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But I do want to get above my raisin. Some of us had very humble beginings. Both of my parents were raised on a farm. My grandfather would not use an inside toilet unless it was raining or he had serious bussiness to do. He would go out to the back fense and mark the fense. So how red neck was my raisin. I was in high school before I took a bath more than once a week.

So I have a college education and own my own bussiness. Yes I am above my raisin. Yes I am happy and will admit my humble origins. And most of all I love Ricky Scaggs.

I still hate grits.

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I think we need to think about this daily. I love living life and I see so many that don't and it saddens me . Regardless of what we/ve all been taught one thing we need to realize don't get above your raisin.

Hawkman Great to see you, this definetly added to my happiness!!

I'm flat broke but ya know happiness is more a state of mind than the state of the pocketbook.

Take care n stay safe


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Maybe it is eventually, one cannot get below their raising..

sometimes we try, and figure it's progress or something..

eventually a little message from our ancestors get through. Like.. it isn't really ok that a president died, even though he was of a party that was not "us".. whatever that is..

really. I remember this in the sixties. They absolutely despised what he represented.. so I asked the question. "So it is a good thing he is gone?"

It scared the hell out of them.. they back-pedalled on politics like there was no tomorrow.. I'll never forget it..

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