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  1. My mom is good friends with The Curtis'. The run a church in Downey, Ca as far as I know. He went back to seminary school after TWI to get a phd, I think.
  2. Hubby and I took our two kids on opening day. We went to the earlier show so it wasnt really that crowded. My son enjoyed the cars; my daughter enjoyed the pretty girl car and the romance behind the story; my husband, being a musician, enjoyed the music; and I, being a graphic artist, enjoyed the graphix. So there was something for everyone. I give it a two thumbs up! MC
  3. Google images might be a place to start if you put a description of what the painting is. Also if you know where he lives, maybe you can do a search on local artists and maybe a picture might be included with any articles on him. Just a thought. Good luck on your search! MC
  4. WOW! It's been two years since I wrote this post and I am revisiting....and this is what I have learned in these two years... In order to make true friends I have to be vulnerable. Let them see my weaknesses and don't feel bad that I have them. Nobody is perfect, so I had to stop making people believe I was. The scurring around the house at the last minute making my house look perfect before company came over was a huge indicative that I was trying to portray somebody I was not...a perfect person with a perfect life. When I became vulnerable to a strong sister, had to be wise to whom I was being vulnerable to, I benefited from not only friendship but also the "iron sharpeneth iron" I was talking about. I did also learn that friendships don't come easy. It's hard work and there is giving involved and allowing to receive as well. I attended a ladie's bible study at the last church we went to and seemed that every single lady there was looking for the same thing...to be able to connect and build strong spiritual friendships. Out of all of them, I connected with one or two. What I didn't do was try to force the friendship. I let my guard down and stopped being so judgmental as some of you adviced. Anyway...I thought that this was a cool thread to dig up and it was great to see the growth in my own life after 2 years. Thanks again for all your advice...not sure how many of you are still around that gave advice but for those of you who are still hanging in there....my two thumbs up to you! MC
  5. Ok...well, maybe we were led to believe that the internal reality was salvation. You think? I dont know...just a thought. MC I love you Oldies. Im sorry you have to be so rude.
  6. Wow! Im digging this post up from years ago...Im still wondering what happened to him. Anyone? MC
  7. he he....! I remember that video! I remember Dan (who played the newbie WC), I cant recall his last name right now, but he had the prettiest blue eyes! he he! MC
  8. he he...you crack me up....you don't even know me and you are making insinuations about me? he he!! I was in for a very long time...more than most.... If they never flat out taught that SIT is the physical evidence of salvation, they sure did insinuate it enough to have hundreds or maybe thousands of people to this day believe this is the case. I'm not making it up since so many think the same thing. I have no proof right now because I have thrown all my TWI books out but, I grew up in TWI and was very indoctrinated by their teachings. It was all I knew until I left. To find out that you do NOT need to SIT in order to be saved was a new concept for me. So how did I come about to think that if it wasnt because I was taught that since a very young age? Oldies, Im not here to argue, just to give my point of view and do not appreciate being talked down to. Thanks. :) MC
  9. lol...great stories.... I have a couple. I remember reading stories about TWI, while I was in. I was a teenager at the time and I was curious as to why people thought we were a cult and so I did some research on my own. I remember reading that TWI would even tell their members how to wipe their behind after going to the bathroom. At the time I read that, I thought it was absurd since I had never been instructed by anyone on the TWI staff on how to wipe my behind and I had been in TWI already over 10 years. HA! Was I surprised several years later when I was in the WC and we were taught the "hygenical way to wipe your behind!"....for those of you who don't know.....front to back, people...front to back....LOL! :blink: Second comment on how I am still influenced by TWI's teachings.... I worked in housekeeping (briefly, Thank GOD!) and learned the CORRECT way to wind the cord back on the vacuum cleaner. Always wind the cord back in a figure "8" shape so that the cord doesn't get worn on the same place every time you wind it back in. To this day I try to teach people how to do this...they all look at me like I'm crazy. I think it makes sense...don't you? MC
  10. Hmmm...really? I was under the impression that TWI taught that if you didnt SIT, you weren't saved. I ran many classes and that is what we were told. \\MC
  11. Was Jim an older man? Was there a Tony at that time as well? I have a cool story to tell, but I really cant recall the gentleman's name. I was in between First year In Residence and Interim year. It was the summer break and i was sent to RC to help out. I was assigned to work Grounds and worked hard that summer. Picking strawberries and killing the chickens and working the corn fields. The one day we were working the corn fields, we had to go row by row and just make sure that the newly born corn stalks would not be covered by dirt, and so we had to go stalk by stalk clearing the dirt off each corn stalk down the long corn rows. As I was clearing the dirt, I saw something shiny peering out from just right under the ground. I got curious and started digging, and found, to my surpirse a graduate dove ring. you know the kind they used to sell at TWI with the red ruby and the dove...etc. I immediately picked it, cleaned it on my jeans and gave it a good look. It had an engraving inside. I cant recall what it said inside but I believe it had a name or maybe just initials inside. I told a few of my fellow workers around me about the ring and since our coordinator was not around at the time, I just pocketed the ring and went back to work with intentions to take it Lost and Found or somebody in Admin. (For some reason, I want to call our coordinator, Tony...maybe that was his name). So when our coordinator came back to check back on us and gather us up for lunch, several of the co-workers told him about the ring. Immediately the coordinator was very interested and said "You found a ring? Where?" So I explained to him and took out the ring. He practically snatched it off my hand and looked inside for the inscription. He then said, "Oh my God! this is MY ring!!! I lost it about 10...." and hesitated as he was thinking about how long he had lost his ring. I thought he was goint to say something like "10 days ago or even 10 weeks ago or so" was I surprised when he finished his sentence with "10 YEARS ago!!!!!" He proceeded to tell us the story that 10 years ago he had been in RC working on the grounds (why was he working on the grounds with a ring on, is beyond me), but he lost his ring on those same grounds. He never found it then, until now. You could tell it was an older ring because it had the dove INSIDE the ruby instead of ON TOP as they were selling them that way in the later years. Anyway...he was delighted as you can imagine. I just thought this was an amazing God story and it was cool to see somebody rejoice as they got back something they had lost so long agon. I love to tell this story. Im sorry for going on blabbing....probably not the right forum to post this on, but just thought about this story as you were mentioning RC. It was a wild summer, will never forget it. MC PS...i just realized that I posted this story a while back (2 years ago), in case it sounded familiar...geez...am I getting THAT old?????
  12. I come here to understand my past. Maybe by unfolding my past, I can change my future.
  13. Interesting....Have any of you ever seen the video promoted by Calvary Chapel on how they started? When I first saw it, it was like I was watching the video on how The Way started (sorry, I cant recall the name of it). Don't get me wrong, I'm not clumping CCs with The Way, but just thought it was such a coincidence how they both started with the same goal, bring in the "unlovables" that no other church accepted. It is uncanny the resemblance on both videos. MC
  14. I was the one that told Doug about this site a while back...but who cares. Im glad you found it and posted it. Here are some words you might want to type in to see what chicken does: crispin crispin eat a hamburger light off sneak lastly...try this site... http://www.subservientchicken.com/vids/clip_37.swf Mary
  15. No...sorry...wrong person... I think you are thinking of Dittmers. I believe there were a couple of Dittmers in the WC. This guy was Dittman. If somebody could fing him for me. Thanks!
  16. Im still looking for Raymond....started with WC 13th...didnt graduate...hes from Illinois....Woodstock, if Im not mistaken.
  17. MCarroll


