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    I'm sure that there's people out there who like to pretend I spend all my free time just slandering people. As a reminder they're wrong, I'd like to point out that I think MOST OF US had the best intentions and a lot of us really wanted to serve God and be our best for God. For MOST OF US, I don't fault our goals, our intentions, our sincerity. As for wierwille, that was another story. He himself lied about what "sincerity" was. We agree it's " no guarantee of truth", since someone can sincerely believe the Earth is flat. But someone who is "sincere" is someone who genuinely says what they think and believe, period. vpw said that "the salesman who tries to sell you the toothbrush that has only 1 bristle in it, he's gotta be real sincere!" Looking back, it says a lot that he made that claim. He said that the salesman who tried to INTENTIONALLY DECEIVE YOU, but who puts forth an IMAGE of sincerity, a FALSE FRONT of sincerity, that person IS " sincere." So, vpw really believed " sincerity" was something that could be COMPLETELY FAKED. THIS is the man whom we trusted as having done as he claimed, dedicating his life to God and the Bible and so on. Because we believed that, we gave him a free pass on scrutiny, and a lot of stuff flew under our radars (like his definition of "sincerity." ) Someone commented on my calling vpw a " plagiarizing rapist." That term offends some people. They think you can't call someone that. The truth is- you can call someone that IF IT IS TRUE. A leader is supposed to be found BLAMELESS. If I made the claims and they were without grounds, then he would be found BLAMELESS. Was vpw a rapist? A NUMBER of women have come forth. Some said he molested them, some said he raped them, some said he drugged THEN molested or raped them. According to the Bible, if 3 or more witnesses claim something, we are to accept it. We had MANY women who said vpw raped them. We had people break down the entire SYSTEM vpw set up. First, he had people write " from birth to the corps" papers, if they wanted to enter the way corps. He used those papers to help screen his victims. People with a past having been a victim of something can be victimized by it again, later, more easily than others. We had accounts of women who said he had their paper IN HIS HAND when he called them in to try and rape them. vpw had A FEW places where he had privacy and a sort of bed- his office, his mobile office, etc. vpw had a network of conspirators who kept an eye out. One could be counted on to bring the women to him and make it look like an innocent calling. Others were to watch her after vpw raped her, and " counsel" her to not consider it rape, not to go to the police. If she seemed likely to go to the police, others gave her the bum's rush off grounds, sending her home by slow Greyhound bus. Why that way? Partly because it was cheap, partly because it gave them time to make phone calls and ruin her reputation before she got home- so nobody would believe her when she said vpw raped her. We had accounts of specific things he said to different women- variations on the same line of patter, since he used that as part of his strategy. We have accounts of what drinks he plied them with, and other details that make me sick. In short, we had PREMEDITATION. He put a LOT of work into his plan. He planned out who to attack, where to attack them, how to attack them, and what to do afterwards to make sure he didn't go to jail. Ever wonder why he wanted an armed bodyguard as he walked the grounds? He never said why he might need one, but I think we all have the most likely possibility in mind.... So, he was a rapist. Furthermore, he was a plagiarist. He also put in a lot of work into getting ahold of the work of quality Christians, concealing those works, then presenting their work as his own. The contents of the pfal class were all ripped off of Leonard, Stiles, and Bullinger (with a little from a few others.) He claimed he worked alone with God, and INSINUATED that everything he taught was from God Almighty to his ears. That included crackpot theories he got from the phone hotline of the John Birch Society. Oh, yes, ONCE he claimed what he taught wasn't original. Was in in the introduction of one book with his name as the author? NO. In the promotional book "The Way-Living in Love", buried over 100 pages in, was an offhand comment. "Nothing I teach is original. Putting it together, that was the original part." No such claim in the Orange Book. No such claim in the White Book. In fact, the White Book he supposedly wrote all by himself in a hotel room, living off grapes. If you remove all of Stiles work and Bullinger's work from the book, then remove Leonard's, you probably will just have the introduction. All the CONTENT was from those men- which is NOT stated anywhere in that book. vpw had 2 types of books with his name as the author. The later, more polished books were written by the research department. He added the introduction and his name as the author. I'm given to understand this is legal- but I personally think it's unethical. He should at least have listed himself as EDITOR, not AUTHOR. The others are the older twi books, and those are compilations of the works of other writers, sometimes with rephrasings, sometimes still with their own phrasings retained. Side by side comparisons of their books have been shown. Ever notice his vocabulary and speaking style sometimes were not reflected in the books? That's because they weren't his books. Ever hear him call someone a " faith-blaster?" That was another writer's term, and vpw just retyped it. By vpw's terms, it at least would have been a " believing-blaster", except he never used "blaster" when speaking. In the early editions of the White Book, he mentioned finding teacher who could make the Holy Spirit field fit. A few editions later, he skips mentioning the man, not even giving Leonard his due credit anonymously. vpw knew very well what he was doing, and tried to cover his tracks somewhat. So, in short, vpw was a plagiarizing rapist. He taught some good Bible because he was parroting the work of those who were quality Christians. I'm thankful to have heard it, but I'm not giving vpw a pass on plagiarizing or raping- or anything else he did- because of it.
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    Hi, Skyrider. I appreciate the kind words and best to you and yours, as well. A big thank you to readers of Undertow. Many thanks for taking time to do it! And thanks to Pawtucket for keeping GSC open all these years … Cheers.


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