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TWI Suing Insurance Carrier?


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Oh, I am guessing TWI found a new company to cover their liability. Laws differ from state to state, but I'm betting they are required to carry liability coverage - it just may be costing them more now.

It will be interesting to see what the otucome of this suit is. I'm guessing the attorneys wouldn't have taken it on if they didn't think they had some chance of winning.

I will go back and look at this case again as it progresses, but it appeared they were trying to get it moved out of the federal courts and into a state court. If that occurs, a) depositions may not become part of the on-line records and b) it will be somewhat more difficult to access the documents.

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Thanks tons, Abi! :love3:

I suspect TWI's lawyers take on cases because they get paid big bucks.... I seriously doubt the validity of the lawsuit nor the ability to win has any weight on that decision. ^_^

Heck, as much as they like to sue folks, if I was a lawyer, I'd want them to keep me on retainer. :P

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Law firms also use LEXIS for research finding law cases. LEXIS cites are now commonplace in briefs. There was another search engine for law cases, I forget what it is called now, our firm doesn't use it anymore.

This was about '98 I had a lawyer look up TWI lawsuits in Ohio. There were quite a few, mostly TWI being sued, some by "disgruntled" followers. I think there was one guy, my memory is hazy, maybe someone else will remember, who was disabled and had given most of his money to TWI and his family sued to get it back. When I was on staff, they had a staff attorney. Obviously, they had enough to keep a TWI "in-house" attorney working full time with a secretary. They had a falling out, he left in the early '80s.


If it is the same case on the disabled guy, from what I remember when I was living at Emporia there was a guy that was injured in an auto accident coming to fellowships. What little I remember It was around the time that belivers were taking up a collection to get VP some kind of expensive car, can't remember what kind, but I think that they talked the guy into giving a large chunk of money to help get the car for VP. I think that they told him that if he gave the money that he would get some kind of healing. It was possibly part of his settlement money on the accident that he was injured in that he gave to help get possible healing.

But I'm like you. The details are hazy from that long ago, about 30 years ago.

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I bet der vey just LOVES the internet..


But the thought that they are going forward because there is a possibility that they will win.. applies to the other side as well. I'm sure they traded a few blows before it came to this..

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