    I just want to bring this topic back to the forefront. Can we settle on a date? May? June? July? How about just a quick lunch with the NOVA folks and then a picnic later with the families? Im just dying to meet some of yous!!
  18. Bingo... Here is Earl's Burton Realty http://www.mycaar.com/realtors_search_results.asp
  19. Hi, Wow! I cant seem to recall who that was. Scott and I pretty much grew up together in the ministry from our teens years. We were in twig together during Teen Summer Camps, both of our families where in leadership, and we both entered the 16th WC together. I do remember when Scott and Angie got together. Angie was so in love with him. She would go ga-ga over the man. LOL. She was in my WC twig during this time. I think I do remember him hooking up with somebody prior to Angie, but I just cant recall who that was. Thanks for the memories.
  20. I do remember a girl in my 16th Corps. Her intials were E.D.. She had worked in the Translations Department prior to joining the WC. I remember that one day, during our first year in-residence in Emporia, Michael Fort and his assistant Wally Mathis (I believe that was the last name) brought us in for a meeting. They talked about poor ED and how she had opened her mind to devil possesion and tried to hurt herself. At that time I had NO clue whatsover what "hurt herself meant" but now Im sure it had to do with commiting suicide. They told us that they had to commit her to the mental hospital in town. Even now and then I think about E.D. and wonder what happened to her?
  21. Like I said....I dont want to start a rumor...but looks like I might have. So I need to set the record straight. To the best of my recollection, one of the times I last talked to Pam, she told me he had died of Aids. Now I just asked my mom the other day if she remembers me telling her about Bob passing, and she doenst remember (but also my mom is in her late 70's and she might just not remember if I did). I did a search on the internet for Robert Bashura and came out empty handed. I searched nationwide obituaries and came out empty handed as well. SO I couldnt find ANY RObert Bashura living or any Robert Bashura who had passed on. Now if anyone has an account with a Person Search Bureau and would like to do a search for Bob and let us know, please do so. So I feel the need to apologize for upseting anyone if the news are not true. Its that Im just about 100% certain that Pam had told me that he died because it was such a shocker to me as well.
  22. MCarroll


    Summer will be approaching soon so how about then? Maybe we can invite our fellow state of MD to join us.
  23. MCarroll


    Hi all! Im here!!! Could we have our own weenie roast???? :D-->
  24. I really want to thank the many of you who have responded to my post. Your many suggestions, comments and encouragement are greatly appreciated and are being considered as we speak. Thank you for the verses posted for I will try to make them my own. Even the mere fact that I spoke outloud, or should I say, wrote in a public forum, the struggles that I deal with when it comes to criticizing and judging others, it has made me more aware of my lack of compassion of others and their need for a sympathetic ear. For true change happens by firstly accepting that there is a weakness present. I will continue, with God's help, to move forward and ask God to help me see others through His eyes instead of mine. Thank you all!
  25. let me be the first one to say Happy Birthday to you, my new found friend. Thank you for your friendship and thank you for making me laugh. YOu are a genuine person and friend. Im glad to know you. God bless you on this special day. Mary (m_barbachano)
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