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  1. Even though I have shared this with you in a simple manner. Perhaps you do not want to learn from me because I do not have a special high title. Therefore you could learn in a more detailed way from a bible commentary.
  2. In context, this is referring to a teaching from a deceptive person and not a teaching from a true follower of Jesus Christ. Yes, we can learn from each other as long as we are truthful.
  3. NO, this literally happened about 20 years ago. The person about 20 years ago deliberately tried to change my mind into his theology. However, before I taught at a church building to other people I had much more scripturally productive things to do and that includes reading the bible. Years ago when I was at a Roman Catholic high school and on a basketball team, the coach wanted us to say before the game the following: “God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit”. I wonder if the Roman Catholic Church still has that view? Do you have that view of the trinity? In addition with your following statement. Thank you for helping me laugh. .
  4. T-Bone about 20 years ago at a church a person who aggressively wanted to preach that Jesus Christ was God. I was teaching at that church and doing some research for a teaching that I was doing. While doing research before my teaching. This person was very aggressive with me and was trying to distract me from my research. I did not have time for this person. Another person who I was working with had time to talk to this person. He read from 1 Corinthians chapter 15 with verses between 20 and 28, while explaining scriptural things to him. Then asked him when "God may be all in all" does this make us God also? Then and only then did the aggressive person walk away. In contrast, most people who believe in Jesus Christ that I have talked to that had a denominational church teaching of the trinity were NOT even close to as aggressive as this person was. One coordinator who is called father at a local Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church here in California even purchased a copy of my book to read from. Because the word trinity is not in any version of the bible that can be found. Therefore I leave this word out of my biblical teaching book.
  5. A person who believes that Jesus Christ is literally God could have much difficulty with these scriptures, especially when being adamant about this subject, while hearing or reading these scriptures. Jesus Christ being the first man or human to be raised from the dead by God to live eternally with God the Father placing all authority under Christ for the salvation of humanity. Jesus Christ must reign at least spiritually until he has put all figuratively under his feet or under Christ. When the goal of God is reached with all under Christ his Son, then the Son will be made subject to God or turn all authority back to God his Father, so that God may be all in all. A question for the Trinitarians, does this mean that all humans will be God also??? I do not believe that. Instead all could be like God with God reigning supreme over all in the new heavens and earth. I explain this in the last two chapters of my biblical teaching book from the last chapters of the book of Revelation.
  6. WOW T-Bone you may type very fast. Unless you use software that allows you to speak with your words turning into type. You would be a typing genius or a super typer. Regarding the context of Colossians 2:9. This relates to Jesus Christ as the head of the body, which also is explained by Paul with more detail towards the end of 1 Corinthians chapter 12. Here is at least some of the context of Colossians 2:9.
  7. Good comment Nathan_Jr. Actually if Victor was still alive and I met him. I figuratively might even hold out my hand like I often do with dogs when I meet them. To see if they wag their tales or bark. If they wag their tale, I could pet them. If they bark I will walk away. And I really like dogs.
  8. Yes, the context of this verse is the word of God. This also shows applying the word of God in our daily lives with sincere love for other people. As quoted from the New International Version here is the context. Victor Wierwille was not 100% truthful with his teachings, but from his books he was at least above average. One day I even heard him speak at an event with one of his teachings. He described that at least one of you in the audience could or will have better teachings than I have taught. The year of this was a year between 1983 and 1985. This was a year after he had delegated authority as president of TWI to another person. The one time I met him I corrected him a little about the lordship structure of TWI. I figuratively did this by telling him, "You look familiar, but I can not remember your name, but it sounds like wear something." I wonder if people here are sad because they did not even try to correct any leader of TWI, when they were still with TWI? So perhaps they are making up for this by writing against Victor Wierwille on this forum.
  9. Congratulations, for your ability to get me to laugh. Perhaps you are a humor genius and I am not.
  10. Regarding the subject of dogmatic, perhaps I am only dogmatic, when I meet trained dogs who wag their tails and do not growl or bark. Perhaps, I could be considered dogmatic only when I meet friendly dogs while petting them. Was I successful in getting you to laugh???
