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    Me too, but it's still an experience I'd rather have done without. And especially the years of condemnation and despair afterwards (the lost years). I do feel robbed, of those "lost years."
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    Birds of a feather flock together.......people of similar interests, background, ideas or characteristics will often congregate or hang out with each other, people who have similar ideas or values tend to stick together. Mrs. Wierwille's book chronicles the men and women who were instrumental in vp's learning and development. At the E. Stanley Jones Ashram (retreat) in North Carolina 1944....young wierwille and nearly 200 others present. [p.48] Rufus Moseley was a main speaker at this retreat.....and became a mentor, visiting vpw on two different occasions. [p. 52] Inspired by Perry Hayden's teachings on agriculture and tithing.....wierwille firmly held to the doctrine of the tithe. [p. 55] Glenn Clark and his Camp Farthest Out....utilizing the great outdoors to encourage peace, love, prayer and tranquility. [p. 56] E. W. Kenyon....he was fixated on "Study to shew thyself approved unto God...." His great work and writings inspired vpw. [.76] Foreign Missions in Honduras 1951.....Bertha Scheidt was a devoted, tireless worker in many educational programs. [p.77] At "The Divine Healing Convention" in Tulsa 1951, wierwille was instructed to seek out the man J. E. Stiles. [p. 78-80] According to this book, Rev. Stiles was able to answer all of wierwille's perplexing questions and to help him receive into manifestation holy spirit. This marked a turning point in vpw's quest of the holy spirit field and solidified his emboldened stance that he was unable to find answers in colleges and universitites, in churches and classrooms or mission fields. The churches were unable to fulfill his need. Starr Daily was a guest speaker......in and out of prison in his younger years, and published Love Can Open Prison Doors. [p. 82] Albert Cliffe was zealous over "the law of believing." He was instrumental in promoting Let Go and Let God. [p.94] .......* Mrs. W. puts Cliffe on page 94 (out of chronological order -- January 4-8, 1953). .......Why? It put more distance (in the book) from connecting Leonard's Feb 1953 class to Wierwille's Oct 1953 class. B. G. Leonard, whom vp met in Tulsa 1951......ministered healing over the phone to Mary Wierwille and she was healed. [p.87,88] Leonard's class "The Gifts of the Spirit" was the foundational cornerstone and rock.....and vpw made it his own. [p. 90,91] .....Picture of vpw in Leonard's February 1953 class. [p.90] .....Picture of Dotsie and Don in Leonard's June/July 1953 class [p.91] THEN......page 99, "In October 1953, Dr. Wierwille taught the first Power for Abundant Living class, which was held in the basement of St. Peter's Church. The first two classes were called "Receiving the Holy Spirit Today." The name was then changed to the broader title that fit better with the entire scope of what the class covers. Also, "Power for Abundant Living" would have a greater and broader appeal to people, especially to those not from religious backgrounds." .................p. 100, "The people who had been part of B. G. Leonard's class on 'The Gifts of the Spirit' were considered graduates and not included in the rosters of Dr. Wierwille's classes." Translation: Wierwille's class WAS LEONARD'S CLASS. The two carloads of people who attended the June/July 1953 class and were not included in the rosters of new students of this October 1953 class. They were already grads......and did not pay the registration fee (imo). Also, the name of the class was changed. Marketing strategy and distancing it further from Leonard's work. Page 101, 102.......Dr. E. E. Higgins attended vpw's class and she was the person who introduced wierwille to the great and influential works of an Englishman named E. W. Bullinger (1837-1913). She gave wierwille his first Companion Bible and a copy of Bullinger's How to Enjoy the Bible. The dots connect. Wierwille claimed to have intricate inroads into the holy spirit field. Yet, in all my years (corps, staff and clergy).......I never saw wierwille operate any of the revelation or power manifestations. Not once. In conclusion, to me.......Mrs. W's book documents how wierwille was a searching opportunist, looking for a niche like all the other renegade preachers, itinerants and guest speakers who traveled the circuit thru the late 1930s - 1960s. Birds of a feather flock together.......and wierwille found his shtick in compiling, plagiarizing and marketing the works of E. Stanley Jones (Abundant Living - 1942), to Leonard's foundational class (1953), to E. W. Bullinger's research work (Companion Bible and How to Enjoy the Bible). Unwittingly, this book reveals a paradigm that debunks the myths and mystique of victor paul wierwille.
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    I think we can learn something from everything that happens to us. And those things that happen make us who we are now. If different experiences had happened, then we would be a bit different. My life [and probably everyone else's] has diverged wildly from where I thought it would be at any given point on my "plan." That said, I think I'm ideally placed where I am now to reach out and help others. I like that. I'm happy with that. I don't think that divergence (or indeed the plan) was ever part of God's "plan" but he helps me through the difficulties and problems, and helps me find purpose wherever I am. Generally, I feel fulfilled and a valued member of my community/ies. Having said that, I'd still have liked the loving husband, the several kids, the nice house and dogs and cats and whatever. But. Well. I have the house and the cats. And good friends who love and help me. I would have liked the career I studied hard for over many years (but I still get to use a lot of what I'd learned). I am content to know the peace of God in my heart. That counts for a lot.


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