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    jim jack, thread's original post: "What thinkest thou?? ;^) " waysider: "In my opinion, you're dabbling in self delusion." Rocky: "That said, even if (though) I think you're likely off your rocker, who am I to judge you if you're not hurting anyone? Otherwise, I'm inclined to agree with Waysider. " WordWolf: " What do I think? 1) I think God does have information to give us. 2) I think we are far too quick to label things as information God has for us. (snip) Taking all of THAT into consideration, what would I say about what you're doing? I think it's much the same. (snip) That doesn't make you a bad person, nor crazy. It doesn't make you right nor receiving messages from God, either." jim jack: "At this point I'm not really looking for so called "approval" from anyone" Well, you were in the original post. If you ask for people's opinions- which you did- don't be shocked when some of them, or all of them, disagree with you.
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    If it gets moved from Doctrinal, it will either get sent to Soap Opera (if it descends to drama and name-calling), or be locked and/or deleted as being off-topic even for Doctrinal. The GSC is for ex-twi, for twi survivors. No belief system is assumed or required. So, generally, discussions of belief go in Doctrinal or its skeptical subforum. There is no subforum for non-skepticism, so it's Doctrinal or post it elsewhere.


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