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  1. no Shell can't say I have...Tell your Snorey :)-->
  2. Yeah Fresh--your last post description sounds like somthin' outta' Hollywood --- I am still just amazed at how fooled I was. I mentioned this somewhere else ...The LCM wanna be thread I think....I believe a few people were led to become hard hearted.... BUT OVERWHELMINGLY...LCM and VP, and now RFR just validates this mean hard hearted behaviour....course Rosie has distanced herself..for appearences sake and has her henchmen ...the RC's and Corpse Coords'...do the dirty work.
  3. Addtional information regarding LCM from legal documents made public: Even though LCM's Deposition is sealed, there is a reference (by the Judge in his judgement) to a comment he (LCM) made. Why TWI decided to settle with the Allens and fired LCM quickly becomes clearer. TWI's lawyers filed a motion to exclude testimony of LCM's previous sexual relationships. From the plaintiff (Allens') attorney's brief to the judge to block this action, the attorney quoted a section of LCM's testimony of himself: "...in light of defendant Martindale's deposition testimony wherein he acknowledged his "sexual misadventures" with both married and unmarried women to whom he ministered as their reverend over a period many many years". TWI insists to its followers it was a one time deal. Yet, Martindale admits it wasn't. Women is plural and it refers to both married and unmarried women. Why did TWI's attorney's file a motion to block EVIDENCE of previous sexual encounters if it was really a one time deal? From the Affidavit of Rosalie Rivenbark (Question #14): "It first came to my attention and to the attention of the Board of Trustees that Craig Martindale had been involved in an extra-marital relationship in June, 1998, when a follower named XXXXXX raised the issue of Martindale's relationship with another follower named XXXXXX." So, Rivenbark's claim of ignorance and the BOT's ignorance was also concealed from her beloved household. victim's names are blocked to prevent further abuse
  4. In Feb. Daddyhoundog and I are getting physicals...me 44 and him 48...never had our cholesteral checked.... I am at least 35 pounds heavier than I should be and he is maybe 40 more than should be. We are gearing up to do Bill Phillip's 12 week thing..Body-for-Life...Strength training is a must at our age anyhow...need to protect the bone mass...overall, we have read his books and stuff, and will use the 12 weeks to develop changes in diet and excersice habits...more as a catylyst, not as the only way to be.
  5. we had the out of town thing told to us too, but half the time the out of towners weren't there. And, I do recall at some leaders meeting we were told a line of XXXX about how we had to "consume" the bible with short periods inbetween to keep the devil out of our hair while learning the new material.........give me a break... DWA/DTA....after 15 times....its all a murky blurr anyhow.
  6. Fresh, Didnt it start with the idea/challenge to throw away all other publications and not watch TV for 3 months after the class....I remember hearing that challange as I looked out the window next to the reel to reel tape player that played the class that changed my life in more ways than I ever knew possible.
  7. NK, in my "in TWI" experience, we were very involved, but partially to be some kind of model citizen example and partly as ulterior motives of outreach....every single thing I "joined" Board I sat on or whatever, my leadership expected me to get "SOMEBODY" from there to attend fellowship and take the class.... I think you will see similar things in the LDS churches as well. High visibility is no guarentee the "living sanctified", "I am in but not of this world" mentality is not still very strong. If they weaken this, they will loose control.
  8. Very good point Larry P-- a control issue for sure. I remember quite a few lies, one was from To* Horro*** when we asked about Pa** Mosqu****'* resignation. We were told ..."he was upset he wasn't called to HQ so he quit to start his own internet ministry"..... Ha- that was so transparent it wasn't even funny. Another meeting with the same TH guy....he started off sayinghe knew nothing bad about anything....(when in fact he was fully aware of the Colorado Lawsuit --a custody case where testimony regarding LCM's sex abuses were documented) ...and then by the end of the same meeting..he was spitting while speaking and standing over my husband and I saying he was so spiritual and knew more than we would ever know. Of course he didn't know we knew as much ifnot even more than him by the time this meeting had occured. But--lying was standard operating procedure. and what about the lies regarding every other good leader that confronted LCM....like the Clapps, all kinds of BS was spread by the way about them.... So it wasn't just lying, it was lying with the intent of defaming. [This message was edited by washingtonweather on December 18, 2002 at 9:33.]
