?

I nearly freaked out when I heard that. But in my heart I wanted the class to be the right thing. So I rationalised it. My thinking at the time was maybe along the lines that this was a test to see just how committed I was. You can rationalise a lot of things that way. It was difficult to ask the class coordinator a suitable question on that one "Pe33y: Is the Humpty Dumpty thing a loyalty test, or has the old man just flown over the cuckoo's nest?". What would you say?

I can understand someone claiming divine guidance on the interpretation of scripture, but when you effectively infer divine guidance on the interpretation of a nursery rhyme, this is a bit hard to go with, even for a desparate loner seeking someone to help make sense of his pathetic existence.

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Ah, the true meaning of Humpty Dumpty.

Which is that man cannot analyse life, can pull the component parts apart but cannot reassemble them to make something capable of growing...life.

(A bit like, a cake is flour, butter, sugar, eggs and such else as one might include...but the "entire" thing, the cake, is much more than just its component parts)

In light of advances in IVF and removal of parts of eggs and bits of DNA, to be substituted by parts of other eggs and DNA...I wonder if TWI would still hold to the same exegesis?

Anyway, Wikipedia makes no mention of this "true meaning" - Humpty Dumpty

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