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  1. Hello pawtucket,

    1st, I want to say thank you for your dedication in keeping this site up and running over the years. I believe it has been an extremely valuable resource for exposing TWI for what it really is. I didn't realize the cost and effort it required to keep GSC going. Another thing I didn't realize was how easy it is for TWI to shut down GSC when it was hosted on public servers.

    I did some web searching and found this site: https://www.orangewebsite.com They are based in Iceland which is not apart of the USA or EU legally. Many publishers use Orange because it is a safe haven for freedom of speech. Too bad we(USA) are no longer that safe haven. This could be a way to cut costs if you are still interested in continuing GSC. If there is more to this than the costs involved I completely understand and do not blame you one bit.



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