  11. That simply depends on the definition of offshoot. If you do not like that word. Another word can be used, for example separated. They historically were part of the Roman Catholic church, but they separated from this denomination and started another denomination. Regarding the word trinity, which is the primary topic of this forum. They do use the word trinity in their teachings. Here is a link with a web page that shows some of their teachings: https://www.nativityofchrist.org/our-faith-2/teachings/ Regarding the subject of trinity. Here are a few sentences on this subject copied from the above link. One of the reasons that this church separated from the Roman Catholic Church is that they did and do not believe that the Pope should have all authority, while teaching everything. Regarding the history of the separation of the Orthodox Church from the Roman Catholic Church. Here is a link for this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic–Eastern_Orthodox_relations
  12. Victor Weirwille made a mistake with his book title of: "Jesus Christ Is Not God". But his book was at least OK. However, a better book on this subject was written by John Lynn, John Schoenheit and Mark Graeser and they gave it a better title of "One God & One Lord". I have a copy of this book and have read it. I even read some of the content of this book to Christians that were involved with the Catholic church and they agreed with the book content and even liked it. In addition, I explained this concept to an offshoot of the Roman Catholic church that call themselves the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church. I simply say that Jesus Christ is like God, but not literally God, he literally is the Son of God, while being seated at the right hand of God his Father. God his Father has delegated all authority under Jesus Christ his Son for the salvation of humanity. They agree with this. Also I explain that Jesus Christ in his earthly life showed his humility, while relating himself to common humanity by calling himself the "Son of Man", much more than calling himself the "Son of God". Yet common people and Christ's followers called Him the "Son of God" much more than they called him the "Son of Man".
  13. Since another important biblical subject has mixed into this thread. I am writing now about this important subject. To be a leader in the body of Christ being service oriented is needed and required according to Jesus Christ in his earthly life. I saw the problem with the hierarchy of church leadership in the 1980s and when I met Victor Wierwille at an event in one of the south east states, I figuratively explained this to him by meeting him and then telling him, “you look familiar, but I cannot remember your name, but it sounds something like wear something”. Perhaps Wierwille then saw the problem with this because he was not the main leader of TWI then, with him passing the leadership to perhaps Craig Martindale. So Wierwille then replied to me with the name “werewolf”, which is an animal so we then laughed and Wierwille was with his best friend. Then I apologized to him for not calling him werewolf. Then we may have laughed again. One of the reasons that Victor Wierwille saw this problem near the end of his life, because he perhaps heard that his son was criticized at a meeting at the Rock of Ages, perhaps by Craig Martindale. Then I raised my voice while explaining to them that there was no need to criticize this son as long as he was service oriented. He could perhaps be a leader also and I reminded them that Wierwille’s son was perhaps not a leader in TWI. I then may have reminded them that any church leader should primarily be service oriented to help followers of Jesus Christ. Perhaps Victor Wierwille heard about the accusing of his son with me defending his son and perhaps again explaining to them that any church leader should primarily be service oriented. After this in the late 1980s, I wrote the first draft of one of the chapters of my biblical teaching book with the title: “Lordship of Jesus Christ Contrasting the Lordship of Imperfect Man”. With more editing, this is the fourth chapter of my biblical teaching book.
  14. As it partially relates to T-Bone's comment, in my biblical teaching book I state the following in chapter Four titled: Lordship of Jesus Christ Contrasting the Lordship of Imperfect Man
  15. Grade of "A" for your teaching, johniam in the first post of this forum thread. However, God could give you instead a grade of "A+". I do not explain this fully in my biblical teaching book. Instead in one of the chapters that is named "Reconciliation Through Jesus Christ". I explain that Jesus in his earthly life called himself the "Son of Man" much more than he called himself the "Son of God", thus humbly relating himself to common humanity as our loving savior. Yes, calling Jesus Christ God instead of the Son of God, can be considered deception. Yes, followers of Jesus Christ called Jesus the "Son of God" many times in the New Testament. And the word trinity is NEVER used in perhaps any version of the bible. However, the first deception as read in Genesis chapter 3 is perhaps the leading deception among Christians even today as originally spoken by the devil who is figuratively called a serpent. This deception is sometimes spoken today, that people after death will not really die. Instead, some people will go to heaven and be as or with God with most people going to hell with eternal punishment. This is still the number one deception today among Christians and this deception is sometimes even promoted by denominational church leaders. I scripturally cover this deception in two of the chapters of my book that are titled as follows: “When Will the Dead Be Made Alive Through Jesus Christ?” and “The Mythology of Hell That Contradicts Scriptures” Yes, there is death for common humanity, however through Jesus Christ we have the future resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust as read in Acts 24:15. This includes current and future judgement by God and Jesus Christ. I cover judgement in chapter 15 of my book that has the title of “End Times with the Judgement of Humanity Through Jesus Christ”. This biblical teaching book is named “Our Loving Savior Jesus Christ”.
