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  1. You might try this link: http://www.militaryworkingdogadoptions.com/
  2. bowtwi

    trefor haywood

    I'm fb friends with Trefor - He uses his real name there. Happy belated birthday, Trefor!
  3. Thanks, Twinky! It was a wonderful day. It's so fun to be remembered!
  4. Do you mean to say that Howard Allen married Wanda Wierwille, Don's widow?
  5. I'm so delighted to read your experiences, Oldskool! You sound like me! I found a wonderful church, as well, and am so very satisfied in so many areas of my life! I'm not surprised a lady stepped forward and was totally the perfect match! I'm confident she'll live a very long and healthy life, as will your awesome son! God is good - ALL the time! We continue to pray for all of the ex-way community to find such joy and rejoicing - and to post their stories!
  6. I'm having a similar experience. I'm an elder in a First Christian (Disciples of Christ) church and taking classes toward a lay pastor license. I took a class a couple weeks ago called, dig this --- BOUNDARIES TRAINING. I kid you not! One of the very first things they discussed was that if you're single and a pastor and you feel attracted to someone in your congregation, DO NOT TRY TO PASTOR THEM, rather have them move to another church or have someone else pastor them. They went to great lengths to explain beyond any possible doubt how one must never ever mix dating or having an affair with someone you're pastoring. They also had speakers that were Buddhist, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist and I don't know what all, leaders in quite a variety of denominations and philosophies. The idea is to ENCOURAGE thinking and that it's really okay for everyone to believe what they believe - the point is to follow through and act like you believe what you believe. The reason there are so many denominations is pretty simple, after all. There are so many people and we each have our own minds - and we each have freedom of will. It seems to me the Christian walk is about loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.
  7. bowtwi


    I have very similar memories - the smell, taste and feel of paste... I also liked to eat Elmer's Glue once upon a time...
  8. It's been a long time Now I'm coming back home.
  9. I'd say it is a rock n roll tune, but Rock and Roll ain't the title. It's been a long time Now I'm
  10. I don't know about that but this is the first line of a song I think could be guessed from just this line. It's been a long time.
  11. Take It Easy by The Eagles. Already Gone by The Eagles. Good grief. I typed Take it Easy, then tried to delete that when I realized I didn't mean that, but rather that I meant Already Gone by The Eagles and I can't seem to edit my post.
  12. bowtwi

    Happy Easter

    Thanks mstar! I'll print that out and hang it on my bulletin board - its beautiful! Twinky - I feel a lot like you do today - thankful for the freedom to worship as I choose. Our service was lovely. The sanctuary was decked out with gorgeous Easter lilies, one of which I bought in memory of loved ones that have passed away. Twelve or so of our choir members (including my 14-year-old daughter) sang a lovely cantata that brought me to tears. Our pastor taught on the similarities between the woman at the well, the centurion and the man who laid at the gate of the temple daily all his life and their brief conversations with Jesus and the huge changes in their lives with some people in our own congregation that in the past several months have had hands laid on them and were prayed for and their resulting healings - one guy was told by his doctors that he'd never walk again and 2 weeks ago about 35 of our congregation laid hands on him and prayed for him to be healed and last week HE WALKED from their van to the church!!! I praise GOD! I could tell more stories like that, but I think that makes the point. We're seeing lots of really cool stuff happening here - we're experiencing revival in a huge way and it's not only safe to be Christian here, but I daresay downright fashionable!!! We're having a blast!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!
  13. bowtwi

    April Fools 2002

    I saw McCartney in Tampa that tour - GREAT show! You're a funny April fooler!
  14. It may sound cliche, but I do believe that getting another dog helps. It doesn't take the pain away, but it helps a little bit. We lost 3 dogs within 2 years. We had no dog for a few months and it wasn't until I got another dog that my house felt like a home to me. It took me several months to stop compaing this one to the others, but she definitely eases the pain. John - I'm glad to hear of your success story, very cool!
  15. They claimed 'believing equals receiving' not 'giving equals receiving.'
  16. Paul Mosqueda had "turned us over to Satan" earlier that day - they didn't even pretend to care what happened to us at that point. Apparently they felt they'd gotten all the money they'd ever get out of me or I was useless to them since they didn't find me sexually interesting. (My conclusion of the matter - and I'm really glad of that!)
  17. When my son and I were marked and avoided after being falsely accused of "being homos" and given one hour to pack and leave "their" Indiana campus and I called HQ asking to speak to lcm thinking he'd see through the lies and help us, Michael Fort spoke to me on the phone instead and told me that "The Way isn't a research, teaching and COUN-SEL-ING ministry" and that I should go find us a nice "worldly counselor" and the way he spoke the words 'counseling"' and 'counselor' - he spat them out as if the very words disgusted him. His entire tone was condescending. Funny how quickly one's opinion of a person can change. I had previously thought he was a pretty cool guy.
  18. Sounds good. Thanks for letting us know.
  19. bowtwi

    hello and good bye

    Pond, I sent you a PM.
  20. bowtwi

    hello and good bye

    I've wondered about you since before paw announced he's closing GSC. Are you aware and/or interested in Trust & Obey's new site, www.exwayvision.com? Or the facebook GSC page where we chat some in real time? I don't know if you're interested in staying in touch with "us" or not - and that's totally up to you. I'm glad to know you're aware and if you do or don't come hang with "us" elsewhere it'll be your choice. You're as much a part of the ex-way community as any of us are and I hope you do deem us worthy of your continued attention, even if only occasional. Either way, I wish you peace.
  21. I just saw this video. Did anyone know this man, E*gene $chnei3er from Kiel, WI that was a 32-year-old police officer who killed himself? I'm curious to know when this was and anything else anyone could tell me that they know for sure to be true.
  22. Congrats, my fellow Missourian. I love both those songs and in fact, just posted "I Will" on my facebook profile a few weeks ago. I'm a steady Beatles fan. I'm impressed you went for that talent show. We have a couple here every year and I love my part - in the audience. If you're playing in front of people regularly and they ask you to continue, you must be reasonably good. I'm impressed. I have a teenage daughter and she doesn't like my 60's and 70's music either. It reminds me of my now-30 year old son when some 90's band (Tetris maybe?) covered Signs by Five Man Electric Band and I started singing along - he said that ruined that song for him and he was really liking it til then - lol. To each generation their own, I guess. Now he's all grown up and has confessed to liking "my" music more than he ever let on in the past... You enjoy your 15 minutes - you earned it and it had to get some adrenaline going for ya - thanks for sharing it with us here.
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