  9. Okay what are we doin' here? I yahoo, MSN, and AOL IM....I tried the Yahoo chat business...no luck maybe I cut and pasted wrong....BUT I GOTTA HAVE MY CHAT!! I wont get through the next semester the same....my grades will drop...Ill loose my mind, not really, but I WANT My CHAT Room! So all you guys there more n' me...tell me what do I do.. LLPierce@comcast.net
  10. happiest Birthday! Sorry its late, been in Virginia last 2 weeks>>>
  11. I have been following Covert Bailey mostly on nutrition and excersice, started to read Andrew Weil's book, but found it very round aboutish and not as straight forward as Covert's. I too, like Dot, wouldlove to hear your overall opinions on the Diet issues. We have given up a lot of fats, and minimized sugar --harder to do with kiddos.... BUT I GAVE UP 1/2 and 1/2....I am proud of myself...increased Olive oil stuff like that.
  12. I putem here atfirst..Paw move it when you want. (and the world can know I am partial blonde) More blonde jokes Why does it take longer to build a blonde snowman as opposed to a regular one? (You have to hollow out the head.) What happened to the blonde ice hockey team? (They drowned during Spring Training.) How did the blonde die drinking milk? (The cow stepped on her.) Why do blondes have more fun? (They're easier to amuse.) What do you call 20 blondes in a freezer? (Frosted flakes.) What is it when a blonde blows into another blonde's ear? (Data Transfer.) Why did the blonde resolve to have only three children? (Because she read that one child out of every four born was Chinese.) Why did the blonde put make-up on her forehead? (She wanted everyone to know that she was able to make up her mind.) Why are Asians so smart? (No blondes.) What is the biggest advantage to marrying a blonde? (You can park in the handicapped zone)
  13. Can you email me....thanks....WW
  14. Hubby is 14th---known as DaddyHoundog.....aka Larry Pierce... I am Lianne VanWormer---11th--turned 12wc... He will post when he can..but says HI
  15. Thisis a great recipe...I havemade it foryears and usedthe oatmeal flour concept in many other recipes and I learned it from this recipe. I received it in Dallas across 1 of 22 fax machines as it was sent to all in the hospital I worked in 13 years ago in Farmers Branch...in Dallas. I have tried MANY...Emeril's GMA's Silver Palatte, and many more....THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST! Some things dont matter if they are urban legend or not [This message was edited by washingtonweather on July 10, 2002 at 8:33.]
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    I was in Midland/Odessa from 84 after graduation till 87...then Dallas till 92...married in Dallas and had my first born there... Always have loved Texas since...cept the chiggers. oh yeah...I even went LOA there to College Station. in 82... Now we live in that suburb of Texas called New Mexico.
  17. We are here, and really enjoying life now..post TWI... click on the name ifn ya want to email...or are escaping TWI...we can help. We aren't affiliated with any "splinters" just Scouts. L & L Pierce
  18. Joel 2:25 (I think-dont have it in front ofme) "THe Lord will restore that which the Locusts have eaten..." That same corpsco. messed our lives pretty bad too. In or out...by their fruit you shall know them!
  19. I think this controlling cultic philosophy has been around since cave-man times...even further...In business its called politics, in politics its called self preservation under the guise of being better for others, I have been a part of a lot of groups, PTA, Cub Scouts, Sports programs included, I think its a tendency of human nature in a primordial kind of way. Areas of people or groups that aren't so controlling seem to have at least subliminally acknowledged that humans dont always have to be controlled. Influence goes a lot farther than control and HEY---IM BACK ----after computer crashes and losts of other busy things and Hope, yes I miss the cozies, but really do get it from my own family more now. I finish my profile with all the im junk later, just had a few minutes.
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