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    Kenyon is now apartments for seniors (it was totally gutted and remodeled). ESU just is the holder of the transcripts from the original College of Emporia. The chapel was redeveloped by the same group after a church abandoned it and it suffered massive water damage and vandalism. Most the rest of the campus is owned by a variety of businesses. http://www.emporiagazette.com/latest_news_and_features/article_a89eb138-35db-5576-90a5-3db16315f057.html
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    (blushes again) Thank you, Skyrider. Yep. If it's "you" that got hurt, it is a big deal. "You," basically are all you've got. Yep again. I've posted this before: I was so desperate and destroyed that I was prepared to crawl across broken glass to get back to TWI after ten years in the wilderness. I got on the net to find their zip code. The first result for TWI was - GreaseSpot Cafe! I looked. I was appalled, horrified. And ultimately healed. My grovelly letter of apology for my imagined sins never got written. I thank God for Saint Pawtucket and this place.


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