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Does Victoria really keep Secrets?

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What a show!!! If only TWI made these items mandatory wardrobe for PFAL. Wow..The Greatest Secret in the World today is.. NOW REVEALED!!!

What Say You?

Irate Women with clubs in hand...please see my lawyer...Larry P


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Can you believe that some womens groups are trying to ban this show? Why? maybe these items just don't come in their sizes?

Well I doubt they come in any real women's sizes. This gives a false idea of what a womens body is supposed to look like. These are skinny models with boob implants. Skinny women don't have big boobs like this. Women who are naturally endowed are not this skinny.

Sorry to rain on your parade but geez...Why not just post up pictures of cartoon characters or comic book art?


...It's hard to be humble when you own a Rottweiler...

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(((Rottie)))) I missed ya

um Hills this stuff does come in my size and um I HATE this show. It has nothing to do with what size you are. I think it is degrading to women. I agree with Rottie that is sets unrealistic images of women. I can't be a size 3 bottom and a D top unless some surgery took place.

I hate their commercials too, I don't know why they are not considered soft porn. It makes me very uncomfterable when I am watching t.v. with my daughter and this junk comes on.

BTW Victoria's secret (which is not really a secret) is based in England.

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Hey...I've learned to just let the world playout the way it's gonna play out.

But, I must say this:

I've rubbed many a body in my day...men and women.

I've rarely...can't even count on one hand...encountered a "10" body from either sex...(let alone an 8 or 9, in the world's standards).

But, all are perfect "10"'s in god's eyes.

I think shows like this are entertaining, but promote the public to generate and regenerate low self esteem to people (99+% of the public) and to propogate the millions of dollars in diet regimes and products...it also promotes fantasy addiction...

It's all about money and greed.

The media, imho, is another major brainwashing technique to control the masses...and it makes me sick.

Do I have a body like this? Absolutely not!

Do I aspire to a body like this? Absolutely not!

The price to have a body like this, and the problems that come along with it are higher than I have time or money or caring for.

I have places to go, and people to meet with my time. Real people.

Do these people meet "real" people? What's life about anyway?

I wasn't against this show, nor any Miss America's...the world has to playout the prophecies...

I guess it depends on what your priorities in life are.

I think their lives have to be rather shallow, and it's not my calling nor gift. But, what do I know?

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Why thanks Hills I never thought about that!

I do this thing that is called "change the channel."

It still does not take away the fact that it is degrading to women.

I am sure that you would not look good in a skimpy outfit due to all that beer that you drink.

Women that look like this would not give you the time of day or spit on you if you were on fire. So dream on buddy

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Hey, lay off the JC Penny catalog! How many high school guys would have survived puberty without it?

Besides, the VC catalogs are much easier to hide under the mattress than Sears or Pennys. Plus, remember how you had to go to those impossible to read indexes in those huge catalogs, and half the time, you were on a time crunch looking up the lingerie section. At least that's what I heard.

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"I am sure that you would not look good in a skimpy outfit due to all that beer that you drink. "

But then again..maybe I would?

"Women that look like this would not give you the time of day or spit on you if you were on fire. So dream on buddy"

But then again ...maybe they would?

VicSec sells about 100 million dollars of inventory a year..someones buying it. I respect their marketing and economic impact on our economy. Aside from being beautiful these lovely ladies are well educated and maintain a rigorous schedual. If you got it(which takes hard work) and it sells.. flaunt it.

Capitalism at work..a beautiful way to make a living. Its their right as American girls to work hard.As far as those women that don't give a hooter..thats their right too.


[This message was edited by Hills Bro on November 22, 2002 at 8:26.]

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I don't see what the big fuss is over the show. U.S. TV is too prudish anyway. If I were a parent, I'd rather let them see breasts all over the TV instead of crap like COPS where you see people shooting each other.

In any case, people who get upset about those sorts of shows should just change the channel. It's supposed to be a free country.

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on nights this week... had a small job earlier--just sitting back..doing paperwork...enjoying life..watching the stock market ticker rise again...did you know that since the middle of October the market has risen about 20 percent? My investments are starting to rebound...maybe I should invest in VS...whats their ticker symbol anyway?


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Funny thing about beautiful lingerie and supermodels like this....

I haven't seen ANY of them hanging out with middle class, middle aged, balding, beer drinking men....

What's up with them? Why is it they choose to frolic with guys like Harry Connick Jr. (yum-yum) and rock and roll stars? Gotta hand it to them, if they do hang out with miserable looking guys...at least they are RICH!


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If you want to see something on tv that's really degrading to women, check out "The Bachelor."

25 supposedly intelligent women throwing themselves at a guy in hopes of receiving a "marriage proposal" from him, knowing nothing about him except that he's a hunk and has money.

Very weird.

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I have a question and I am not trying to be a smart-alec or trying to incite a gender war here. To all you ladies who have good looking husbands or boyfriends who worship the ground you walk on and consider you the center of their universe, would you be as upset about this VS thing as some seem to be?

If you want to call me nasty names, go ahead. I'm old and thick-skinned.


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Gone for the thread for 20 minutes, and look at all you hangin' round...

VS stock...good idea...I not only buy VS underwear, but it's shirts, shorts, pants and nighties.

