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  1. Leaving it here for now...it managed to survive 107 pages in this forum :biglaugh:/>
  2. Leaving it here for now
  3. TLC:

    I edited out a poster's given name from one of your posts. Although it is common knowledge who DWBH really is, GSC does not allow using posters' real names without permission. A minor point perhaps, but that's how we do things here.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Spiritual Bully thread - I deleted a post: no name-calling please

  5. I deleted your post regarding when Wierille became a non-trinitarian. It was off-topic. Other posters have the right to pose questions, even if you don't think that they need to be addressed

  6. Misrepresenting what other posters say will be construed as against the house rules Ad hominems are just poor, illogical arguments Keep it on topic people! Note the post at the top of this forum from a few years back: anyone may post here - Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists or anyone else who does not currently define themselves as Christian or as a bible literalist may post here
  7. The doctrinal forum has and will continue to play host to a wide variety of opinions, doctrines and favorite theologians. Non-Christians, including atheists, agnostics, and Satanists (yeah, really) are welcome here. That being said, please keep the discussions on-topic. While discussing the existence of God, God's motives, the origin or reliability of the bible or the relatives merits of various religions and philosophies is certainly appropriate, consider the context of your discussion. Does your contribution add to or derail/detract from the discussion at hand? The flip side of this is that non-Christians have every right to weigh in on these threads. While it may be your opinion that a Buddhist or an Atheist doesn't belong in an argument about the Trinity or Predestination or answered prayer, the position of this board is that anyone may participate. Please, play nice!
  8. A side discussion about the existence of God has been removed from this thread. While threads questioning God and his motives are not out of place in the doctrinal forum, please don't derail doctrinal discussions with extraneous matters.
  9. FYI: The word "pedangta" confuses the filter, which turns the slang word for excrement into "dang". Wherever you see the word "Penangta", it should be "Pedangta"
  10. Congratulations on the weight loss as well as the divorce from Dominoes. I'm sure I'd find something to do with my time if Grease Spot went away...but boy, would I miss this place. It's a privelege assisting in the upkeep of this fine establishment. Thanks!
  11. Anyone who wants the thread closed is free to stop posting on it
  12. I have split off two of the KOG/KOH posts and started a new thread down in Doctrinal
  13. Mod Kirk

    Another Poll

    The posts that follow the preceding remark about a mantle have been moved to a new thread. Enjoy!
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