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Does Victoria really keep Secrets?

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Originally posted by aCertainDiciple:

Have you ever seen a really rich geezer without a young, gooooooood looking wife or girlfriend?

Actually I know quite a number of old rich folks. The vast majority are married to people close to their own age, and a lot more than half are still on their first marriage - well above the national average. This has been documented in books like The Millionare Next Door as well.

As for Victoria Secrets I was once in a friend's office and that magazine was in his waiting room and he told me a story about getting on a place and seeing one of the models. He didn't know why she looked familiar but they got to talking and the end of the story is "So, I've seen her with her clothes ON."

Oh well, I guess you had to be there.

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I can't stand the VS girls. It's not a sexist thing; I see nothing wrong with a woman tastefully modeling skimpy undies. My thing is...they're too skinny!!!! I want a woman I can hold, a woman of substance, not wrap my arms around twice. Those anorexic, Dow Chemical-chested bags of bones ain't my cup of tea.

...on the 8th Day, GOD made the Harley, & it was Good.

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Victoria's Secret is....no one under 30 can wear any of this stuff!!!

All kidding aside. I love their stuff (I'm a female). The clothes are wonderful & are about the only ones that have jeans that fit me. The bra's & lingerie are great too.

They must mail about 3 catalogs a week. I love them! I agree that if you got it, flaunt it. Most every woman I know likes to look sexy sometimes. And really, if it were a bunch of plus size ladies up their (no offense intended), people wouldn't be complaining about female exploitation. They would be called brave or "you go girl!.

Just my humble (middle aged) opinion.

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