Can't say I look like any of those girls...but, I buy the stuff...I actually have in my possession over 100 tee shirts in all colors, capped sleeved, 3/4 sleeved and long sleeved for work.

Pirate...I watched the bachelor, while channel clicking just a tad.

First off...I couldn't stand that Aaron guy. I wouldn't date him if he were the last man on earth. He was such a yuppy self centered materialistic *******.

Those girls...well...they knew what they were getting into.

My heart broke for Brooke. Now...SHE really loved him. Helene...sorry, but...she's used him and the glory. They won't last. She doesn't love him. How do I know? Because...women are intuitive and know such things.

He's been had...and I can't say he didn't deserve it.

I saw him last night on a tv promo for David Letterman...doing the top 10 list...and one of them, I can't remember word for word...but, had something like "making out with a girl the day before being engaged to another one"

Poor Brooke...she must be soooo humiliated.

Degrading to women? I think not.

I'm more skeptical of men now than I was a week ago.

How shallow. God must be rollin' over in his grave at how sick our society has become...but, like I said before:

I just watch the world unfold according to the prophecies...and do my thing.

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I never thought that posting these beautiful yet scantly clothed ladies would generate this much attention.

I believe VicS and Fredricks of Hollywood target the young woman that thinks of herself as attractive and has a flirtatious spirit about her.I think of the flirtatious spirit as a benevolent one..No need to cast that one out.Men of all ages love that one .

Lighten up!!


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This has no relation to morality or anything like that, but I want to help the women understand why men are attracted to the women they are, and stuff like that. It's not meant to justify anything, just to help spread a little understanding of how the male brain works.

I'm also looking at humans as a form of animal here, so some may be insulted by that.

Anyway, basically men and women come together for breeding. This is the same as with all animals. However, there are a few things about human males and females that factor into choosing a mate and breeding.

One is that a woman has the most committment to having children. A man can theoretically (and unfortunately too often in practice) simply impregnate a woman in a matter of minutes, and be gone. A woman has at least nine months to bring out the child. Because of this, a man could technically have more than one wife, to improve his chances of having more offspring. This is the way it works with many mammals in the animal world. The alpha male takes many females because he is the strongest male and will give the best chance for survival of the female animal's offspring. The same thing has happened in other cultures of mankind, and was acceptable. It's more rare that it would be acceptable for a woman to have more than one mate.

Women want to find a male that can provide them with the time and resources to raise a child, so women subconsciously place more importance in things such as how successful he is and how much of a leader he is (this is general, there are plenty of exceptions due to our society and stuff but this is how it seems to work.)

Men, on the other hand, place more importance on appearance and youthfulness. This seems shallow to women, but it's just different. Since a man can be with many different women, it's best to have young ones that have not yet had children, and have a better chance of raising kids successfully.

The problem comes with civilization. The roles of males and females are not static in the human world vs. the animal world, and we value other things than just physical strength. This is why you'll see a beautiful woman with an old rich guy for example. Also, our emotions based on our social structures have changed things. That's why we have things like monogamy, when it's not in the best interest for the man. We've overcome many of our instincts, for better or worse, but we're still attracted to others based loosely on our animal instincts.

So, the women in the Victoria's Secret show are not the average woman. It's true, they do have breast implants and starve themselves to look thin. They also wear lots of makeup and get other things done to make themselves look more youthful and sexy. There's nothing wrong with that, any more than wearing lipstick is a bad thing. Things like lipstick and blush were first used to appear to have a youthful sexiness. When women get sexually excited, their cheeks often get blushed and their lips get a little more coloured.

Makeup is an attempt to mimic this sexual reaction in an attempt to lure a mate. That became socially acceptable, even though it is not the reality of how a woman looks. Being thin is mostly socially acceptable, as are breast implants. The morality of this is up to the individual. One woman may find it degrading to get breast implants and prefers to keep what she has naturally, while another thinks it makes her look good and that it's acceptable. Both women are right, as it's up to them to decide what the right thing to do is.

Men have to make similar choices, although they are more subtle because women are not as fixated on the physical being as men are. In our society it's usually something more like, "Do I want to give up on going out with friends to stay at home with my wife?" or "Do I want to give up sports to please my wife?" The sacrifices are not always the same but there are many things men do for women that is an inconvenience and sometimes a major personality change in order to accomodate a relationship with a woman.

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To all you ladies who have good looking husbands or boyfriends who worship the ground you walk on and consider you the center of their universe, would you be as upset about this VS thing as some seem to be?

Yes I do have a good looking husband who woships me. That has nothing to do with this VS thing.

I am not getting all hot and bothered about this as you may think Mr. I think the show is degrading to women. I would not have mentioned it if Hills did not try to make it about women sizes. It has to do with more than the size. If any of you men had a daughter that walked the cat walk, and had middle aged beer bellied men drolling after them, you might not like it. You might want to protect your daughter.

When I was in high school I was a dead ringer for this actress. She posed for Playboy. I was approached by every pervert in town. They would ask me if I looked like her everywhere and other things I have blocked off. I even had a teacher ask me that question. My father went to the school and had him up against the wall. I was 15 at the time. It did not seem to do much for her career and off to la la land she went. I realized then that what we did as women, effected other women wether we liked it or not. I hated her for posing for Playboy and making my life a living hell for a year. I was actually glad when her career went down hill.

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