  16. After filling out the online web site USA copyright form and sending 2 book copies to the Washington DC Copyright Office towards the end of November, 2021. Last month of May, 2022 I received a letter in the mail from the USA Library of Congress Copyright Office that said I had full copyright for the text that I had written.
  17. NO! https://christianreconciliation.net/book-oursaviorjesuschrist.html From the last part of the final chapter of my biblical teaching book is the following to help educate people with clearly quoted scriptures. Next, we have verses which show the free will of humanity. The choice being given to humanity of doing good or not doing good. In a favorable way, I see this as the followers of Jesus Christ being persuaded in heart to fully follow Christ. This starts with learning about Jesus Christ in a favorable positive way and believing in Jesus Christ as Lord. Revelation 22:10-11 10 And he saith unto me, Seal not up the words of the prophecy of this book; for the time is at hand. 11 He that is unrighteous, let him do unrighteousness still: and he that is filthy (ruparos), let him be made filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him do righteousness still: and he that is holy, let him be made holy still. (ASV) The Greek word for filthy is “ruparos”, while literally involving dirty clothing. This is clearly seen in the only other usage for this Greek word in the New Testament in James 2:2. Also according to the Thayer’s Greek Lexicon this means: “filthy, dirty: properly of clothing”. Yes, clothing can be cleaned with the help of a washing machine or hand cleaned with water and cleaning ointment. Revelation 22:11 represents spiritual uncleanness, with unrighteous acts. Next, we have more symbolic language of those who wash their robes. This shows that those who change from bad to good through Jesus Christ will be able to enter in through the gates into the city. Outside of what he thought as the New Jerusalem, John still saw those who were bad with him comparing them to dogs. Dogs are seen favorably today, but during the first century before dogs were trained to be good, dogs were symbolically seen as bad. Just like dogs have been trained today to be good in nations like the United States. In the future under Jesus Christ more and more of humanity will be retrained to be good and followers of Christ. Then and only then will they be able to enter in through the gates into the city that represents the savior Jesus Christ. This can be read in Revelation 21:24-26. Even nations or a large amount of people will be able to see the glory of God and the Lamb who is Jesus Christ. Revelation 22:14-15 14 Blessed are they that wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb: that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the city. 15 Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and unchaste, and murderers, and servers of idols, and every one that loveth and maketh a lie. (Douay-Rheims) What John saw was the free will ability to do good or not do good. In order to go through the gates into the city of salvation with eternal life, being a follower of Jesus Christ is required. Jesus Christ as savior is symbolically seen when humanity washes their robes or clothing with the blood of Christ as the Lamb of God. Certainly, blood is not used for washing and cleaning. This represents Jesus’ earthly life and death for the payment of the sin nature of humanity. Then God raised Jesus Christ from the dead so that all people who believe and follow his Son may have eternal life in the future “new heaven and a new earth” (KJV, Revelation 21:1). People that are bad and evil will or would need to make a major change. However, Paul also named Saul from his Jewish heritage, made a very large change from being hateful while perhaps being the main persecutor of the followers of Jesus Christ to being the main and most informative teacher of the New Testament. Paul saw the change that Jesus Christ could make with all of humanity. Even the ones like he was before he became a follower of Jesus Christ.
