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  1. One item I remember from way back when/then... Wayfers passing around information about microwave ovens killing food. Of course, when something is overcooked in a m/w, that goes without saying. But this was a matter of just telling people not to use m/w ovens.
  2. That's a great description of the credulity I encountered, and likely engaged in myself during my time in twi, and probably for an undetermined time thereafter. noun willingness to believe or trust too readily, especially without proper or adequate evidence; gullibility.
  3. Yeah, I lost weight that year. I didn't despise the borscht. I also remember the homemade bread was very good. But I don't remember thinking about coffee one way or the other. I DO remember being sleep deprived, and having a hard time staying awake in classes. No doubt you have stories to tell (to your children, perhaps). What I had left over from way corpse training wasn't necessarily the stuff of stories I would want to tell my child. Thankfully, she (my daughter) is a successful adult now... but I'm rambling. Sorry.
  4. And the 9th corpse. The food was good. Not everyone appreciated the borscht, but it was good quality food.
  5. Further, the publisher... American Christian Press. I'd love to get people who were around HQ in those days to share any potential insight on the Organic Gardening Department.
  6. Not sure that's the correct spelling of the gentleman's last name. It might be Hearne or Herne.
  7. Really? How is it that you can see into the heart or depths of mind of any person. Can you even do that with yourself? (i.e. self-awareness) Btw, I started addressing you as Gabe intending it to indicate respect. I will cease doing so.
  8. That could be more aspirational than anything else. I mean what the heck, there's so much ambiguity and paradox, not to mention the variety of versions/translations. I wish you well in that endeavor.
  9. I'm guessing that our good friend Gabe does NOT see how judgmental it sounds.
  10. I stood in line to pay for groceries earlier this afternoon.
  11. Didn't I read someplace/time that you were tired of answering questions about that subject? Really? Bloody is a swear word? Come on Gabe. People have been trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise TL;DR
  12. I think you did a good job of trying to do so also.
  13. Perhaps some of it applies to trying to communicate in print too.
  14. I'm not sure if this is directly relevant to the biblical topic at hand but I just read it and I find it intriguing. "They will interpret what you say in light of what they want to hear; and if your advice runs counter to their desires, they will find some way to dismiss your opinion, your so-called expertise. The more powerful the person, the more they are subject to this form of the confirmation bias. "When investigating confirmation bias in the world, take a look at theories that seem a little too good to be true. Statistics and studies are trotted out to prove them; these
  15. And you assume that PFAL is worth sharing? For how much?
  16. That is certainly your right and privilege. I don't think anyone is suggesting you are at all required to do so. The point is that IF you want to succeed at your stated endeavor of effectively sharing your new (to your audience anyway) understanding of scripture with them, you'll want to figure out how to relate to your audience. Using stories, most powerfully your own (or some small part of your own) as it would relate to your audience and to the point you want to make, would give you much more powerful ability to do so. I don't personally need to know anything about you. But I can
  17. Well, I'm not the dogmatic one. As I understand it, adult humans don't change deeply held values based on logical arguments. For that, it takes significant emotional events. I suppose even in that regard, the degree of change and the deepness of the value held would be a matter of degrees. Nevertheless, in conveying a general concept, I'm not necessarily always as dead on accurate as possible. It's a good thing to be open to learning more and changing one's understanding when new knowledge becomes available. I'm glad it has worked for you WW. And that you shared that bit of you
  18. Who anointed you as the primary judge of all women and men on Earth today? I wish YOU would humble yourself and pray. Then you might see the way you have been trying to communicate your understanding of God's law isn't getting through to us. As it stands, the only thing you're telegraphing as to your intentions is that you have judged us and found us lacking. Will you be sitting at God's right hand on judgment day? Just sayin'. I wish you growth.
  19. Did I miss where Waxit shared his story? It appears that in all his posts he writes as if he is GOD, rather than as himself telling his story of why he believes the sabbath is important. That certainly would explain why nobody here seems to have been convinced by anything Waxit preached at us. Most disappointing.
  20. This TED talk about storytelling got posted to YouTube today. Storytelling is a very important part of life.
  21. The Apostle Paul had a story. By the way that story developed, he (and many others) came to realize there was a better way than persecuting Gentiles and Christians. What's YOUR story? What happened in your life that opened your eyes to the wonder of how important the sabbath was? It may have been associated chronologically with you reading certain scriptures, but what was the something that happened to give you the "AH HA" moment when you "got it?" What was it in your journey/experience that represented the realization, like when the scales fell off of Paul's eyes?
  22. How is that at all about Gabe? I'm not nitpicking. Stories can communicate powerfully and effectively when/where just telling people that you know they're doing it wrong doesn't get the message across that you wanted to get across. At some point, perhaps when/if you get frustrated enough with lack of response to your preaching, you might explore the idea of trying to express what really motivated you to make the decision in your life. It's a ministry of reconciliation, isn't it? How can you reconcile people to God if you are so frustrated with them that you can't tole
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