  18. Hi Oldiesman: How is your state of New York, which I often pronounce with an English accent as Noo Yawk. Hopefully, I was successful in getting you to laugh. As I write or text in my biblical teaching book a number of times. God did not make humanity as a puppet on a string with God controlling everything that we think and do. God simply gives humanity the free will ability to do different things with God not controlling everything that we think and do. Yes, God can and does help humanity, but if people are unfairly treated by other people and allowed to do this. God will make up for this unfair treatment with the future judgement of humanity. Some of this future judgement is covered in Revelation chapters 20, 21 and 22 and I explain these figurative book of Revelation bible chapters in the last two chapters of my biblical teaching book, "Our Loving Savior Jesus Christ": https://christianreconciliation.net/book-oursaviorjesuschrist.html
  19. God made up for any worldly injustice to his Son Jesus Christ by raising Him from the dead, while letting Jesus walk around on earth for a number of days. In addition, allowing Jesus Christ to have a new spiritual body so that He can do the spiritual equivalent of flying to heaven to be on the right side of God His Father. I do NOT think their will be any argument between God and Jesus Christ because God has now delegated ALL authority under Jesus Christ His Son for the salvation of humanity. And in the future death will be destroyed with all under Jesus Christ the Son of God. Then Jesus Christ will turn this authority back to God His Father so that God can or may be all in all. This is read in I Corinthians 15:20-28.
  20. That is the basics of this subject. For example for the New Testament, we need the help of people who know or knew the original language of at least most of the New Testament, the Koine Greek language to even have the New Testament in today's English language. On the subject of the "bible interprets itself" spoken by any person, they were talking about a different subject than a language that they did not understand.
  21. Jesus Christ in his earthly life was very helpful to common everyday people. Especially if they did not want to religiously rule over people like the Pharisees and Sadducees often wanted to do in the first century. Hopefully, Christians today have the mindset of Jesus Christ and want to help and be loving to people instead of wanting to religiously rule over people. Jesus Christ can change humanity to being loving and service oriented. As an example, when Jesus Christ appeared to perhaps the most hateful Pharisee, Saul later called Paul, Jesus got him to make a major change from a hateful Pharisee to the most informative teacher of the New Testament.
  22. Just to remind Stayed To Long on this web site there is also a forum that is more in harmony with his current mindset. Atheism, nontheism, skepticism: Questioning Faith
  23. WOW, it looks like we even know where our head's are and I even see your head now. Rocky, you just inspired me to email Jonathan Mitchell and this could be primarily marketing. Regarding learning from people I perhaps have learned from hundreds or even thousands of people through a very good biblical study software program that I have on my computers that has many sources of reference. http://www.biblesoft.com/
  24. I do not have a special title of religious authority like the Pharisees and Sadducees had in the first century. Instead, I use a VERY GOOD biblical study software program to help me with my research, with biblical references from many people with a number of different bible versions. My reference sources include the definitions of original Greek words from people who obviously knew the Koine Greek language that most of the New Testament was translated from. Below is a link to a person named Jonathan Mitchell who is in the state of Arizona. I think you know where that state is without having to massage your head like all of humanity may sometimes need to do. Jonathan has done a New Testament translation from the original Koine Greek language. I communicated with him at a Zoom meeting last year and then sent him a draft copy of my first chapter titled, “How the Bible Can Be Studied with Sources of Reference”. This is perhaps the chapter of the subject that I know the least amount because this includes the Koine Greek language. His response by email was the following. The following is a link to his web site: https://www.jonathanmitchellnewtestament.com/ I wonder, should Jonathan Mitchell apologize to people today that have religious authority like I do NOT have that includes the title “Reverend”, for giving me a compliment regarding my biblical teaching book? Do you know how many times the word “Reverend” is used in the New Testament from the following versions? King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version, American Standard Version, Douay-Rheims Bible and Young’s Literal Translation. ZERO times! In the chapter titled “Lordship of Jesus Christ Contrasting the Lordship of Imperfect Man”, I explain how the word “Reverend” is used even in the Old Testament. I wonder since like other denominations, the Way International uses the title Reverend for their leaders. Should we glorify people that have that title? I do NOT think so. I would rather base my Christian views from the bible.
  25. I have no ability to read people's mind. Only God can do that. My goal is to be 100% spiritually truthful. I hope I am at least up to 98%. My book is only biblical instead of spreading RELIGIOUS MYTHOLOGY. One of the chapters is "The Mythology of Hell That Contradicts Scriptures". In the future we will have judgement to get every knee to bow down to Jesus Christ.
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